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Strategy game series that has remained hooked millions of players around the world for years

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, July 13, 2015

Civilization IV is, for good or bad, a Civilization that is near in style to the masterpiece that is the Alpha Centauri, which could be called Civilization and space for my taste is the best name of 'Sid Meier'. It is a turn-based strategy game where you have to lead a legendary civilization throughout its history, doing their best to survive and prosper in economy, science, culture, religion, society and army.

This is the best Civ all (at the date of its release) only to Alpha Centauri (if it is not a Civilization is like family), although it must be said that it is more difficult to create a game based on zero, as happened with the first delivery, which from a job done and add the appropriate improvements to achieve a great game as it is now with the fourth chapter.

That is, it is a great strategy game, he will appeal to the most fanatical followers of Sid Meier and those who come for the first time turn-based strategy, but things like this game innovates much as they have Indeed Quake IV, Doom 3 or Age of Empires III (to give three examples of games widely criticized for the creative side), improved game mechanics and, presumably, in the graphs. As a game, grand, as a contribution to the strategy, no longer do anything previous. Of course, I am not able to stop playing, dammit.


  • Interesting appearance of culture and religion
  • The soundtrack is very good


  • The "Inteligencia artificial" very unwise




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will play whit this programme becaus its a game for personnal computeur, and it whill be fun if i don't have to wait one days of download.


Civilization IV is a PC strategy game which is the fourth installment of the acclaimed Civilization series. As other similar games, it will allow you to build and expand your own empire as well as becoming an influential leader. However, Civilization IV comes with outstanding features to manage, build and expand your civilizations.

Released in 2005, it was critically acclaimed by both fans and gaming websites around the world. For instance, IGN awarded Civilization IV as the PC Game of the Year in 2005 and GameSpot chose it as the Best PC Game of 2005. Besides that, this software won Strategy Game of the Year at the ninth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. In addition, the theme Beba Yetu won the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist at the Grammy Awards in 2010.

More civilizations, weapons and units

As other similar games, Civilization IV allows players to defeat their enemies through battles, weapons and vast armies. However, dominance can be also achieved through diplomatic relations with religious or cultural alliances. In addition, the player will be encouraged to use the geography or terrain features, develop infrastructure and achieve leadership through scientific and cultural progress.

In this new edition, Civilization IV integrates more civilizations, units and weapons. For instance, while playing Civilization IV, you can choose one of the 18 nations that the game provides and take advantage of a massive arsenal of weapons. This way, you will be able to use catapults, modern tanks, submarines, frigates, helicopters or even nuclear weapons, among others depending in which age you are.

On the other hand, one of the good things about the download of Civilization IV is that it offers players a great control over their empire as well as a huge contrast between different civilizations and leaders. Each of them has its own characteristics and you will have to be careful in order to choose the right leader for your campaign. For instance, some of them are reasonably peaceful while others are conquerors and are eager to expand rapidly.

Civilization IV Features

The unique features of Civilization IV are listed below:

  • More civilizations and units to make your empire even bigger
  • Multiplayer modes: you are free to compete and cooperate with other gamers
  • Team player: you can set alliances to deliver new tactical options such as those related to shared territory or visibility, among others
  • Tech tree: you will be able to make more strategic choices to develop your civilizations along new paths
  • Living 3D world with animated units and customizable armies
  • Optimized map editor with Python and XML support
  • Choose the right leader: civilizations have several leaders with different character traits
  • Great People points: they can be earned when you use specialists like the engineer, scientist, tycoon, artist or prophet
  • 7 religions can be unlocked
  • Promotions: you can gain bonuses to attack, defend and improve your movement or sight, among others

For further information about this download, feel free to visit the official website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this strategy game are the following:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 1.7 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 2, 64MB / Radeon 7500 64MB or higher
  • Graphic card compatible with DirectX 9