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FTPDirect 1.35.552.590

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FTPDirect is a FTP client used to sync more than one directory, both local and remote. With FTPDirect your work with web databases will be easier, since it synchronizes your files even remotely. You can work with your website files and do all the updates and changes that you need on MySQL and FTPDirect will synchronize all the changes since it adapts to FTP servers perfectly.

Furthermore, all the changes this software makes are stored in the Sync-Logs folder, so you can check, overwrite or undo them. Although it is just available in Deutsch and English, the English version has been recently improved. One of FTPDirect's main problems is that new users may find it a bit complicated, but its intuitive interface makes this FTP client very user friendly. It also includes a built-in editor to work with HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code.

How to synchronize your database

FTPDirect is especially interesting for teamwork. You can work on the database and later your supervisor can apply the changes pushing one button in case you need someone to check and approve your changes. FTPDirect can also synchronize your files one-sidedly or two-sidedly, depending on what you need.

Once you have updated your database with the last changes, you can preview them before updating your web. You can also edit your files remotely with FTPDirect without having to do the whole process (to download, edit and upload files again with every change). When you are working on a website with FTPDirect, you have loads of files and it can be difficult to remind the location of every one. With FTPDirect bookmarks option, you can save the location of your most important documents and you can also save them in a folder of your local disc.

FTPDirect 1.35.552.590 Features

Below you will find some of the main features of this auto synchronizer:

  • Remote updates
  • FTPDirect Supports FTP Proxy servers
  • Allows you to create backup copies from your server to your local disc
  • Makes a backup of every overwritten on deleted file
  • FTPDirect Auto synchronizes your databases
  • Updates your databases both one-sidedly or two-sidedly

If you need more information about this remote synchronizer software feel free to visit the .

System requirements

Before you download this software you have to bear in mind the minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher, Windows Server 2003 or higher
  • Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
  • RAM Memory: 512MB
  • File Size: 6.57MB
  • You will also need NET Framework 3.5


FTPDirect is a remote database manager that auto synchronizes your databases. It also allows you to edit your files online, speeding the editing process. One of the most outstanding features of this free trial of FTPDirect is that it works perfectly with most FTP servers and it supports safe file transferring protocols such as SFTP. FTPDirect can be very intuitive and user friendly for novice users thanks to its multiple and helpful options, as the bookmarks.

  • FTPDirect allows users to edit their files online
  • Creates backup of all your files automatically
  • Supports secure transfer protocols
  • Intuitive interface
  • Website preview before updating changes
  • Not suitable for all users