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This download is the second release of the Max Payne saga. In Max Payne 2 the storyline has changed a bit: your character wakes up in a hospital being quite wounded, and immediately after he is discharged, he is attacked again and a friend of him is being shot too. As in the previous installments of this saga, in Max Payne 2 you are still looking for the murderer of your family, but now you are also investigating a series of crimes committed by "The Cleaners"; a new task that will lead you to an amazing adventure throughout this PC game.

This installment has experienced several improvements regarding its antecessor. Apart from the enhanced graphics, whether on the Comic Panels of the cut scenes or along the gameplay, the Polygon Count has been raised, providing more advanced face expressions or characters’ realism over the background. The more noticeable graphics improvement of Max Payne 2 can be seen on Max's lucid dreams, in which all the set is blurry and out of focus, making as if it was a hypnosis experience.

A walk through this third-person shooter

In Max Payne 2, you will start just with a small weapon, a 9mm pistol, but you will get more and more advanced ones as you move forward on the gameplay. In the weapons category you will find sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and projectile weapons. You will be told what to do along the storyline thanks to Max’s internal thoughts, which will guide you in the adventure.

Besides, you can activate the Bullet Time option, in which the time decelerates and the screen turns to sepia color. In this time you will be able to shoot, or decide what to do next. The Bullet Time is not permanent and it is limited to a short period of time. In addition, two game modes are enabled: the "Dead Man Walking” that consists of an endless attack of enemies to which you must survive as long as possible, and the "New york Minute", in which you play the level in a time trial.

Max Payne 2 Features

Below you will find the features of this PC shooter:

  • Improvement of the Game Engine that provides enhanced graphics
  • Bullet Time 2.0 available
  • New weapons
  • New movements that improve the gameplay
  • Havok Physics Engine, which makes the environment more interactive
  • New AI that enables the cooperation of the default characters with Max
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Two additional playing modes
  • Max can be equipped with a secondary projectile weapon
  • If you have died too many times, the difficulty diminishes, the enemies are slower and more health recoverers appear.

If you need more information, feel free to visit the official webpage .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this action game are the following:

  • OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP
  • Processor: 1Ghz Pentium III/Athlon, 1.2Ghz Celeron or Duron
  • DirectX 9.0
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Hard-Disk Free Space: 1.7 GB of free space is required


The download of Max Payne 2 for your PC will provide you hours of entertainment thanks to its thrilling storyline and its improved graphics and movements. You will get hooked to the story of Max Payne; a man who must discover who killed his family at the same time he investigates several crimes committed by ‘The Cleaners’.

  • Bullet Time provides you more time to decide
  • Alternative playing modes
  • Enhanced graphics to live a realistic adventure
  • Great weaponry to choose
  • Very interactive
  • It is for Mature 17+