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Serato DJ 1.7.8 Build 4609

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Useful and pretty tool when it comes to music industry

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, August 24, 2015

Serato DJ 1.5.1

To any DJ, composers, those who work in music industry or any music lover out there, Serato DJ is here. It’s a program that is very useful what you need to have with the mouse and the keyboard. It does not need an actual mixing console since the program supports great range of controllers, so no need to worry about professional controllers.

Serato DJ has excellent features that will make your experience remarkable. The utility provides up to 8 cue points per truck; it is capable of sharing your virtual with your friend online through face book, Twitter or Whatsapp. It also offers a wide variety of high quality effects; you can adjust and customize parameters. With it you can as well mix four different tracks and set up to 8 loops per track without or with manual looping tool. It also allows you create and update through keywords.

This pretty function makes this application outstand and suitable for every kind of users. The interface is complete; it has various options that are easily accessible to help in your entertainment for instance those options allows you to apply echoes, reverb, flinger low pass, filters, distort sound or delay tempos among others functions.


  • Comes with tutorials for new users
  • Comes with tutorials for new users


  • Audio mixer interface is quite complex
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Serato dj is one of the products that bring virtual djying into reality

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serato dj is one of the products that bring virtual djying into reality as it mostly supports mixing without having to use a mixing deck. though at some instant for clearity and simplicity a deck is required.

The software at hand will allow you to mix, choose songs and place them in a qeue, add special effects, stop and cut songs among other features. The interface is also very easily designed to offer a non complex environment for starters and even proffesionals. As you keep on learning to use the software you will discover other major tweaks in the product itself. Experimental plugins are also available but mostly from third party vendors.

The software itself is very classic as it gives a cool environment to use with non lag audio output. A few tests can prove to you that serato is among the top rank of the virtual dj world. Other products are vitual dj, acid pro, deckadance and others.

The serato mixer can display various interface but this changes with the type of screen resolution you have, just like when you have a wide screen of 1280 by 1040 with virtual dj, you can get upto six decks from the default two.

Even with serato you can change this, the default is of audio bars and after changing it you can get decks with bars and so on. but most of this are experimental since i havent tried it with different computers.


The serato dj is very good as it brings some tech reality into your music mix. offers an easier solution to beginners and for advanced users, has a display tray for all the songs you have played and the ones on qeue. This is a very good product i8f you dont have a mixing deck yet.


  • It is free but some plugins have to be paid for.
  • Is easy to learn for beginners


  • Lacking a deck could prove some of the use hard
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This fabulous program is not only for professionals but aspiring DJs as well

By Sam James

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015

There are many things to like about this awesome program. It is not only for professional but also for aspiring and amateur DJs as well. You can use it on your performances or even in small events with your family and friends. The user interface has been enhanced for an organized and better performance. They also added the Sync and Snap to Beatgrids features. Another thing that I love about this program is the option to change the color of the tracks that I am playing. Before, the only option available is the color grey. Now, they have added bright blue which is better. Personally, I like the latter color since it is more clear and visible. Before, I had issues with the stability of this program. Good thing they were able to address this concern immediately. Overall, I am satisfied with the features and developments done on this program. And since it is compatible with different devices, you will never go wrong with this software.


  • Option to not use the Sync option
  • Choose from two colors on played tracks


  • Some may encounter occasional crashes
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Prep my crates for the residency I have. They already have a laptop, Serato compatible mixer and turntables, I just need it to prepare music

  • for mixing music and playing tracks. also creating of beats for my new project. i want to feel the power of scratching and wanna learn a lot

  • mix nice songs and produce good sounds,giving the public good entertainment to give good impression that serato is the most essential software for sondbase audio

  • to mix great songs and turn it up in the cclubs and get hot mamas while eating chocolate bars on a hot sunday while asking my self why life so

  • Just for Social get together of family and friends and retirement functions in the Office which occurs on five to six occasions in a year 's

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used similar ones like Virtual DJ 8 but they are not compatible with my DJ kit and therefore the use is poor. I'm hoping that Serato is the solution

  • i was using the virtual dj it wasent bad but i kno that serato its more friendly aand i would like to try this softwer b coz im working as adj and i need something good

  • dj virtual music maker 2016 jus for comon mix needed more espesifict pro like thes one for better mix an all so make music that the people can feel

  • first virtual mixer user. i have never used this kind of software before. i really am expecting what this sotfware will provide for my objective

  • Traktor 2.7.8, Virtual DJ version 8. I do need to check if this program will be able to handle my disk jockey controller, these are the only

What do you like most about this program?
  • The effects are useful and easy to use when transitioning between songs . I also like the variability in settings that serato allows to cater for the dj.

  • Very simple and easy to use, i am already familiar with the software. controls are placed in ideal locations and program is compatible with my turntables

  • all the features plus the simplicity and the fact that it is a well known brand better rewarded than competitors such as virtual dj or others

  • Its very easy to use and makes me feel comfortable while DJing. Most of the DJs around the world also uses this software that is why I am downloading it..

  • What I like the most about this program is its free and everybody is down this version of dj serato I love it if can do alot of different stuff


Serato DJ is a virtual audio program that allows you to mix and record audio files. This software is very useful for those who are music lovers or who work with music, for instance, DJ’s or composers. Since it doesn’t need an actual mixing console, the handling of Serato DJ is easier than the handling of a real one; you will only need your mouse and the keyboard.

The interface of this audio mixer is very complex. It has a lot of tools that you can use to combine existing tracks or create free new ones. Once the download is complete, the program has free tutorials on how to use it, which can come in handy for those users who are barely starting to use this kind of audio software.

Become a Virtual DJ

This audio mixer software will allow you to become a virtual DJ since it offers you a wide variety of high quality effects, which can be used on your projects to make them have a professional finishing touch. When choosing a particular effect to work, you will need to adjust and customize the corresponding parameters. This way, effects will adjust to the user’s preferences.

The last version of Serato DJ includes 10 new effects created by the IZotope Company. These effects allow you to insert echoes, reverberation, flanger lowpass, filters, delay timing or mess with the sound, among other options. However, this is not all, there are more plugins that users can download to enrich the features they already have.

Serato DJ 1.7.8 Build 4609 Features

Here you can find some features of this program:

  • It allows you to share your virtual projects on Facebook or MixCloud
  • Possibility to mix four different tracks at the same time
  • It has video plugins with which you can add images to your projects
  • MIDI controller support
  • 8 different types of visualization
  • You can upload your own playlist to the official webpage by Live Playlist
  • Possibility to download it through a free trial period
  • Similar to real Djing

You can visit the developer's website if you want to know more about this audio mixer software.

System Requirements to download this software

These are the requirements to download and install this audio mixer.

  • RAM: 2GB RAM memory for 32 bits systems, 4GB for 64 bits systems
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo