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TeraPlot is a graphic tool with which you will be able to create graphics in 2D and 3D suitable for any sort of presentation.

In case you need to make a presentation in any kind of area such as science, education or business, this software presents itself as a perfect tool to create any sort of diorama with which you will succeed.

This tool includes a large variety of 2D and 3D graphics you can take advantage from, as Teraplot allows you to create data plots from mathematical terms or any kind of tabular data. In addition, TeraPlot includes the use of VBScript.

TeraPlot’s principal tools

This tool does not only offer the classic 2D dioramas, it also includes complete and effective 3D graphs created with 2 independent variables that will allow you to construct a wide range of graphics. Furthermore, it also incorporates different utilities such as function plots or data analysis capabilities.

Apart from histograms or linear regression, one of Teraplot’s main features is Graphs Wizard. Thanks to this application, you will be able to design glossed graphs within seconds as you enter data through different stages.

Furthermore, TeraPlot includes three types of graph wizards for different uses: Series-Category Graph Wizard, Financial Graph Wizard and XYZ Points Graph Wizard. This way, TeraPlot lets you create different dioramas for any use you need, from simple 2D superficial visualizations to complex 3D graphs for financial data or based on x, y and z values.

Some available alternatives

This software is fairly similar to other free tools you can find around the Net. However, if you are looking for a more expertise program, we recommend you to try Rhinoceros, a powerful utility that will allow you to do a wide variety of errands such as drawing, animating, and editing, among others, with high precision in all of them.

Another option we recommend you is Ulead Cool 3D Studio. Although it does not allow you to create 2D graphs, this software enables you to put together 3D videos with a high quality and a professional outcome.

TeraPlot 1.0.05 Features

The main features of this graphic tool are listed below:

  • Import Dialog to take data and create spreadsheets to use them on graphs
  • The software provides a complete set of useful wizards (Category Graph Wizard, Data Wizard and X and Z Graph Wizard)
  • It offers a variety of plot types and contours both in 2D and 3D
  • Analysis graphs like Histograms, Probably, Regression plots among others
  • Users can customize graphs with its wide range of tools like Grid, Position, Background, 3D animations, etc.

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TeraPlot presents itself as an effective tool which enables you to create HQ 2D and 3D graphs in order to succeed in your presentation whether you need it for a school fair or a science project.

  • Effective and free
  • Three kinds of graph wizards
  • Wide variety of options of customization
  • Trial Version: you can only use it for 30 days