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EZ Weather HD Forecast Free 0.8 beta 6

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EZ Weather HD Forecast Free is a mobile app which allows the user to find out the weather conditions of any location at any time (7 days and 24 hours). This software is able to offer you both current and forecast weather information, as well as other details such as humidity, precipitation or wind speed and direction. This makes it very useful for those users that need to know immediately any information about the weather.

On the other hand, this free widget is designed for easy using since it has a simple, clean and minimalistic HOLO interface, which enables the user to access to the different features. Although the download of this app offers a surprising number of features, this weather forecasting software could lack of some customizable tools compared to other similar apps but the information it provides fulfills the necessities of average users.

Versatile weather widget

Thanks to its large number of features, it stands out for being pretty versatile and practical for the users that want to know about the weather in their cities. This free weather application is able to quickly give you a complete view of the current conditions and automatically updates your position. Besides, it offers support for thousands cities around the world. Those features make this weather forecasting software a very useful download when you are travelling.

In addition, one of the most interesting things is the widget possibilities. For instance, the user can choose to have a clock and weather, or just the weather forecast. Besides, the software supports quick-action, which allows you to open the weather, calendar or clock by clicking each feature in the widget. It may require more processing power when it is updating, but if your device meets the requirements of the application you won't have any problem at all.

EZ Weather HD Forecast Free 0.8 beta 6 Features

The features of this app for mobile devices are listed below:

  • Daily and hourly forecasting service
  • Auto-location through your mobile GPS
  • Weather in notification
  • Calendar and clock
  • Current weather info widget directly without opening the main application
  • Info about temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, pressure, visibility, UV…
  • It shows the weather of thousands cities around the world
  • Tiny updates to not to exceed your data cap
  • Quick-Action
  • Support multiple languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, German or Russian, among others

If you want to find out more information, you can visit the .

System requirements for this weather forecasting software

The minimum system requirements to download and use this app are the following:

  • Android 2.2 FroYo and higher
  • Internet connection available