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Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3

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A Program that Provides Better Improvements and Useful New features

By Daren Garius

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I believe Adobe After Effects CC is a tremendous update for AE users especially it now comes with Cinema 4D Lite. With C4DL, you can create new shapes, tweak resources and lights on pre-created C4d scenes. Though I find this program quite difficult particularly for new users, my advice is take your time to learn this program. Once you understand everything, you will notice that most of its functions are somewhat straightforward, and it is created to make your work faster. For professional AE users, do not worry, everything is still in the right place so you will not get any trouble with this update. Moreover, there are new features that for me are very worth it like Refine Edge tool which I believe it was part of the few versions of Photoshop. Nonetheless, with this tool you can now rapidly trace out those problematic spots in your Rotobrush work. All in all, Adobe After Effects CC is must have upgrade especially for those who are working in 3D. It has faster workflow and lots of features that can help you in your work.


  • It has a faster workflow
  • Lots of new features available


  • It is a bit expensive
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Features App-to-App Connectivity and Interoperability, Improved Performance, and Typekit Support

By Sam James

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Officially the 13th version of Adobe’s motion graphics giant is the After Effects CC 2014. As part of their subscription, subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service already got access to the updated version. Alongside the new iteration of After Effects, subscribers can also install 2014 versions of Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign amongst others. Now, what’s new? The main focus on this version isn’t certainly on the onslaught of new headline features, even though there are new additions to the new After Effects. There are a number of really nice new snippets, but more prominently, Adobe concentrated on improving the app’s performance coupled with interoperability with other Adobe apps. On the other hand, Web Fonts support, direct integration with Adobe Kuler, and the ability to edit texts inside Premiere on After Effects projects are major advantages. It also features a better media browser, a new external monitor playback system, and Premiere’s portable masks.


  • Applies advanced enhancements to low quality videos
  • High level of interoperability with other Adobe apps


  • Requires subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud
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Create SFX and motion graphics with ease using this powerful tool

By Ellie Teller

On Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is the last version of the most used digital composing program out there. The best thing about it it’s the versatility of its tools, that allow you to use it for different purposes. You can create cinematic effects such as explosions, blood or even import OBJs from 3D programs like Cinema 4 D or Autodesk Maya and then compose these models into a scene.

You can also use After Effects for minor effects such as eliminating backgrounds, color correction and chroma key effects to give your product a professional look after all the post production work is done. But the coolest thing you can do using this program is to create motion graphics. After Effects uses a keyframe-based animation system that allows you for total control of all parameters. Using this you can easily animate text and even shapes created inside the program to create cartoon style videos.


  • Loads of tools for many purposes
  • It allows OBJ files from 3D programs


  • Rendering times can be a pain, but that’s a common problem for the industry
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am a student so i will use it for learning purpose. i just want to learn video editing and make on own videos to impress my friends and family.

  • for my vlog editing i want to be a youtuber thats why i need this software so that i can edit many stuff on my content and it may improve myslef for a better future

  • Im need this program to making school project, Im inThailand and im a student of Stamfrod Internetional University , Hua Hin campus < please

  • i am going to use this program for my video editing for youtube, leisure, school work and making my editings look better, neater and more flowing

  • student and educational research purposes, additionally because adobe software is among the best and most trusted in the world so that is another reason

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used sony vegas, adobe photoshop cs5, cs6, battlefield,blender, cinema 4d, anime creator, lightroom, premier pro, skype chrome,grand theft auto

  • ntegrates the latest in 2D and 3D animation technology from Adobe. This new version of After Effects integrates improvements and features that unlock new possibilities for animators and film professionals including

  • Adobe Photoshop, iMovie and other programs with adove this is so cool i like it but actually i dont have money to buy something so this is a great page

  • The industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects toolset now brings you better ways to work, connecting your desktop and mobile apps with all your creative assets, so you can create your most stunning visuals yet.

  • nthing just adobe photoshto but i want to use it and ceck ow can i work with video and if that simmler to photoshopt or not its is only just test

What do you like most about this program?
  • its a good product for use.i am intresting to downloading this soft ware as a trail version please provide this software link below.its worthfull to me

  • The effects that I use to complete my work, transitions and I enjoy how peoples can communicate using a different way to express by a modern program

  • effects the easy approach functions adn any maore feartures like editing every piec of footage optons to choose different model of colors and more

  • your answer is best for the camera you are to sweet and nice person and i want to meet with some person who learn photography like someone s

  • I think I like all about this program, because it´s very usefull for editing videos for the school and for companies that are professional in thos


Adobe After Effects is a post-production tool developed by Adobe which enables users to compose special effects for their videos and clips in order to obtain a professional result. If you have ever wanted to create or modify videos with high-quality effects, as professionals do with a film, then this download is what you have been looking for. This sophisticated software can also be used as a media transcoder or a simple non-linear editing program, although there are other especially designed options for that task, like Adobe Premiere.

This version keeps the best things from previous ones and also offers some improvements and new tools such as the Mask Tracker (your new best friend for rotoscopy works), the warp stabilizer and one of the most outstanding new features: CINEMA 4D Lite, with which the user will be free to compose CINEMA 4D files within After Effects. This means a huge advantage, since you will be free to mix some 3D objects with your regular compositions without any intermediate multipass render.

Adjust the compositions settings
Adjust the compositions settings

How to use

Using Adobe After Effects may seem a bit difficult at first. It has many customizable global parameters and some templates, effects and filters that also have parameters inside them. Nevertheless, the interface is clean, and the areas are well differentiated. You will find a timeline, a preview area and a toolbar which contains almost every setting. In addition, you can enable some additional tools such as the wiggler or the tracker, which have separate modules. However, if you used the previous version and you cannot find a tool you have used in the new version, you can change the interface in preferences and restore the one you had in CS5.5.

Almost every parameter can be animated with this software

Its workflow is layer based, which means that you can modify the transfer mode in which one layer affects others below it. The transfer mode refers to the way that pixels are transferred to other layers' pixels. There are several ways in which this can be done, like multiplying or Soft Light. Moreover, you can link a specific parameter existing in one layer to another, so the "parent" directly affects the “child”.

Almost every parameter can be animated with this software. You can do this by using keyframes; these are specific frames which have been configured to initiate a change in a parameter’s value, while keyframe will define the final value for that parameter some seconds later. Animating requires patience, but results are rewarding when you do it correctly.

Although Adobe After Effects includes a vast array of effects, templates and filters to enhance your footage, you can download and install plugins to increase your options. These plugins offer additional effects for a variety of purposes including color correction to particular systems. You can also install additional scripts, which are handy shortcuts for your work. For instance, a script can contain some formulas to modify the way a parameter works.

The new mask tracker will save you hours, since you can track the whole shape when you draw a Bezier mask, so you don’t have to edit it frame-by-frame for rotoscopy works. The warp stabilizer allows you to stabilize motion blur for a specific object in your composition, but bear in mind that this is not the panacea for blurred shots. You will need some conditions such as clarity and a minimum quality for it to work properly.

One of the best things about this program is that it is fully compatible with other Adobe applications. You will be able to import and export different files from Photoshop or Illustrator and the software will automatically place the layers the same way you left them, making your workload easier.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 Features

Here you can see some of the features of Adobe After Effects:

  • Global Performance Cache: now you can create more content in less time, even when working with High-Resolution projects
  • Enhanced Acceleration: you can use multiple processors and support for Nvidia cards, including OptiX for ray-traced renderer. Note that this program is a 64-bit application, so it will use all the RAM your system allows
  • Templates, effects and plugins: the program includes CINEMA 4D Lite, Keylight, mocha, Color Finesse and Cycore FX with loads of creative effects
  • Expression and scripting: control every parameter in your timeline to coordinate any animation. Create scripts to automate some functions
  • Media Browser: Easily browse, open and compose any video format you desire

If you need some more information about Adobe After Effects before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly install and use Adobe After Effects are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/ AMD Phenom II
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB or above
  • Video Card: card with at least 1 GB VRAM for GPU acceleration
  • QuickTime required for QuickTime functions