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Sound Search for Google Play 1.1.8

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identify the title and singer of that tune you cant seen to remember

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

other than the daily application google offers, a new feature has been added known as the google music. This feature helps you out just in case you have audio that you would like to download. Google sound search is represented by by a microphone icon which after you tap it can be used to record any audio or instrumental.

Google sound search is also very helpful if you ahave audio that you cant get titles of. Just like shazaam, google sound will listen to the slightest sound and search through millions of songs to find the exact or the nearest song to it. the whole process takes very minimal time, but it this also depends on you internet speed.

The google sound search doesnt come in the default installation of google play but rather you have to install it manually. Google also has image search as another of its apps which can also be used to search for identical images on the internet.

The google sound search is very efficient since it will either give you the sound you have searched for, or it will give you download links to the song, since there might be multiple sites that host the sound you have searched for. the app has no limit to sound, it searches for everything you throw at it, if you cough and press search it will give you other coughing sounds so it will be up to you to look for the one you want.


In the future apps developed by google, we are expected to see more feature added like maybe google video search. You need a gmail account to use most of googles apps but that isnt a big deal, since you dont to pay for the accounts.


  • It is free to use
  • it is very easy to use, since you only press one button.


  • Not all sounds searched are found.
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Sound Search for Google Play is a free application which can be very useful to discover which song you are listening. This app recognizes and finds the name of all these songs that you do not know the name but you want to listen to. It is a tool that gets back to the basics and provides you what you need without any complications. Its mechanics are so simple that every user may totally control it without any difficulties.

This free software provides a quick tool to immediately recognize a song in your smartphone, with no need to open applications for identifying the song. It has a wide music repertory among which you can find your favorite lyrics. Once the application has recognized the audio, you can purchase the songs and add them to your Play Music Library.


Discover music and songs playing around you

This software provides a free, easy and quick way for recognizing a song with your smartphone. If you are listening to the radio, watching TV or at the disco, you probably listen to songs that you like but you don't know the name to be able to download them. Thanks to this application your problem is over. The interface is pretty simple as well as easy to use. When the program detects the wanted song it will show you the information about it. You will see the artist, the album and the song's name as well as it will provide ways to get the song from online stores to have it directly in your device.

The only thing you need to do to enjoy this application on your devices is to download it, tap on the widget of your homescreen and this software will automatically give you the name of your liked song. Moreover, it allows you to keep the record process of the song you are listening to at every moment to purchase it later whenever you feel like it.

Sound Search for Google Play 1.1.8 Features

Here you can find the unique functionalities that Sound Search for Google Play offers you:

  • Song identification from a wide repertory powered by the developer
  • Possibility of purchasing the song once the app identifies it
  • Enable to keep the record of identified music to purchase it later
  • Easy and minimalistic widget on the homescreen for immediate access from the main mobile screen
  • Quick access functionality
  • Possibility of adding the widget to the lockscreen for accessing to the application (Only on Android 4.2 JellyBean)

If you are interested in Sound Search for Google play, and you want to know more information about this software before you download it, you can find further information in the author’s website .

System requirements of this software

Listed below you can see the minimum system requirements your smartphone requires for downloading and installing this application:

  • Operating system: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or a later version
  • Internet Connection required