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Stupid Zombies 2 1.3.1

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Thursday, November 27, 2014


Wow in my case i think this game is really amazing and the first time that i played it was a challenge to me but lately I have come to understand it and love it more. The game has very many levels which are like five hundred in number in which as a player you have to solve some of the puzzles and also pass many obstacles along the way. The main objective that you have to fulfill in this game as a player is to eliminate as many zombies as possible using the weapons that are offered for example the short guns.


The following are the features of stupid zombies 2 1.3.1

One can choose two different characters either the male or female character.

The game has improved graphics from its predecessors.

The game has like five hundred levels to pass through in order to complete the game.


Get action by playing this game and kill as many zombies as possible I think this game has been improved a lot.


  • the game has an easy to use interface.
  • the game is freeware for people to download it for free.


  • the game is very addictive if one keeps on playing it.
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work very hard and fight to eliminate all the zombies

By John Joe

On Monday, November 2, 2015

This game deals with zombies and nothing else but zombies I must confess that even though there are many powerful weapons to use for example gas but there are some zombies that are very hard to kill and you know the way they walk slowly and this pissed me off completely knowing that I had shot at it! It has very many levels as you shooting and killing the zombies you shall continue to the next level .Basically in this game all you have to is eliminate all the zombies but there is no storyline at all so if you keep on getting used to playing it will bore you. There are stars in the game that the user is awarded in case they complete a certain level successfully.


Massive weapons to fight the zombies

Many levels to go through

Get awarded with stars as you proceed to the next level

Solve many puzzles


The game play is not very interesting.


  • it kept me very busy all through the game
  • i had mad fun and enjoyed the game


  • the graphics are not that all
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By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, March 3, 2016

Stupid Zombies 3 is a fun and simple 2D casual game presents GameResort and is available totally free in our devices. In this franchise you can clearly see a positive trend, each title is better than the last.

What is Stupid Zombies 3?

It is basically the same as its predecessors but with the odd change and improvement. If you do not know, here we will explain.

Our goal is quite simple, it kills all the zombies that you can in the number of shots that lets you each level, if you do not kill the minimum number of zombies you ask each level, regrettably, have lost and have to try again looking for a best strategy. Do it in the fewest possible shots and give you more stars (up to 3 per level) and better overall score. Of course, we must take into account a detail and you will have 5 lives, if you lose wait about minutillos.

Unlock your heroes for battle.

Do not settle for one hero to save the world from these stupid zombies. There are more than one and with four different weapons: shotgun, gun blazing, RPG launcher and a bomber baseball. Look good eh?


  • By gameplay makes the game not too heavy to play
  • The soundtrack that accompanies Stupid Zombies 3 encourages you to play and to delve fully into the game


  • You have 5 lives and if you spend will have to wait to retrieve them.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • game anad have fun with my brother and friend becouse i love it very much like and game rsort is the best devlopper i ever seen in my all life

  • Personal time-killing fun. I can not think of any other use for such a program. But, I am really looking foward to trying to get through every level.

  • for my pleasure to play this game and ll be so glad to download stupid zombies 2 and in the future please send me your latest version of your games

  • Personal time-killing fun. I can not think of any other use for such a program. But, I am really looking foward to trying to get through every level.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have a windows 7 ultimate which is very largest functionality and useful. Their are many option after installation like business, video, software

  • Earn to Die Game is what I like. Why are you asking me these kind of questions. I do not know whether it is suitable here. Please accept me.

  • i have not used similar programm so far this is my first time iam trying in this brouser please help me to download this easily so ican LETS

  • i have not used similar programm so far this is my first time iam trying in this brouser please help me to download this easily so ican be happy

What do you like most about this program?
  • Badshah is a good boy in the creul world and any one want to play stupid zombies in pc so you can call to shivam panchal because he is specia



Stupid Zombies 2 is the sequel of the famous game Stupid Zombies which was a huge success and was enjoyed by more than 18 million players. The main target of this android free app is to eliminate as much zombies as possible with your shot-gun or other kind of weapons. However, now in this installment you must challenge with puzzles, moving platforms, things to activate, and more obstacles to pass throughout the stages. You have around 500 levels to test your abilities to get rid of zombies while trying to get over the obstacles.

Besides, in Stupid Zombies 2 you can choose between a male or female character to perform the adventure. In addition, your marksmanship matters, as if you shoot a zombie in the head you get more score than if you shoot them in the rest of its dead body. Get the three stars in each level and become a zombie eliminator master.

Use your brain to save your brain

This game is very easy to play, the only thing you just need to do is shoot. However, you will need your brain and extra thinking if you want to solve the obstacles on each level of Stupid Zombies 2. The first stages are pretty easy and simple, but the further you move forward in this game, the more difficult it becomes. This way, you will have to think more and deeper to achieve the three stars, get over the challenge and eliminate the zombies.

One of the more difficult things is to calculate the bounce of a bullet, and to achieve that this projectile hits the correct places. For instance, in some levels you must make the bullet slip into a gap to reach the zombies, or make it pass through moving platforms. Your efforts should be concentrated in not being eaten. Maybe, in the most difficult levels you will find yourself in trouble, and the first time you face the stage you won’t achieve your target. But do not worry, just with a little patience and knack you will reach the top of Stupid zombies 2.

Stupid Zombies 2 1.3.1 Features

Here you will find the features of this Android application:

  • 500 brand new levels to test yourself
  • Male and female hero characters
  • Ammo resurrections
  • User-friendly package
  • Improved graphics
  • Different score depending on where you shoot
  • Increasing difficulty

If you would like to know more information about Stupid Zombies 2 before you download it, feel free to visit the .

System requirements

Below you will find the minimum system requirements to download and use this Android app:

  • Android 2.2 FroYo or higher


If you want to spend your time in an entertaining way, this app is a good choice. Once you download it for free, its 500 levels will get you glued to your phone, as the task of eliminating the zombies is very addictive. Besides, if you are a gore fan, the blood will be running along your mobile screen, especially if you manage to get a headshot.

  • Hours of entertainment
  • Clear interface
  • Easy gameplay
  • Very addictive
  • Free
  • Can be a little repetitive