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Grand Theft Auto Online

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cusomize your avatar in all means possbile even going to a clothing store

By John Joe

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This game is played online so you will need to be connected to the internet so as to play this game which I found to be a little challenge for someone like me because it is not all the time that I have internet so as to access my computer.The game has various levels and as the user you will need to complete this missions so as to proceed to the next level and you earn cash from this which you can use to customize your avatar to what you want even you can change its clothes so that it can stay how you want to look like.Gta offers two kinds of modes that is the sinlge player mode and the multiplayer modw which you can go online and play with other players up to sixteen people.


A user can customize their avatar.

A multi player game mode is available up to 16 players


I enjoyed the game a lot


  • the characeters in the game can be customized
  • it helped me to get me good gaming skills


  • the graphics are not that all



My personal experience about GTA ONLINE: This perfect version of Los Santos

By Iuhasz Raymond

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When I think about Los Santos I think about people who do whatever they want, and that's what happens in GTA ONLINE. When you are playing GTA ONLINE you realize that chaos is on the streets, people shotting each other and steal gas statios and shops with they brand new cars or stolen.

You also can compete in street races with your modificated car and prove that you are the best. If you aren't a street racer you can create your own original races. GTA is also well know for the guns,you can play deathmach, capture the flag and anothers originals ways to play a shooter. The best part is that you can do your own big robberys with your friends and get rich by the easy way, the "jobs" are really funny and well paid.

Rockstar has done a great job focusing GTA ONLINE on the robberys and reward you for doing it well with extra money.


  • Your own and original costumized character.
  • Do whatever you want. FREEDOM
  • Your computer can run it.


  • You can frustrated when people leaves roberrys.
  • Rockstar problems with a lot of people in the same sesion.



GTA ONLINE: Redifing the meaning of "Multiplayer" in a very massive scale

By Carlos Fernandez

On Friday, February 13, 2015

I really liked GTA V, at first I thought that GTA: Online would be the classic GTA, kill players get money, be happy... But Rockstar Games Offered more, ALOT more. They totally nailed the Online version on the Grand Theft Auto, the fact that you could buy your own personal vehicle and properties are great but what stuns me the most is that is allows to interact with other players in many ways and with tons of activities to do with them. Aside from missions, you can you with your friends and explore the corners of Los Santos, or the depths of the Pacific Ocean, or the blue skies of San Andreas, you and your friends can have fun in many ways, you can team up with crews and fight other crews, you can do races with each other or with other players, play darts, arm wrestling, and a lot more. You can show off your custom vehicles or have a ride with friends and cruise the roads of the city. This is exactly how you define "Multiplayer"


  • Tons of stuff to do in the city
  • alot of missions and side missions
  • many possibilities for players to do
  • Money has alot of use in the game


  • Disconnection issues when there are many players




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use this program to play GTA:Online for free. In my current country software laws don not prohibit my playing a free downloaded game.

  • to have fun and my friends play it and it just the way we people live pluse i think if you didnt make the game for a reson we wouldnt be herre

  • to interact with freinds and play gta 5 because it is so much funner than any oyher game in the world has ever created i love this game s much

  • Having fun and wasting a lot of time on my pc,,,jeesus what else am i meant to write about this this is a ctazy way to download somethingdfff

  • play race hijac cars steel shoot kill die colormy cars beat mishon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 m22 23 24 25 26 27 28

What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing for the moment but i really want to buy one of those games in PHP NUKE because I found that very awsome and cool. I hope I can dowloade

  • none i have never used anthing like it because i recently brought a brand new laptop which is jet black , works like a charm and is totally awsome

  • i have no answer because i have played GTA 5 on my exbox 360 bout 2 weeks ago but my little sister cracked it and this is all i could find online till my parents will buy me another.

  • i never use a similar program becase i don't like them , but grand theft auto online is funny and makes you feel so happy. I must download it.

  • grand theft auto online die jupping ben 10 tom cat you download is always available racegames speed x mod samsung download the cat and moseq

What do you like most about this program?
  • what i like most about this program is the people and the gaming choices. Also , that you can download paid games for free! definitely be coming back.

  • i want to make clip on youtube it ok game it can roleplay or crazy all chracter and have many mission in game and very beautiful graphic thanks

  • This game has the power to enjoys a what a graphics i can't find any of wrong thisns in this this is superb alife without having move from one place

  • Super yes because its really amazing and i love that game i want to have it on my computer so i can play it we love Grand theft auto online

  • its visual effects,the place which is derived from the word los angeles is very beautiful the houses and mantions and secrete sites to visit are incredible


Grand Theft Auto Online game is a new release of the GTA series which shares the gameplay features and mechanics presented in Grand Theft Auto V. In this new edition, it brings once again the fundamental concepts which make this series popular in its genre: complete freedom and mission-based gameplay. However, it amplifies the GTA experience thanks to its multiplayer mode, which offers support for 16 players. This way, you will have the opportunity to explore the online world by your own or work cooperatively with your friends to complete missions.

In addition, one of the good things about the download of this game is that it gives players a wide range of possibilities that will enhance the realism of this detailed and responsive online world. This way, if you play Grand Theft Auto Online you will be able to customize the appearance of both your character and car, to purchase personal properties like weapons or clothes and take part in different missions to earn money and reputation.

Amplified GTA experience

It is important to mention that this new edition of the GTA series is free. However, if you want to play Grand Theft Auto Online, you will need to have previously installed GTA 5 in your PC. Despite the developer, Rockstar Games, considers GTA Online “a different entity and a separate thing” to GTA 5, both games share similar content.

For instance, it features the same engine as GTA 5, but also presents separate characters from the three protagonists in the single player game: Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Besides that, the action takes place in the fictitious city of Los Santos and the world of GTA Online is set before the events of GTA V.

As we mentioned above, Grand Theft Auto Online stands out for its great level of customization. For example, there are several clothing stores and hairdressers you can visit to customize your avatar. Once you start earning reputation and cash by carrying out different missions and activities, you will be able to upgrade your home and vehicle. This way, you will be able to own up to ten cars but only one house.

Regarding missions, these are designed for a specific number of players so you can choose one in which you only need one more player or another in which the 16 players are necessary. Besides, it features player generated content thanks to which you will be able to create your own competitions. For example, you can challenge your friends with sports and activities such as sea scooters or car racing. All activities you carry out will be useful in order to develop skills that will help you in future missions.

Grand Theft Auto Online Features

The unique features of this download are the following:

  • Online world
  • Multiplayer mode available for 16 players
  • Highly customizable: you can invest money in your character, vehicles or personal property
  • A lot of player generated content
  • You can carry out missions or activities by yourself or with other players
  • Sports to develop new skills
  • Share gameplay features and mechanics with GTA V
  • Over 700 missions

If you want to find more information about this software, feel free to visit the developer’s site .

System requirements to download and play

The minimum system requirements to start playing the new edition of the GTA series on your PC are listed below:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5400+
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 340 / AMD Radeon HD 3800 series
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB of free hard disk space
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Graphic card compatible with DirectX 10