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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play and funnie chair and table for use and more display contact by sport volvo 850 estate incredible touring car BTCC 1998 years game okay

  • love this game never played before wish to if u let me please help out and i hope that it work god is good all the time wish yall let me play

  • for fun and spend at least 10 hoers a day ok by the way i like this game because of high texture and etc but right now i just sits here to colllect dust

What do you like most about this program?
  • fast downloading speeds and the site looks nice and i think this download is virus free and if that is teru than im happy because i cant ger


Volvo The Game is a thematic racing simulator for PC which only includes a variety of Volvo cars and two different race tracks. This simple free game allows the users to experience the most similar feeling of driving a real car. The variety of cars is limited but they offer a realistic touch according to the real ones with technical assistance like ABS brakes to take full control of the car any moment.

The race tracks available are the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena of Göteborg and Chayaka. These tracks are pretty detailed to offer the gamers a realistic way of driving racing cars with a simple download. The cars available are classic vehicles of high racing competition such as Volvo S40 or Volvo 240 Turbo Group A. You can enjoy three difficulty levels to test your skills.

Volvo The Game 1 Features

Below you will find features of this free PC racing game:

  • 5 Different Volvo cars
  • 2 Race tracks
  • Realistic graphical aspect
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Very customizable gameplay
  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Great control of the cars
  • Challenging races

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Download the PC car racing game experience for free

The objective of this free game for PC is to bring the users a realistic car game without any cost in order to make it enjoyable for everyone. This Volvo simulator wouldn’t represent the redefinition of the genre but at least is a correct game focusing purely on its gameplay. You can set three different views of your car for driving the way it makes you feel more comfortable.

The single player mode will set you in one of the two available tracks to practice and test your skills against the computer. And the multiplayer game mode really makes you to do your best against human opponents to become the winner of the race. The features the game provides are completely available since the moment you setup the file you download.

System requirements

Here you will find the minimum requirements to download and run this car simulator for PC:

  • Windows XP
  • Processor Pentium 4 2.4GHZ or AMD Athlon XP 2400+
  • GeForce 6800 Series 128MB
  • 1GB RAM