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MaskMe for Firefox 1.33.329

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MaskMe for Firefox is a security tool which you can set up in your Firefox browser. By installing it, you will be able to enjoy a more secure experience while navigating through the Net. This tool will allow you to buy stuff online or enter in certain webs securing your email accounts, credit card numbers or any private data of yours. This way, you will be able to make sure that your private information is safe, and that it will not be shared or stolen from the companies to which you would have, otherwise, given it.

Feel safe while using MaskMe for Firefox since other Abine’s products have been featured on important media or magazines like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal or CNN among others. By displaying a new option when you have to introduce your mail, you will be able to mask your account and prevent it from being storage in any company server. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your phone and credit card numbers safe too, you will need to download the premium version, though with the free app, you will still be able to cover up your mail addresses.

How does this app work?

But how can MaskMe for Firefox protect your accounts or phone numbers if they are required when buying something online? It is simple, by using AES-256 Encryption. This way, when you enter your data, instead of sending the information as it was introduced, the software will display and send encrypted parameters, so your real information will be completely safe. Moreover, it can also block spam thanks to the use of disposable email accounts.

With this browser application, you will protect your private data or information from the webs and companies that require it. But what is about Abine, the company that develops this software? You will have nothing to worry about, because the AES-256 encryption system also forbids Abine to see your data, so nobody will be able to access your personal info. However, if you want to use MaskMe for Firefox for free, you need to register and create an account on Abine’s webpage.

MaskMe for Firefox 1.33.329 Features

Below you will find the several unique features MaskMe for Firefox provides for your Firefox browser:

  • Allows you to navigate through the net without giving away your private info
  • Forbids companies to know or share your personal information
  • Block spam by providing disposable email addresses
  • Use of AES-256 encryption system
  • Automatic password generator
  • Integrates account storage which enhances its security
  • Full synchronization across different devices
  • Download the premium version to protect your phone numbers and credit cards too

In case you want to know more about this application, you can take a look for more details in the developer's website .

System requirements

If you would like to download and set up this free security software, you should check the list of minimum system requirements displayed below:

  • OS: Windows NT, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Hard Disk Space: at least 2 MB available
  • Firefox browser required
  • Internet connection might be needed