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Cyotek WebCopy is a tool which enables users to copy full or partial webs locally onto your hard drive in order to view them offline. This way, this program allows you to work without the need to rely on an Internet connection. How? After scanning and tracking a specific website, Cyotek Webcopy will download its content onto your hard drive. At this point, you won’t have to worry about links to other pages since they will be remapped automatically to match the local path.

With this free software you will be able to create a backup library with the content of your favorite or most visited webs with just a few steps. Moreover, with Cyotek WebCopy you can also apply filters and only get the stuff you desire among the whole content the backup library contains. Since Cyotek WebCopy has a professional style and incorporates a lot of functionalities, this fact may overwhelm some users at first sight. Similarly, its interface also contributes to this, as it is not so friendly or intuitive for beginners.

A backup library built with customizable website downloads

Cyotek WebCopy performs its task through two different types of processes: a normal analysis or a quicker one. With the first one, the program carries out an intensive and deep scan that will take a few minutes. Later you will be provided with a report with links, detected and downloaded files, as well as errors. However, this Cyotek WebCopy faces some problems when it comes to detect content from a website which doesn't have an "index.html" style.

Besides, Cyotek Webcopy allows creating a map with the structure of the web, including categories and subcategories. Furthermore, to filter results, you can use different rules. They will be useful if, for instance, you don’t want to copy a certain section from the site. In case the page you chose is protected, before the system gets to analyze it, you must have set predefined usernames and passwords if you want to continue the process.

Cyotek WebCopy Features

The unique features of this Cyotek WebCopy download are the following:

  • Rules: filters created for controlling the scan behavior, For example, you can exclude a section of the site
  • Reports are provided after every scan, whether it is quick or normal. You can see errors, list of pages, media resources or missing pages, among others
  • Link Map Viewer: once your web has been analyzed, you can view all the internal and external links found on the site
  • Forms and passwords: you can post forms as well as predefine user names and passwords before analyzing a web
  • Highly configurable: there are many settings that can be configured such as domain aliases or default documents, among others
  • Web Diagram: you can view and customize a visual diagram of the site and even export it to an image with Cyotek WebCopy
  • Regular Expressions: built in editor to easily test regular expressions

For reading more information about Cyotek Webcopy, you can visit the developer’s site .

System Requirements

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for Cyotek Webcopy:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • 10MB of free hard disk space


With the free Cyotek WebCopy you will be able to decide which parts of a site want to copy and how. This way, you can download the entire content or set exclusion rules. In addition, you won’t need an Internet connection and will be able to view them offline.

  • Flexible settings
  • Possibility of applying different rules
  • Reports
  • Links viewer
  • Offline viewing
  • Backup library
  • Poor detection of pages that are not “index.html"
  • Interface is not so intuitive