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This Precious Land is a puzzle videogame which was designed by Craig Forrester in just 48 hours as part of the Lundum Dare competition.

Due to the creation process, this game’s mechanics are simple: you just need to combine puzzle pieces in order to create a landscape. It is not an easy game, as it is constantly putting your mind and abilities to the test. Expect to spend a couple of hours in front of your screen in order to move forward and continue your world creation.

Enjoyment is guaranteed in this construction game as this game’s goal is to simply create a spot or setting to your liking. There are no other goals other than creating a landscape that fits your style.

How can you construct your beautiful landscape?

Using peak perspectives, This Precious Land will allow you to create beautiful scenery, combining different pieces with trees, mountains, houses, markets, castles, seas and much more. As simple as it is, this game includes basic but lovely graphics that are quite catchy to the eye.

By using your imagination, you will be able to come up with the most creative and impressive results. Create new terrains, experiment with the Mother Nature and observe how the world grows and changes.

As we previously mentioned, This Precious Land provides simple mechanics, although it is still able to test your skills in order to create the most complex sceneries.

Other possible alternatives

This game is similar to other construction-based sandbox and puzzle games you can find for free, such as Minecraft. This popular game enables you to create your world by combining cubes. One of its main characteristics is that it gives you all the freedom you need while playing a videogame.

Another option we recommend for you to try if you are looking for this sort of freedom is SilkRoad Online, a MMORPG where you can choose between different characters, clothes or weapons, among other things, while playing this entertaining adventure.

This Precious Land 1 Features

Some of the outstanding features of This Precious Land are:

  • Ability to combine cells to create new resources
  • Each cell has different properties
  • There is no main objective so you can create your world to your liking
  • Simple mechanics that allow users to get used to gameplay quickly
  • Peak perspective to check out every aspect of your world

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If you are into puzzle games and like to be tested, then This Precious Land is what you are looking for. It enables you to create landscapes according to your own liking while enjoying beautiful yet simple graphics.

  • Free
  • Beautiful to the eye
  • Freedom to create the world as you like
  • Not having a specific goal might be a little frustrating