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Takeanote 6.0

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Takeanote is a free extension to download for Google Chrome which can be used to take notes easily without having to switch windows or applications. This new option allows you to write down your thoughts about the different webpages you visit with just a simple click in the icon that will appear next to the address bar.

In Takeanote the notes you take will be automatically saved in your own computer, so you don’t have to worry about doing it. Takeanote doesn’t use an online storage server so you can be sure that the stuff you write won’t be read unless you want. In fact, Takeanote gives you some other useful possibilities such as sharing options on Twitter or by email what you are writing. This way, and thanks to Takeanote’s connectivity with social networks, you can directly tweet your impressions about websites, news you read or everything you want without an external Twitter client or using another tab.

Its extension also offers you the possibility of exporting your text, taking whatever you wrote to a new tab. This way you can used your browser tools for exporting that data into PDF or just for printing it directly. Another option it provides is simply opening it in another independent tab for working without the need of occupying part of your browser. Everything you need to work properly is to manage a little popup which will appear automatically. Takeanote won’t bother you while you’re surfing on the Internet. Also, this application is adapted to every user level but it could be a bit simple for advanced users who want something more complete in their browser.

Keep your documents under control

Not everybody feel free of worries writing their opinions or thoughts in a utility that works online, they can be published by error or simply you are afraid of being spied by other users. Nevertheless, Takeanote guarantees that everything you write won’t be published unless you want. This is the main feature that this software offers you: the possibility of choosing your privacy level.

On the other hand, Takeanote allows you to post whatever you want in different social networks. This possibility allows you to tweet or send it by e-mail without switching windows, so it’s a quite comfortable option if you are interested in publishing your feelings or thoughts while you’re surfing on the net. But remember that Takeanote is a free extension destined exclusively to Google Chrome users. Then, if you want to download Takeanote, you have to be sure that you have it installed.

Takeanote 6.0 Features

Takeanote includes the following features:

  • Take notes easily
  • Takeanote saves them automatically
  • Keep your privacy protected
  • Thanks to Takeanote you can share your opinions through your social networks
  • Send them by e-mail

System Requirements

Below, you can find the minimum system requirements to download Takeanote:

  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or higher
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
  • RAM: 128 MB for Takeanote