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FBDesktop 1.6.1

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Get direct access to your Facebook account without opening a new tab.

By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Did you know you can directly access your facebook account without opening another window directly from your desktop. FBDesktop is the application to do this and it also gives you the ability to get notifications of your facebook activities that are related to you. It also enables a direct chat with your friends and relatives, thanks to its ability to synchronize your facebook account with the installed client. With this application you can not see your friends profiles but you can update your own profile and reads your contacts events. You also have the ability to share events and information with other social netwrks and also share photos through bluetooth with other devices. The app is equiped with three main tabs which are the friends list, News Feed and the Chat tabs. With the News Feeds tab you can view the recent information and the chat is for chatting directly with your friends. The best thing with FBDesktop is that it has no big difference with the normal facebook so it is easy to use and it also had no ads which makes it peaceful to use.

FBDesktop is a recommended app to install and use on your desktop since you will access it directly on your desktop and enjoy the facebook features.


  • The app has no ads.
  • Has a chat tab so you can use it as a IM client.
  • Ability to view information in real time.


  • You can not see if the person you are chatting with is typing or if he has read your text.
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FBDesktop is an application to get direct access to your Facebook account without any necessity of opening a new browser window or tab. With this download you will get immediate notifications of the activities that are related to you such as being mentioned by your friends or being tagged in a picture. Thanks to this app you will be instantly in touch with your relatives and your colleagues from your desktop.

FBDesktop also enables the FB chat directly. Since it synchronizes your Facebook account with the installed client it also provides you the option of chatting with your contacts in an easy way. The application gives the user different options such as sharing events and information with other social networks or to send photos via your computer Bluetooth to other devices.

Although you can’t see your friends’ profile with FBDesktop, you can still update your own status quickly and read all the events of your contacts published recently in just a click. Its interface helps the user to take complete control of the client without any advance knowledge, so the moment you download FBDesktop and get installed in your computer you will be ready to fully enjoy this program.


A utility that integrates your social network

FBDesktop offers reliable performance with an intuitive UI, just like if you were using Facebook as always. At the top of the interface there are three main tabs (apart from the three main options of Notifications, Friend Requests and Messages) in which you can select whether to see the News Feed with all the recent information that your contacts or the pages you like posted, your friends list or your chat conversations. Besides, FBDesktop has the same appearance as the usual FB account, so users who launch this software for the first time won’t have any problem in using it.

The chat client of FBDesktop is the most outstanding feature that users can take most advantage of. Although you are not able to see if the other person is typing or if he/she has read what you’ve written, you can communicate with them just like with an IM client just using this free FBDesktop application. Besides, users can enjoy the application on their computer desktop with no FB ads.

FBDesktop 1.6.1 Features

The unique features that FBDesktop includes in its download process are listed below:

  • With FBDesktop you can share your status and comment what your friends have posted directly from your computer desktop
  • Three main tabs: Friends list, News Feed and Chat
  • FBDesktop does not have ads
  • On News Feed users can view all recent information happening in real time
  • Link to your FB account for logging in
  • Instant notifications of your friends

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements you need to know before getting FBDesktop for free:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 233MHz
  • Memory: 64MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 30MB free space