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Share Your Thoughts, Pictures, Videos And Music To The World Through Whatssapp

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Everyday, people convey information, which can be shown through feeling, ideas and thoughts. And what a wonderful feeling it is when you share these things to world. Nowadays, there are really lots of communication tools in the market. These are of great help for people to be connected.

What’s up? Well, I am amazed when I came to know that this free software can already support Whatsapp application installed in certain mobile phones that do not support the app before. Generally, this software allows users to chat, send messages and send it to a group, send videos and other stuff. But this application is much different from others. One amazing feature of this is the invisibility tool, wherein contacts that are online will not be able to see user’s name on the list but user can still read received messages. One great feature about this app is that users can freely see the present and past profile pictures of their contacts. Moreover, connection statuses are indicated through colors like Yellow for those who are still on the process of getting online, Green color for the contacts who are active online and Red color for those who are offline. These features are really great.

This free software really works well for me. I recommend these to everyone to give it a try.


  • The application has Invisibility tool
  • Connection statuses are indicated by colors


  • Application sometimes hangs when sending videos
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chat with all your whatsapp contacts just for free and have fun

By Abraham Lincon

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

open whatsapp is a very similar application to the original whatsapp itself.Open whatsapp will manage you whatsapp contacts and lets you chat with them as well as create group chat and chat with a limited number of group participants.In the group chat you can agree with thepople who is going to be the group admin and then he or she then forms the group and then adds participants to the group and this people mainly share ideas that are very similar or have a common goal or intrest for example people who can be added to the group either should be in the same schoo,or best friends or teachers or workmates just anything.It allows the option of one user sending photos,videos,audios as well as many files to ther users who have the application.Download it today and experience all this features i am talking about.It has good graphics and they are very colorful and there are emojis also to complement the chat itself.


  • open a group and chat amost friends
  • basic so and no complications at all


  • it has some problems at times of freezing
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The best way to connect with friends and family using Whatsapp on any internet enabled mobile device

By Kim Kiruma

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

Whatsapp being one of the biggest social networking platform came about with its own restrictions where the developers had been unable to create setups that could be used by certain mobile phone versions. With this in mind the developers of Open Whatsapp had to come u with a new chat client application that would enable all the phone versions to enjoy the application usability. The developers were able to create an application that had a non intrusive user interface and the user would be able to maintain anonymity by making his or her presence consoled to other users but still making communication possible. ON the picture mode the application has both landscape and portrait support and the best part is that you can be able to view a contact profile picture both the recent and the previous. The application has all the other features of the normal Whatsapp application but has an extra feature that enables one to monitor the connection status by using the traffic analogy


  • The application has an invisibility feature that shields other contacts from knowing when you online
  • The application has a very simple setup and is free to download


  • This application has none at this point
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for chatting with friends from the past ( Alma Mater) , to send audio and video. Also to share photos! In this fast sophisticated world, Whatsapp application helps a lot as regards sending messages and to make calls at a very cheap rate.

  • Chating with my friends,sisters,brothers,mom nd finding new friends share topics,laughing nd business talk,sending videos,photos iwill enjoy a lot my app.

  • messaging of my daily activities and relating with dearly loved ones regularly so that there can be easy communication between us i hope u understand

  • i am looking forward to speaking to al because they dont have any other way of communicating with anyone bar Whatsappl the charity volunteers i work with

  • to test it for private using and try to check it also observe features of solution and get more information about this open source software.

What similar programs have you used?
  • first time user and i used WhatsApp Messenger last time but it expired so i dicided to try another app that can be better to the previous app

  • i already used the open wapp but need actualization then i stopped using so i want installing the new vision to put it on my lg mobile firebox

  • I already used the openwapp but need actualization then I stopped using. So I want installing the new version to put it on my lg mobile firefox

  • I.m gonna. use it to test sending broadcast of freinds and families for the reason of testing this application in the morning and nigth yo faceboook 2go eskimi utube google

  • i have used so many programs,such as Facebook,2go,twitter,histagram,opera mini,pamchatt,eskimi,gtalk,and so many types of social media network that i cant even remember

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like whatsapp because it easy for chats with friends and family,i also use it to make calls and in sending and recieving pictures,Its realy a faster app.

  • to reach out to the whole world through an easy n fastest means especially my love ones,family members n friends also because its economical bold n clear

  • advertisements and free applications over here are like crazy you know. I had no idea that there were just so many things that you can do with

  • i like it cause is the most easiest way of communication, also very fast in deliverring of message. I sencially appreciate those who has the knowledge to create this media and i say thank to them.

  • yes i am. this is my favourite, another of IMO like to used whats app because easy to used and file transfer like pictures or video small size inckuding phone call


OpenWhatsapp is a chat client that makes use of the Whatsapp service. This free app is aimed to be used in mobile platforms and allows you to communicate with any of your Whatsapp contacts. As in the popular application, it also enables users to chat, create conversation groups as well as share images, music, videos, contacts or even locations. Besides, multimedia sharing cannot only be performed from OpenWhatsapp, but also from other apps with support for this feature.

OpenWhatsapp was created as a response to the fact that Whatsapp was no longer going to give support to certain mobile phones such as Nokia N9. Thanks to the developer’s effort of not leaving those users aside, this application now positions itself as a reliable open source alternative to the widely used instant messaging app Whatsapp. In fact, what makes OpenWhatsapp stand out from the rest of its competitors is the fact that it combines Whatsapp’s common functionalities with new ones, like invisibility and profile picture’s albums.

What makes this mobile application special?

As we mentioned above, the download of OpenWhatsapp includes a couple of outstanding brand new features. Once you install this free application, you will be able to enjoy its ‘invisibility’ tool. This way, your contacts won’t see you online, but you will still be able to receive their messages. This is useful if you don’t want your friends to know if you have read the message and when you have done it.

In addition, the profile picture albums of OpenWhatsapp show you both your friends' current profile photo and the previous ones. Besides that, group conversations’ possibilities have been widened. Apart from creating and joining them, you can update its subject as well as its picture. It uses a ‘traffic light’ code style to represent the connection status of the contacts: green means online, yellow translates into getting connected and red is offline.

OpenWhatsapp Z10 0.9.7 Features

The unique features provided by OpenWhatsapp are the following:

  • Non-intrusive user interface
  • Support both Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Duplex contacts integration with both phone contacts and Whatsapp contacts
  • OpenWhatsapp updates contact names, statuses and profile pictures
  • Group possibilities: you can create, join and update subject or picture
  • Share media: you can send multimedia content either from OpenWhatsapp or externally from another app
  • Invisibility and possibility of hiding your status
  • Profile picture album shows current profile picture and previous ones
  • Traffic light style for connection status: red, yellow and green

If you want to read more information about OpenWhatsapp, you can visit the developer’s site .

System Requirements to download and install

Below you can find the minimum system requirements to download and install the free OpenWhatsapp application on your smartphone:

  • Smartphone: BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and Nokia N9
  • Internet connection


OpenWhatsapp was created to provide access to Whatsapp service to those users that own mobile phones which are not supported by Whatsapp. OpenWhatsapp enables communication with your Whatsapp contacts through individual or group conversations as well as sharing any type of multimedia content, both directly from the application and externally. Moreover, OpenWhatsapp incorporates a couple of brand new features such as invisibility and albums for your contacts’ profile pictures.