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Tiny Barbarian is a 2D arcade game inspired by the classic Howard Conan story, the novel ‘The Frost Giant’s Daughter’.

Despite of its graphics, Tiny Barbarian is a revolutionary and complete adventure. Designed to look like the traditional 80’s games, its gameplay and style do not fail at delivering what it’s expected from it: fun, entertainment and good mechanics.

Although it is a free software and is pretty short, you will find that this game does not leave you the impression of being uncompleted or rushed as it presents a whole adventure from the top to the bottom.


Tiny Barbarian is very similar to the rest of platform games that you can get for free. If arcade games are what you are looking for, we recommend you to download the Super mario Bros X, a new and redesigned version of the classic Super Mario Bros which includes a cooperative mode.

Other similar option is Sonic The Hedgehog 3D, a remake of Sonic’s first journey with a new story and improved graphics and sound effects. It does not even need installation.

Tiny Barbarian 1 Features

These are some of the main features of this game:

  • Look alike 80’s games
  • Inspired in Sword and Sorcery stories
  • You just have to buy one episode to get the four of them
  • New checkpoint feature added
  • DRM free

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Besides its short duration, Tiny Barbarian brings plenty of action to keep you sat in your chair without a break. Its nice mechanics and lovely retro graphics will make you fall instantly in love with it and replay it time after time.

  • Smooth control
  • Free
  • Lasts around 20 minutes