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Microsoft Lync Server 2013

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • conference with my friends, business partners,family .and friends ,wife ,children,any many manay more people far away from me,not in singapore

  • personal use for chatting with my husband a he is in US and will come back after 2 years so this is the best way to stay in touch with him..

  • to improve communication within my organization. I already have a key and just need the executable to install and configure. I should be good after that

  • i need to connect with my colleagues over the conference call for official meeting and discussions, which are important and it is easiest way

  • Evaluation of the software and also for development purposes. Its either this or an upgrade to skype for business is necessary. That is all really.

What similar programs have you used?
  • cisco UM and jabber but not in a complex environment and not using the phone features. Too long too explain it iin this stupis special place

  • I have been using standalone skype for communication with my family outside Canada for almost more than fourteen years. I also used it within my previous work

  • we do not use any but want to try some communication tools for our office with video and chat so that employee can communicate each others..

  • i used before so many tools for instant messaging such say spark , vypress chat but if we talk about an organization envoirnment then lync is a tool we required. skype is also help full for that.

  • first time using such a program. we are tying to install lync for meeting to be used with polcycom and hop will work fine. we need to setup .

What do you like most about this program?
  • video chat and calling from anywhere any system and what else do i say. all i want is to download it quick you badass. also it is everytime sho

  • i would like to install for have better understanding and training purpose because i be leave in the future lync will be the most powerful software in the telecommunication world

  • Fast download and correct application i find every time. and one of the best side for software development and i will refer to my friends to vv

  • the program is more convenient and faster that using an email inbox to communicate. it can be connected to receive inbox via the phone as we

  • conferencing and instant messaging. It's good and easy to use for all corporate users. It's integration with microsoft office suite makes go


Microsoft Lync Server 2013 is the software any enterprise needs to be always connected. What this office tool provides is a way of communication which integrates the usual Instant Messaging system within its protocol. Focused for enterprises, it requires an average server to make it run properly. What it has to offer is corporative communication, available information in your server and also a simple way of establishing a messaging service.

It’s a new way to understand the office suite, accessible from the Internet wherever you are, with instant tools and always reachable information. Its compatibility with Web applications makes it pretty useful for being used as new way of working demands. Now, with free HTML-5 compatible browsers, you can share powerful applications within your server. That aside, it works greatly with new touch based systems, providing also a multiplatform experience of its tools and possibilities.

Connect your company, connect your people

The usual tools for communicating with your people can’t offer the corporative features that this communicating tool possesses. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and a device to download it, no matter if it is a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer as long as it has an Operating System. Since it can be accessed from your browser, the communicative features will be available right away.

You can access to your corporative mail, download content created by your partners, and have instant information of the last meetings. The information is always saved in Microsoft Lync Server 2013, so you will be free of worries. When you download it, it includes OneNote which makes possible to take notes of your online meetings to not forget the important things.

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 is also compatible with Skype and it is also accessible from its Web based service. It proposes the HD video as a basic way of doing video conferences, and the high quality of its communication protocol is something that makes this office tool pretty recommendable for all kind of enterprises. The way it works also makes it easy for any good IT team and assures you a good mail service. Have your important information always ready to be checked.

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Features

Take a look at all the different functions and features Microsoft Lync Server 2013 can offer:

  • Single and unified communication tool for everyone
  • Access from the Web APP to get instant information whenever you are
  • Compatible with mobile devices no matter which operating system they have installed
  • Cross-platform conference possibilities with your partners
  • Different ways of communication: through sent video in HD, audio, Instant messages…
  • OneNote Share that allows having immediately new content
  • Permanent online information of your mail inbox, messages or meeting contents
  • Compatibility with Skype
  • Active Monitoring for administrators

In case you need more information about its protocol you can check the .

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for this server software that your equipment must meet in order to make it run:

  • CPU: 2GHz dual processor 64-bit Quad-core or higher
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 4 or more drives at 10,000 RPM with 72 GB free space