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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Full Version




Tom clancy´s Splinter cell Blacklist, new things and probably better

By Damian Hernandez Pena

On Monday, April 21, 2014

In this new game, Sam fisher has a team named 4th Echelon. Together, they have to stop some attacks around the world called "The Blacklist" caused by terrorist. The main menu is now aboard the Paladin, the team´s airplane. From there, you can start the campaign missions or side missions, view your stats, customize your costume, improve aircraft and switch to multiplayer. One of the best things in the game is the capability to take down an enemy from your cover. Because he automatically hides the body so the rest of the enemies won’t see it or you can take the body and hide it somewhere else like in the past games before Splinter Cell Conviction.

Now there is 3 different play styles: Ghost, Panther and Assault. Ghost is without killing enemies and without been repaired. Panther is the contrary of Ghost but without been repaired and Assault is to face your enemies with no hiding. Also you will find the Mark & Execute ability that we first saw on Splinter cell Conviction, which is another of the best things about the game. Some of the missions are at day time and Splinter ell style it’s more in the dark but missions are still good. For the multiplayer it’s called “Spies vs Mercs”. You can play as a Spy or as a Mercenary (in first person) and it’s a really good multiplayer except for the lack of players.

You can also play co-op missions in split screen or with a partner online, which was a good idea. Splinter cell Blacklist has more execution movements and gadgets and it is a game that I really recommend you to play.


  • You can customize your costume
  • Many secondary missions to play
  • Lots of variety of weapons and gadgets
  • Campaign Missions are quite long


  • Lack of players in Multiplayer




For what are you going to use the program?
  • play games during appropriate hours, but also spend time with schoolwork. i appreciate it the free download, i sure enjoy playing splinter cell, but i hope itwon't mess up mycomputer

  • for enjoyment purpose and to refreshment to develope minds personal skill and to learn combat tactics I already finished the splinter convictio

  • I am going to play such a nice game, because I like games where you should hide and kill the enemies, splinter cell is the best game that can offer

  • play the game of course since I have finish playing with the other splinter cell games. I want to try this one and looks like it has good graphics too.

  • personal entertainment strictly single use, to sample and demonstrate only to be temporarily installed on this device . not to be share , copied or duplicated in any way

What similar programs have you used?
  • splinter cell chaos theory. a very exiting game which i couldn`t stop playing over and over again. I shared with all my friends and even did multiplay.

What do you like most about this program?
  • about the game and the site We understand that none of two clients can have same requirements. Because in today’s diverse IT field, needs vary a lot. So you can get performance and benefit as per your need.

  • The Stealth Options that come with this game are better than the games I have been playing.I also like the idea of upgrading my guns and ammo. Sam Fisher is one Bad Dude.

  • good games most amamzing very innivative like the all pots supports very welll your guidenace for every user is great very thought provoking

  • big and very eciting to play together with everything in it is awesome indeed so keep puting up more gams here so we download them please,thank you


The download of Splinter Cell: Blacklist will take you again on a new adventure against terrorism by the hand of Sam Fisher. A group of terrorists that have taken the name of The Engineers has decided to strike the US military, in order to stop US army expansion throughout the world. The plot follows the features of the franchise, data recollection, betrays, and the thrilling feeling from spy movies.

The Blacklist is the name of this terrorist attack against US interests that will take place on US soil and outside. In this game you will need to do whatever you can to stop the Blacklist. For that reason, you will be free to perform a lot of actions during the game. The gameplay offers more action-based movements to deal with your enemies and erase the threat of the terrorist forces.

On the other hand, once you download the game Splinter Cell: Blacklist you will see how outstanding the graphics are since they faithfully reproduce the weather, the explosions, the shootings and even the human features of the characters. However, what really gives a real effect is the story behind the game. There are a couple things that will definitely catch your attention such as the online multiplayer mode and the weapons.

Exciting multiplayer gameplay

The game has a dynamic gameplay in which you will be part of a team that has to carry out risky missions. In addition, the multiplayer mode even allows you to enrich the way you play. For instance, it brings some advantages since you can take care of each other. Besides, the multiplayer mode also gives you the opportunity of performing attacking techniques, especially since you can communicate with the other players.

Remember that the gameplay allows you to be on a mission and you will always need to keep a stealthy attitude. For example, you will have to visualize potential hiding spots in order to be able to hide and save your life. Another tip that can help you continue alive during Splinter Cell: Blacklist is choosing the right weapon.

If you are attacking an enemy from behind, it is advisable to use a knife, that way you will be able to take it down quietly and be free from persecutions. In addition, using the sniper rifle to get rid of your enemy from far away will always provide safety while playing this game. If you like this kind of gameplay, you will also enjoy another Ubisoft game , the last release of the Assassin's Creed saga. It has a very similar gameplay in which you be able to discretely attack .

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Full Version Features

The game has some amazing features and you can find some listed below.

  • Killing in motion: you can choose your next target as you are dealing with one
  • Different attack angles
  • Give you the option to customize your own tactical suite
  • Full economy system: regardless where you play you will make money
  • Characters can talk and interact with each other in the game
  • New gadgets like the Tri-Rotor
  • Single and Multiplayer game modes

For more information, feel free to visit the developer´s website .

System requirements for this download

The system requirements to download and play Splinter Cell: Blacklist are the following:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+
  • Memory: 2G RAM
  • Hard drive: 12 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB GDDR3
  • DirectX: DX 10