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MegaMan Unlimited 1.1.0

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destroy the alien invaders to save the last surviving humans

By Frank Kanyua

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mega Man is a fan packed game,which has for a long time now been at the top of the charts. The launch of the game was eagerly awaited and it never failed to impress. The game has new characters, more levels and you even have the ability to change the difficulty status.. The story is also very different from the original game thus making it even more interesting to play..

The game has bonus levels which can help you when you need to upgrade you weapon or gain extra live..


The game revolves around the near future, where robots have taken over the planet and want to end humanity.. And like every other robot invasion there are main leaders behind the attacks. This time the leaders are deadly and don't misjudge them.. You will face main leaders at every end of the stage and you must defeat them before they defeat you.. You as mega man have limited everything from strength to lives.. Carefully but strategically make your hits..

The game has areas you can unlock but this will only be possible if you complete certain tasks..

This game is so amazing, the cure for boredom is here..


This game is not fresh its classic if you are the type of gamer who likes to play something simple yet equally, entertaining this is the deal.. Just like the lights of Mario this game will be a favorite for many years.. Try it out and live to tell the story of how you became mega man...

Hit the download button and start the adventure..


  • New plot in the game
  • Unlockable new bonus and boss
  • Very good sound track .


  • zero disadvantages found . .




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play and have fun megaman is my favourite game its really epic you need download it or lose sucker son delete add vbhnjjhujh;lk#;kolp;ki[pl

What do you like most about this program?
  • megaman is probably the only reason i would ever consider using this download, never again lol, yes im basically stalling at this point but.


MegaMan Unlimited is a fan made game based on the classic 8Bit NES games of MegaMan. The game keeps this old style in the graphics appearance and also, in the soundtrack. This release offers some advantages compared to the original games, such as the gameplay or the new characteristics of the final stage bosses. Moreover, it includes all the difficulty of playing a classic. In addition, the developer Philippe Poulin has included new bosses and weapons as well as an entire new storyline.

Besides that, you can explore and take to the limits the abilities of MegaMan, for instance, sliding to avoid the bullets, shooting or testing your marksmanship. In addition, you can unblock a bonus stage if you find the four hidden letters in the main stages. To achieve this aim, you should deeply explore the level and take alternative paths or find secret areas. This fan made game offers you hours of entertainment as if you were playing an 8Bit NES game.

Beat the bosses

The storyline of this game tell us how 8 evil robots are ruining the city. As MegaMan, you should stop this. For this reason, you must undertake a journey throughout the stages defeating the bosses and saving your city. You start each level with three lives and you should take into account that you have limited energy to defend yourself.

In each final stage you face one of the evil robots. There are serious evil bosses such as Comet Woman, who shoots you energy balls that follow you until they hit you. But also, there are some "goofy" bosses such as Nail Man or Rainbow Man that may seem harmless. However, they are pretty dangerous. Either Jet Man, Comet Woman and Nail Man have a deadly kit of skills that will prove all the ability and strength of Mega Man. Remember that when you eliminate a final boss you will obtain their main skill as an alternative weapon to your blaster.

MegaMan Unlimited 1.1.0 Features

Here you will find some of the unique features that MegaMan Unlimited provides you once you download it:

  • 8 evil robot bosses to face
  • An unlockable evil robot boss, Yoku Man
  • An unlockable bonus stage
  • 2 abilities for your mate Rush
  • 9 special weapons to fight with (Comet Dash, Glue Shot or Yo-Yo Cutter)
  • Item shop to purchase improvements and item
  • 8Bit NES game appearance

If you would like to find out more information about this fan made game, MegaMan Unlimited, feel free to visit the developer's website .

System requirements to download and play

In order to download and play MegaMan Unlimited, you can find here the system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Hard-Disk free space: At least 325 MB free
  • RAM: 500 MB
  • Sound device: Compatible with DirectX 9


MegaMan Unlimited is the reborn of a classic. If you are looking for revive the sensations and feelings of the old games, MegaMan Unlimited is a good choice for you. MegaMan Unlimited will provide you hours of entertainments and a cure for wistfulness.