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LimeWire 5.5.16

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to find software that i have paid for ,but has gotten deleted from my system . wow like sat tony hawk s digital blue software and some others

  • I want to use the Limewire 5.5.16 program for downloading free music and movie foe personal use in private company at home thank you soo muchs

  • To choose some songs or melody for my personal movie maker videos and sometimes listen what new songs there are.I used to search some music years ago with this program.

  • listening pleasure only. music has and still does help through all of life's little mishaps. i have absoultely no intentions of misuse of this program

  • just listening to music at home and saving it on my computer to listen to and only personal use will this be used not shared with anyone else

What similar programs have you used?
  • frostwire limewire a long time ago i tried bit torrent but i didnt like it so now im back looking for something as good as limewire use to be

  • bittorrent and i dont know any other ones this is the first time im using this kind of software only to download a special movie wich i like

  • i have always used frostwire and woukd like to try tsomthing different i have heard of limewire but never tried hoping this will be a better expirience

  • i have never used any program of these to download files from youtube with my iMac computer because i haven' had that necessity. however now i want to try

  • frostwire andbear which were pretty cood but did not compare to the selection and variety of music that could be listened to repeatedly plaYED

What do you like most about this program?
  • it takes for me to download my favorite music from the different music artist. the program is accessible to any computer and also compatible

  • ive used it back in california and it always worked great thats why i would like to down load it once again so i can listen to all my favorites

  • downloading of all over the world shared data it is very usefull for all type of users i really like it and also recmendeed to all my friends

  • the fast finding songs and its also fast and the best part is whatever you're looking for are always online, better yet theyre free from virus

  • international movies and every thing is verey easy to download as the movie size verey fast downloader in computer or in pc soo i like that porgram

LimeWire is a P2P program that allows you to share your files with any person you want. This way the files you have there will be available to download by anyone, in case you want, with this free service.

LimeWire stands out for running on any computer that has within Java Virtual Machine. It’s quite useful just for being an alternative to the conventional file sharing software and it’s pretty much used because of its speed, which is 250 times faster than the one found in other similar programs.

What people worries about when they are downloading files from Internet is the lack of quality. With LimeWire you will keep the high quality of your files.

Other alternatives

There are several similar programs to LimeWire. For example, uTorrent which is another file sharing platform which have a great community of users and that enables you to download different archives at the same time. FrostWire is also a good alternative, which has a great speed connectivity, a customizable interface and a media library, among others.

LimeWire 5.5.16 Features

The unique features of this software are listed below:

  • It is written in the Java programming language
  • DAA protocol to allow the file sharing
  • Search option classified by genre, artist, name, etc.
  • Multiple downloads
  • Chat client included


LimeWire is a fast P2P platform in which you can download several files of any kind, keeping its quality and several times faster than other ones.

Please note: LimeWire is no longer available. In the section “other alternatives” you have similar programs, like FrostWire or uTorrent.

  • Quite faster
  • Intuitive
  • Easy-to-use
  • It’s no longer available