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Saints Row 4, really fun and a lot of new things.

By Rodrigo Hernandez

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Campaign was really fun and entertaining. You affront aliens and you will have to save your friends so they can help you to kill Zinyak, leader of the crew. One of the best things in the game, is superpowers. You have the power to jump higher, run faster and you can upgrade them with things called clusters that you will find all over the map. You will unlock new powers during the story, powers like telekinesis, throwing ice to freeze enemies and more. You also have guns. And with your powers it could be the best combination to defeat your enemies. You can also do side missions, racing and more activities. They story was a little short but with the co-op mode, it’s hard to get bored. Play with friends can be even better and all the activities and missions could be easier and more fun to play. It’s a really different game from other open world games. The graphics are not the best ones but it could be the last thing you care about this game. Saints row 4 is an open world game where you can do tons of things. If you are looking for new things in a game, maybe you should get this game. Honestly, from 1 to 10 I would give an 8.5.


  • Good variaty of superpowers to use.
  • The storyline is prety good.
  • You still have the Co-op mode.


  • Sometimes side missions can get bored.



Saints Row IV even more crazy that Saints Row: The third was

By Iuhasz Raymond

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saints Row IV is the last game from Saints Row series developed by Volition in 2013 like the others games this is an open world crazy game where you will be able to play with the same character as in Saints Row The third but now you are the president of United States and you are an alien invasion witness and there starts your adventure. An adventure full of crazy things like crazy guns, vehicles, powers and enemies. This game continues the line of Saints Row The third and if you enjoyed this one like i enjoyed you should try The third. I think this game is also playable by people who aren’t really into games and they just play sometimes as amusement. The things that you can do in this game are quite wide and they will have fun with the crazy things and jokes. As i said for the third I don’t recommend this game for childrens.

I think they should do better things with the vehicles because once you got the powers you won’t drive any car.


  • It is an open world game
  • A lot of WORTH side quest to do


  • It not recommended for childrens



Saints Row IV puts us in the shoes of a Saint elected President of the United States to fight against aliens in a virtual Steelport using superpowers and anal probes.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, March 3, 2016

and power while the story unfolds. But from its Ecuador, the diversity of the main tasks will grow exponentially in terms of madness and even gameplay mechanics, experiences and genres over two decades, as the trailer suggests, for the field to be still justified simulation virtual it is leading to recreate things from the minds of the Saints, so that references to previous deliveries are guaranteed.

But the more we progress in the plot, more side quests they will open. Located within the main menu key, and for some of the funniest powers and weapons, each mission can be subdivided into several objectives based on that we will find it. We win money and respect basically called XP and not directly as in other entregas- completing optional missions and activities, eliminating goals and hacking shops. Among secondary tasks, we deleted security programs have to abate because they seek to destroy us. It's easier to hit them kill melee R3 ballasts us to spend experience points needed report. Others will be more common, as the aliens go running with troops Zin, control nodes and go apoderándonos Steelport each neighborhood; plataformeras or exceed phases and other skills based on our new physical condition, which is a cool air around the same mechanical already seen in previous installments of going to a point, shoot down all the enemies, controlling the area and repeat for all neighborhoods game over and over and over again.

And the overall objective in SR4 is basically the same. If it was to prevent other factions of bands arrived to dominate us in the fight for the city, here in essence is breaking the virtual matrix in which are controlled territories based on pirate shops and businesses and do in SR3 that are ours, remove checkpoints defended by enemy faction-the only aliens throughout the game-, disabling barriers nodes of power and energy to make them from red to blue and that our domain is greater. Pirating stores will be based on a test of skill connecting nodes. Of course, the first will be really easy, but things will increase in difficulty with the remaining 33 stores. A little we control a few, we have to not worry too much about money.

The main new and greater demand in the game: the superpowers. From the moment we are granted -the first two superspeed and supersalto-, the fun goes many integers, remaining traditional GTA sandbox style and incorporates elements of superhero sandbox as inFamous, achieving a similar set to Crackdown Xbox 360 though moving away a bit of the essence Saints. Maybe the two mechanical themselves are not novel, but of course the mixture of both itself is explosive, and getting around a sandbox superhero and also to use weapons, hop on vehicles and rampage is better than just going with powers . Conversely, getting around a common car sandbox, weapons, missions and rules of the real world when you can earn substantial whole jump like Spider-man in their games since passed the open mapping, run faster than cars also -empujándolos - or even planning.


  • The variety of missions after Ecuador's Campaign Mode
  • The superpowers, which provide variety especially secondary missions ...


  • Mechanical and used vehicles seem to me unnecessary and slow.




For what are you going to use the program?
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  • I am going to play this game for entertainment and connect with all of my friends.Also I would love to get to know the story and characters very well.

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  • I'm gong to be using it as a gaming progam and let some of my friends who come over play it when their bored or we don't have anything else to do

What similar programs have you used?
  • i played hotline miami and its similar but sort of like it has 80s aesthetic and an awesome storyline plus the music is great like pertubator

  • Idmtvvvtgvtvvtvtvtv HGTV TVR TCT tufted effected TFT rectify TV TCT ECT HGTV TD bank group of people who are sharing connections ideas and opportunities

  • i have played gta san andrease.but haven't complete after learning to fly. i never found the coronel to clear the missions of this set. and want you to help me.

  • gta 5 fifa 17 league of legends nba 2k17 bully schollarship edition need for speed rivals hitman blood money php nuke saints row iv full version

  • call of duty and other such games, I just love Saints Row and my friends told me that this one is the best of them all and so I expect it to

What do you like most about this program?
  • Everything i liked about this program was that it allows us to do whatever we want all free downloads and they work properly. thats wah i like

  • I am a beautiful person. The comments for your help. I have written a review of the individual or entity to which it is addressed in the header, and may contain confidential information.

  • Awesome stuff like the cars the colors that u can change to I mean this is pretty much the best game besides the GTA games they have it really fun

  • I like all about information and program provided from this program. Its also make people can easily get of what they need without using any related site.

  • i like having lots of guns and killing virtual people because it's fun you getting me matte? it's all about them guns bruh! ok do i need to write more?


Saints Row IV is a game in which you will find races, adventure and action combined. The game is set in a fictitious poor city called Steelport. Graphics and places are similar to the previous version, keeping the same style the fans love. The Earth is invaded by aliens at the same time that the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected president of the U.S.A.

Even if you have played previous versions or other similar online games, you will be surprised with this videogame. Now, the characters have superpowers such as the “super jump” and “super speed”, telekinesis, fire rays and some others that will give you some advantage over other characters with no need of cheats. The new twist makes Saints Row IV to be a funny game with lots of frenzy action.

Tips and cheats about this game

In order to attack the enemies, your characters will have the chance to acquire different types of powers. If you combine them with jumping and high speed skills, you can make your character fly all over long distances, saving time traveling. This way the movement through the city is easier. Also, there are some cheats that you can use to make the game funnier with different options.

Besides, your characters will have access to a wide variety of weapons such as pistols and machine guns. Also, there are special arms such as laser swords. But the most curious weapon is a strange gun that puts your opponent to dance to the death, which can be very handy in difficult situations. There is an online mode of this game, which makes it a good download for playing in your spare time for having some quick fun.

Saints Row IV Full Version Features

These are some of the features of Saint Row IV:

  • Improved free customization of your character
  • The characters can acquire super powers
  • The gameplay is more challenging due to the addition of new elements
  • The city offers more freedom to move around
  • The "Respect" points of the previous versions of this franchise has been changed to "XP"
  • More than 1,000 collectible items to find
  • Now you can upload, and download your cars from your virtual garage
  • Use of cheats enabled

For further information please, visit the .

System requirements to download this online game

The minimum requirements to download online this game for PC are:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: the download needs 4GB RAM
  • Hard-Disk Free Space: it requires 10GB of free space.
  • DirectX 11