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MidiYodi is an audio application that allows you to play, edit and examine all sorts of MIDI files easily thanks to its intuitive design and suitable tools. Search for MIDI files in all your folders very quickly, and watch the displayed information that this player, MidiYodi, offers for each element. Once you have found the file you had been looking for, you will be able to edit it at your earliest conveniences thanks to the variety of tools it provides. After you have edited the song, play it and control how it is being reproduced.

The quality of MidiYodi is guaranteed as this program has been awarded with several online awards. For instance, MidiYodi won the Best Vista Downloads Award or Windows 7 Download Award among others. Maintained and developed by Canato, MidiYodi will not only allow you to play or examine the file, but also to edit its structure and content with unique tools that present a wide range of possibilities.

Simple edition

Editing MIDI files is possible thanks to the several tools that MidiYodi provides. You will be able to convert tracks, transpose them, alter the tempo, change the instruments and volume or add events thanks to MidiYodi. Besides, as we previously mentioned, MidiYodi is suitable for all kinds of users as it is pretty simple to manage. Right from the installing process, you will find that this simplicity is one of the software’s main mottos. In addition, its interface is so intuitive that you won’t have any problems when working with it.

In its latest versions, some additional features have been added in order to make it better and more efficient software. Now, every user will be able to enjoy a tempo change control tool, a playback indicator, update or add individual events, the possibility of cutting out some specific parts of the songs or changing the name of the track among other useful utilities. Furthermore, some errors or bugs that occurred in previous versions of this player have been fixed, like the exhibition of notes that lack off Note Off event.

MidiYodi 2.5 Features

Below you will find the unique features that MidiYodi provides to the users to listen to and edit files or songs:

  • It allows you to edit, examine and play audio files
  • Displays notes in a keyboard-style window
  • MidiYodi examines files with a complete file overview
  • Efficient information about event position, category, type and value of all songs
  • Tools to alter the tempo of the track
  • Changes the name of the tracks
  • MidiYodi supports voice events
  • Available and compatible with the Windows platforms
  • Some content is limited in the free version of MidiYodi

If you want to know more about this player, you feel free to take a peek at the .

System Requirements to download the audio program

If you are interested in using this MidiYodi free version, below you will find the list of the minimum system requirements to download and benefit from MidiYodi:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Java 1.6 or higher required