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In the middle of the Mediterranean, the cruise ship Queen Zenobia hiding something more dramatic twists, tension and scares the old

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, August 10, 2015

Does not disappoint, surprise. Not decay, it is increasing. No repeats, mix. Careful work in virtually all aspects who knows how to hook both the fan and the newcomer to the veteran and successful brand. Only some areas of difficulty that has left too simple and small failures tarnished remarkable argument outstanding work and very durable, designed to be traveled more than once and be remembered as an important chapter of the franchise. No sign of revelations or determinants to past deliveries mentions, here a completely new story that just makes timid nods to the central storyline is exposed. Jill and Chris kept his charisma and face one of the best best frames counted in a Resident Evil. The dark and mysterious atmosphere of the cruise, new mutations T-Abyss virus and constant sense of danger and loss manage the identity of the saga remains of relief. There scares, puzzles and shortages of ammunition, though perhaps fewer than we would have liked. And on the action, Revelations is an outstanding shooter. Fast, intense and well basted, the cartridge is offering for all audiences. The Assault mode, added a magnificent and deep enough and generous with extras like to invite you to explore, it is the epitome of the moments of shooting, tremendous cooperative.


  • New mode of difficulty and randomness for Assault, Inferno.
  • closest approach to the classic survival horror


  • Slight connection with the classic story. No zombies Traditional




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to make fun of it .. thats my hobby as a programmer .. so im telling you the thruth ok.. so please let me in with your application now

  • for playing and spending some time that should be used for something constructive rather. nevertheless just give it to me now.comeon now yes.

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like it because almost all of the games are given for free and it is trustable in the internet i wish that this will still continue thank u


Resident Evil Revelations is the latest addition to the famous survival horror franchise developed by Capcom. Survive the horrors gathered inside the Queen Zenobia. The game lands now on your PC after being a big success in Nintendo 3DS. Join forces with Jill Valentine and also Chris Redfield, along your new mates Jessica Sherawat and Parker Luciani. Fight for your life in Resident Evil Revelations while discovering the truth behind the unfortunate events that occurred in the disappeared city of Terragrigia. Enjoy a complex and interesting plot while you learn more about the terrorist group Veltro, the FBC and the role played by the BSAA, your own organization.

With a renovated gameplay, a beautiful yet intriguing soundtrack, an interesting backstory and an innovative division in different chapters, this new Resident Evil title presents itself as an entertaining and quality addition to the franchise. The story sets us a year after the end of Terragrigia, destroyed because of a biohazard outbreak. After losing contact with Chris and Jessica, Jill and Parker decide to look for them. They end up in an abandoned ship, the Queen Zenobia, where they will find horrifying B.O.W.s created by the T-Abyss virus.

A midpoint between action and survival

For years, fans of the franchise have asked for a new gameplay which would combine the new action elements of the latest games while keeping the essence of the first Resident Evil titles. And it has finally arrived. Fight against dangerous enemies with useful weapons but, at the same time, run, hide, and manage your limited number of bullets. You will have to use diverse elements from the environment to help you survive one more minute in the Queen Zenobia.

Download this videogame and relive the nostalgia of survival horror inside the ship with Jill and Parker. Check the locations looking for ammo, health plants or keys and resolve puzzles so you can get to the next room. Nevertheless, you will still find lots of action events where you will benefit from the large arsenal that is put at your disposal, especially when controlling Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat.

Resident Evil Revelations Features

Below you will find the unique features that this survival game, Resident Evil Revelations, introduces:

  • Complex storyline and interesting plot twists
  • Use of Genesis, a brand new tool in the franchise to detect items
  • Renovated graphics and HD effects
  • Innovative gameplay that combines action and survival
  • New abilities, weapons and playable characters in Resident Evil Revelations
  • Play as Hunk once you complete the game
  • Raid Mode available for testing your combat skills
  • Cooperative mode included
  • Integrates an online multiplayer mode
  • Free demo to download

If you want to know more about this Resident Evil game, you may want to sneak a peek at the .

System Requirements to download the free demo

If you are thinking about trying this game, you should check the list of minimum system requirements to download and play the free demo:

  • Processor: 2.4 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: at least 8 GB to play Resident Evil Revelations
  • DirectX: DX 9