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BitTorrent Surf 0.8.4

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BitTorrent Surf is a peer to peer utility with which you will be able to download all sorts of archives straight from the browser.

By installing a small button on the direction bar, BitTorrent Surf gives you access to a torrent searcher and a download manager. Its simplicity makes it reachable to every kind of user, so whether you are familiar with P2P programs or not, you will have no problems using this software.

Although it is a free tool, it works perfectly as it achieves its principal aim: to safely download any torrent from the browser itself. BitTorrent Surf stands out for avoiding the need of opening a specific program in order to get your files downloaded.

How does it work?

The downloading process is characterized by its comfort. You just need to do your research, click on the desired item and it will be transferred into your computer. BitTorrent Surf also allows you to check the process any time and continue surfing around the Net.

In addition, this software gives you the possibility to work or to do any other chore while downloading files. BitTorrent Surf also establishes the share ratio for every single archive, although this feature is only recommended for advanced users as it is a little bit more complicated to use.

Available alternatives

This software is very similar to other P2P applications that you can get for free and are based on torrent download. For instance, we recommend you to check the worldwide known uTorrent, a peer to peer software which integrates a wild diversity of files and content. Although its quickness success depends on how fast your system is.

Other possible option is Stream Torrent, a tool that works with P2P technology in order to let you watch TV by streaming on your computer system. It also includes an enormous channel list in many different languages so you can not only see national programs but content from any other country.

BitTorrent Surf 0.8.4 Features

You can check the features of this utility here:

  • Find torrent files through multiple sites
  • Instant detection of downloadable content in different webpages
  • Simple and easy interface suitable for all kind of people
  • New and enhanced search engine
  • It works as a plugin of your Internet browser
  • Very customizable

For further knowledge of this application check its.


BitTorrent Surf presents itself as a complete and effective tool which will let you skip the step of opening a specific program to download archives or files from the web. With this software you can do it from the browser.

  • Free
  • Effective
  • Download from the broswer
  • Instantaneous and comfortable
  • It uses a lot of resources and your PC may work slowly