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Where's my Mickey? is a puzzle videogame released by Disney for iOS and Android smartphones. It's a spin-off to Where’s My Water?, but this time we will have to help our friend Mickey get enough water to fulfill his goals and advance in this adventure. The game is artistically contemporary, with simplified and colorful characters, animation and settings.

This physics-based app introduces new gameplay mechanics like weather control and various objectives to complete. The game is made up of 5 episodes divided into 20 chapters. In each one, Mickey will face different challenges, such as filling a bucket for a lemonade stand on the beach or putting out a fire. You can play for free as Mickey in your quest for water. You can also play as Goofy, but note that he is a secondary character and you will have to make an in-app purchase to download his levels.

There are different stories to complete
There are different stories to complete

How to play

The gameplay mechanics of Where's my Mickey? are similar to those in Where’s My Water?. To direct the flow of water, you will have to remove the earth to let water flow in the direction you need, filling up stars or triggering interrupters along the way. The main objective is to drain the water into a siphon, which will then deliver it to Mickey. Some water will not reach the siphon, but you won’t need it all, just enough to leave our favorite mouse satisfied.

As the game advances, you will face more challenging obstacles. Clouds will fill with your water; acid will destroy the stars and anything else in its path, and so on. To complete the game, you will have to collect all the stars from every level. There are 3 stars which must be filled with a certain amount of water in order to get them. You can find collectible objects scattered around several levels as well, found while removing earth. Collectibles will unlock new playable levels with different tools and objectives.

Deliver the water to Mickey to help him
Deliver the water to Mickey to help him

Where's my Mickey? Features

Here are some of the awesome features of this app:

  • More than 100 levels available, with different settings and objectives
  • Control the weather and deliver water to Mickey using water-filled clouds, rain, or the wind
  • Use free collectible objects hidden in different stages to unlock extra puzzle levels
  • Get extra levels with in-app purchases
  • Unlock Goofy in two original stories: as a painter who need paint for his work and as a stranded Goofy who needs to find food on a desert island
  • Play 20 oversized levels exclusively designed and optimized for tablets
  • Enjoy 5 original episodes with surprising scenarios while you control water with a life-like physics-based engine

If you are interested in Where's my Mickey? and you want more information before you download it, visit developer’s official website.

Take advantage of the weather
Take advantage of the weather

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for download and installation are:

Operating System: Android 2.2 Froyo or better / iOS 5.0 or better

Memory: 44 MB Android/ 50.40 MB iOS