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A Program That Allows You to Observe the World from the Comfort of Your PC

By Sam James

On Friday, June 12, 2015

It is a geography tool specially created for professionals users. I have downloaded this program on my computer because I have read positive reviews about it on the Internet, and yes I can say that I am very happy with its performance. What I love about this is that it is more improved and it includes loads of professional tools that I can use for my business. Also, this program can be used for visiting streets, monuments and other places all over the world. Not only that, it also allows me to visualize any sites from my own chair. Is not that great? Google Earth provides you a set of improved features planned for a business use. I am sure that everything you need is here. It allows you to see GPS info from your device and many more! But, like what I have said it is for professional users only. I highly suggest it!


  • HQ maps and wide range of features
  • Gives the options to design routes


  • Very overwhelming for common users
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This fantastic and useful program will benefit a lot of professionals

By Sam James

On Monday, March 30, 2015

I have been using Google Earth for a long time. Whenever a certain place interests me, I will utilize this program to search for it. It can display areas all over the planet which is very cool. When I saw the trial version of the Pro version, I decided to give it a try. The quality of the images is great. This is applicable even on the zoom option which is very nice. You can also view different establishments like hospitals, restaurants and many more. You will have a clear picture of the area you want to visit so you will not get lost. More than that, you can get to travel and see other countries and locations. Go anywhere in the world with this superb application. With all the new tools available with the Pro version, no wonder it is great for businesses. But if you just want to see certain areas, you can do so with the free version. Also, the program is quite expensive for personal use.


  • Option to create and share movies
  • Offers various capabilities and tools


  • Not much difference from free version
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Travel the world from the comfort of your home with just a click with Google Earth Pro

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

The world has lately become a global village with the ability to communicate with any one across the world on a set platform. Google Earth Pro takes this global village idea to a whole new level. This is because Google earth pro will take anywhere in the world at any time you want all at the comfort of your home or work place. This pro version of Google Earth shows everything that was on the original google earth but provides great new features that for the more business minded individual. Google Earth pro version has added a more professional feel to the whole face of the program. It has incorporated great demographic utilities and data layers combined with great viewing presentation. The software shows you any place in the world imaginable with a great 3D presentation obtained from matching world maps and satellite images. It also comes with a powerful zoom that is designed to show you a detailed and accurate picture of the area of interest. The interested individual will have more information at their disposal ranging from the location boundaries, population census and even the income of the chosen areas. Travel around the world on Google Earth Pro and have a more professional and knowledgeable outlook of the world from the comfort of your home or office through your computer.


  • It has a very powerful zoom for better viewing.
  • It can show you any place in the world.


  • It is only meant for the more professional indivuidual.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • agreement and Ifind that Google earth pro is the best way to travel. I also would like to calculate some distances for professionl activities

  • mapping of place for doing my project in GIS for selection of land area to be used for wastewater treatment process so please let we use this

  • this google earth pro application is part of our school requirements needed for map plotting and geographical referencing that is crucial for planning

  • For studying purposes like that lattitud, longitude area calculation geographycial study ect. and the many more for Nikhil Sharma sir Study

  • deer hunting for bow rifle andmuzzle loading seasons, also for locating fishing hot spots, finding business locations, navigating my way around in the woods

What similar programs have you used?

  • i have never used any app similar to this . but google free is often used which does not satisfy my engineering requirement. i want to try it.

  • google earth, autocad, other architure software help us to have a great vision of the places we work to design it and create the new layout s

  • The industrial revolution has first started in england but it gradually spread to the other parts of the world as more and more countries usi

  • sand tracking routes near my town and surrounding arteas like badkichouki olden route from malwa plateau to nimarattelite terrain images for geographical education

What do you like most about this program?
  • That it is available and can be used on a regular basis for real estate transactions. Great for locating various properties in remote areas.

  • agricultural land change assessment after reclamation process under the sodic third project in utter pradesh funded by world bank since 2009

  • i canshow people the different places ive lived in North America, where my grandfather was from and check road and weather conditions and alternate routes foor traveling

  • I like it best because it's an easy map reference in getting spatial information and directions, Can be used for spatial planning activities

  • Range of area and detail that would help me with my metal detecting and generally looking at the different areas particularly around my living

Google Earth Pro is a geography software which lets you travel through the world with a professional point of view.

Now you can observe the whole world from your room or office. There is no need for you to leave your desk as Google Earth Pro combines maps and satellite imagery from any imaginable place. This way, the program can be used for visiting any kind of museum, city or popular location you are interested in.

However, all this could be done with the traditional Google Earth, so what does this specific program offer? It gives a professional touch to the classic program’s features. One of its main utilities is the inclusion of demographic rates and data layers, as well as the traditional 3D interactive globe.

Main functions

Thought for a professional use, it integrates new tools that business customers can benefit from such as a movie creator, as well as a map maker tool. This way, the user obtains a more active role while interacting with the program.

Another utility this software includes is the possibility of designing and creating routes with the help of Draw Polygon and Draw Path. Moreover, Google Earth Pro lets you see GPS data from your device as it can be used to analyze information or make decisions for professional purposes.

Alternatives to this software

As we previously mentioned, if you are looking for a simpler and more traditional version of this program, we encourage you to download Google Earth. Designed as a home utility, it allows you to travel around the globe and to visit every single location you have always dreamed of going from the comfort of your chair. Furthermore, it includes an advanced zoom.

But if you are looking for different choices or want to take a trip through the space, we present you Celestia, a 3D simulator which lets you explore different galaxies as well as discover planets and constellations.

Google Earth Pro Features

These are the unique features this software provides:

  • Thanks to the advanced measurements techniques of this software, users can now calculate the distance and the area between places with high accuracy, even in 3D
  • Dataquick integration used to see locations boundaries including price, areas, etc.
  • Country data included (demography, census, income…)
  • 360 angle 3D view
  • Import your polygon areas with attached pictures and information
  • Add videos with sharing options like e-mail or put them on your website
  • Map editor with the possibility of saving your creation in PDF
  • Export option in KML format

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If you want to get a business use for the classical Google Earth, then Google Earth Pro is what you were looking for as it includes professional utilities without forgetting traditional features such as traveling around the world.

  • Route designer
  • Powerful zoom
  • Nice map quality
  • Share movies and clips
  • Not suitable for a domestic use