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ScreenSnag is a utility program designed to help the users at taking photos of the computer screen whenever they want.

Although you could do snapshots without the need of using external programs, you would never benefit from all the features ScreenSnag provides. Just by clicking on the mouse or pressing some keys, you will be able to take a picture of the whole screen or just a part of it, it depends on you.

ScreenSnag allows you to save images in different formats such as JPG, PNG or BMP among others, as well as to copy them to the clipboard. However, you may find it unpractical to do snapshots of scroll websites.

Although ScreenSnag is a free software, as soon as you download it you will see that it is a very useful and complete tool, as it achieves its purpose effectively.

Some characteristics

Besides allowing users to capture the active window, just a part of the desktop or the entire screen, ScreenSnag permits you to take photos at different intervals thanks to a timer function this program includes. Although you cannot edit the snaps directly from the program, you can habilitate it so it will lead you to another software where you will be able to manipulate the pictures.

One of the principal characteristics this tool presents is its intuitive interface. It might not be very attractive but it is really useful since it facilitates all the tasks you can execute.

This way, the tool will be suitable for all sorts of users. It does not matter if you are an expert or a mere beginner, you will have no problems while manipulating this software.

Other alternatives

As we previously mentioned, you can take screenshots without the need of using any programs, but you will not enjoy some of the advantages they provide. Anyway, if you want to edit your photos once they have been taken, we recommend you to try Adobe Photoshop, an image editor with which you will be able to modify pictures or make your own creations from scratch.

But if you find it hard to manage, another possibility we present you is Paint Shop Pro, which integrates a wide variety of features and effects while being a little bit easier to use.

ScreenSnag Features

Here you can find some features of ScreenSnag for your computer:

  • Instant screenshot creation
  • Allows selecting among the full screen, the current window or just an area
  • Select the properties of the outcoming file
  • Select the directory you want to save your pictures
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Timer options for performing screenshots in intervals
  • Different profiles that can be saved

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ScreenSnag presents itself as a complete and useful tool in order to capture snapshots from your screen, enabling you to take them at different intervals and to save them in various formats.

  • Free
  • Snapshots of intervals
  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports different formats
  • Limited functions
  • Easily replaceable