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  • Jan 27, 2016 - SafeIP is a security utility which will permit you to surf anonymously around the Internet with Wi-Fi protection. If you are worried about your ...

  • hotspot shied, hola, betternet, there a lot of names which some of which I cannot remember. tried SafeIp three times, it was good but later time

What do you like most about this program?
  • Keeps privacy, fast and reliable, a lot of freedom to navigate, easy to download, support in in opening blocked website or for bidden things in countries

  • for personal. to open my network. i'm connection blocked with telkom indonesia. please give link for download this program. thanks for attention

  • its safer and help in any kind of situation and i believe with out it i can't work on my laptop especially when am browsing the internet.thanks alot you guys are really doing a great job

SafeIP is a security utility which will permit you to surf anonymously around the Internet with Wi-Fi protection.

If you are worried about your computer’s protection and want to navigate safely through the Net, then this tool is the ideal option for you. SafeIP hides your IP direction and replaces it with a fake one, this way your safety will be guaranteed at all times as you become anonymous online.

Moreover, you will be able to change your IP any time you want, even though you are not connected to the Internet, so you’ll be protected from the very first moment thanks to its automatic startup choice. You just need to select the anonymous IP net that is nearer to your position and you will get the fastest connections for you to use.

Main functions

Hide your IP direction from websites, mails or games among others by simply installing this useful application. Furthermore, you will be able to encode your Internet traffic with a private proxy server, whether you are surfing from home or from a public establishment with Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, SafeIP protects your system from possible infections by blocking dangerous websites, as it includes Malware and Ad databases. Another advantage this program presents is that it does not expire and is completely free. Moreover, its interface is very simple to interact with and it comes available in over eighteen different languages.

You will also be able to prevent dangerous activities such as tracking since SafeIP is provided with an anti-tracking algorithm.

Other similar alternatives

If protection for your computer while surfing around the Internet is what worries you the most, there are similar and useful alternatives to SafeIP that you can also get for free. An example is Hide IP Platinum, a tool which will ensure your anonymity as long as you are connected to the Internet by covering your IP direction.

Another good option to check can be IP-Tools, a software that gives you information about different IP addresses, the local host and some other items.

SafeIP Features

Below you can find the unique features of this security software:

  • It protects users’ identity from possible threats hidden in e-mails, games, sites, etc.
  • It uses a private proxy to encrypt all processes you do on the Internet
  • In order to increase your data transfer’s speed, it finds the nearest anonymous IP
  • Free of ads and without time limit
  • Compatible with all web browsers available

For more information you can check the developer's website .


With SafeIP your protection and the safety of your IP address will be guaranteed as you surf the Internet preventing infections from unwanted malware and viruses.

  • Free
  • Protection and security
  • Malware and Ad databases
  • Not suitable for beginners