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GTA IV Mod Spanish Television Van 1.0

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GTA IV Mod Spanish Television Van is a mod of the action game GTA. This original modification makes you feel like a Spanish journalist in Liberty City.

In concrete, it looks like if you were a TV reporter from an important Spanish program. This program consists in telling the story of the Spanish citizens who live abroad. An innovative mod that seems more realistic, and that will make you feel more involved in the game.

The game which marked a landmark

Grand Theft Auto is the controversial saga of action games that have shaken up society. In the version GTA IV we could observe a great improvement of graphics and, you can locate the game in a real city: New York.

This videogame offers a quality quite different from other versions and from other games of the same category. It was adapted to new consoles and new technologies, increasing the realism of the play.

GTA IV develops the story of an immigrant, Niko Bellic who, encouraged by his cousin, wants to live the “American dream”. He travels from Eastern Europe to the United States and then he felt down in the unlawful world.

The main character will be helped by other people and he will progressively be entrusted with new responsibilities and missions. Most of them involve crime, kidnapping, shoplifting and different fights, among others.

The realism is latent in graphics of the Statue of Liberty, Metlife building or Times Square. Grand Theft Auto IV is the perfect mix for a game player; missions and strategies in real time and in a real place.

GTA IV Mod Spanish Television Van 1.0 Features

The main features of this software are listed below:

  • First TV van in GTA IV
  • Add a TVE van to the game
  • Add a dose of realism
  • Compatible with other mods
  • You need to have GTA IV previously installed in your PC

If you want to find out more information about this mod, you can go to the developer's site .

Other alternatives

This addition is a really good modification but, if you are also interested in superheroes, you should try GTA IV SuperMan Mod. It gives you the possibility of turning Niko Bellic, into Superman. You could do missions with a strong power and fly from one side of Liberty City to the other.

But, if cars are what really fascinate you, GTA IV Ferrari Formula One Mod is your ideal modification. It allows you to feel like a professional Formula One driver while you are playing this game. On the other hand, it is more difficult to install and you have to pay attention to the tutorials to know how to play.


Spanish Television Van Mod for GTA IV combines the adventure of doing the missions and getting involved with the Spanish National Television. It will impulse you to a more realistic and funny game.

  • Free
  • Realism
  • Easy to install
  • Quite simple