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What do you like most about this program?
  • especially I like very much video editing software, like a Premiere pro, after effects, photoshop, speedgrade, and workspace interfaces. Thank you


Adobe Creative Cloud is a useful online suite developed by Adobe. With this software you will be able to have access to the different apps provided by the company such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, After Effects, Audition or InDesign among others. Moreover, Creative Cloud is much more than a simple suite to download and install Adobe programs. With this suite, you can get access to a whole creative world where you will be able to share your projects with others, follow people or update the apps. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Whether you are looking forward to use InDesign or After Effects, this is the optimal software to find the latest available versions. Access to any Adobe tool you want and take advantage of the continuous updates. Create unique designs with Adobe Photoshop and other applications included, and share them with the world thanks to the incorporation of the creative social network Behance. This cloud is perfect for any creative project since you will be able to design newsletters, brochures or your own website with Adobe Dreamweaver. This upgrade brings several new features that will keep your pc updated with the latest designing tools, although the access to the cloud services requires paying a monthly membership

Feel free to share and create with professional outcomes

Link your Adobe account to Behance and start sharing your projects through this creative social network as you do in other ones like Facebook or Twitter. This way, people can notice you and value your work. Furthermore, you can follow other subscribers, track the comments that they post on your shared Photoshop projects or keep tabs among other possibilities. In addition, if you are not used to work with the variety of apps this suite provides, you can check online video tutorials and the FAQ section on Adobe’s official website. This new version includes several improvements on the tools for photographers as filters and an upgrade in the Camera Raw plugin, something long time requested

Benefit from the several online features included in Adobe Creative Cloud since you will always have access to the latest versions of all the professional Adobe applications. Nevertheless, although the program presents itself as very fast and intuitive, the installation process of the tools is kind of slow, so you better have patience if you want to set up any of the apps. Some users complaint about this new subscription cloud system and the privacy issues resulting of the cloud computing storage. Despite this, most professionals are enthusiasts with this system and have already transitioned to this new workflow. Only Adobe Lightroom is still available standalone out of this cloud computing system. Adobe is currently working on more affordable plans for users who just want to acquire one program and not the whole suite, such as Dreamweaver, InDesign… If your Internet connection fails, or you travel without the chance of connecting your Adobe CC to the Internet, it will continue working offline for a limited period of 30 days

Adobe Creative Cloud Features

Below you will find the outstanding features this software incorporates:

  • Effective in-the-cloud storage that saves space on your local disk
  • Instant and quick access to download Creative apps
  • Capacity to get Edge Tools and other services
  • Possibility to link your account to the social network Behance
  • Share projects directly from the apps
  • Track comments that have been posted on your work
  • Video tutorials provided by experts to enhance your skills
  • Access to a large variety of free trial versions
  • Constant updates and novelties
  • Editable rounded rectangles, easily and highly customizable
  • Improved 3D tools
  • Camera Raw plugin has been significantly improved
  • Real-Time image asset generation
  • Includes 20GB of storage in the cloud
  • Improved relation with tactile pointing devices such as Graphics Tablets
  • Improved camera shake reduction tool

If you want to know more about the characteristic that this tool presents, you can check the developer's website

System requirements

In order to get and use this software, there are some minimum system requirements you can see below:

Processor: Intel Pentium, IV or AMD Athlon 64 bits, 2Ghz or higher

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 or higher


HDD: 2,5 GB free space

Graphic Card with at least 512MB VRAM

1024x768 screen resolution or higher with at least 16bits

Internet connection needed


Adobe Creative Cloud presents itself as a useful tool allowing users to have access to the several Adobe applications that can be used at your earliest conveniences. Moreover, it also works as a social network thanks to its link to Behance, where you can share your projects and check other user’s work. Benefit from its constant updating and join a creative community. This version improves significantly from previous version, Adobe Creative Suite CS6. Although some designers and hobbyists customers may be upset by this new cloud-based and subscription-based system, they will soon get used to these upgrades

  • Quick access to download apps
  • It is constantly updating itself
  • Join a social community with Behance
  • Benefit from video tutorials
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Installation process is a bit slow
  • Requires Internet connection
  • Subscription-based system
  • You may lose access to files saved in proprietary files formats at the end of your membership