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LimeWire 5.5.16

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to download free p2p music on my home conputor and listern to them in my car when driving but i dont want to break any laws which might be in force

  • download music on my memory stick, then I can listen my favorite songs in car when I'm driving, to not get boring from listening radio programs

  • downloads for personal and private uses, not sure why you require an excessively long explanation of use before the individual can even experience how the program works.

  • because i like t listen to music all day i believe thats a very good reason to get this program on my computer whe i am boring and at all the times

  • just for my own use on stereo at home. I like using this program and I lost all the music I had before cause the computer crashed. So I have tostart over

What similar programs have you used?
  • none i havent ever downloaded musihank you so much c i am not sure how this site works but i hope it is free andi canget ome free music before

  • i havent used any of them i have although tried frostwire but was very unhappy with the results that it was giving me. and i love the fact of being able to do music

  • frostwire andbear which were pretty cood but did not compare to the selection and variety of music that could be listened to repeatedly plaYED

  • i have used frostwire and monkey but have always found that limewire before it was taken off ithought it was the best programe to get music from

  • i have always used frostwire and woukd like to try tsomthing different i have heard of limewire but never tried hoping this will be a better expirience

What do you like most about this program?
  • free downloads and fresh bangers m usice and video's are really cool and fun and exciting to watch i think its the best software evere thank you

  • it takes for me to download my favorite music from the different music artist. the program is accessible to any computer and also compatible

  • Fast downloading, good versions, easier to transfer to any of my devises so I can have my background music for the day. No viruses or spyware.

  • Free and fast, can find almost everything I've ever looked for and free of viruses which is always a bonus. Many people use it so much to select from.

  • Limewire is so easy to use, has a good choice of music. I'm not real keen with these new wave mp3, smartphone, and all of the other cool little gadgets. I sure am glad its back!!

LimeWire is a P2P program that allows you to share your files with any person you want. This way the files you have there will be available to download by anyone, in case you want, with this free service.

LimeWire stands out for running on any computer that has within Java Virtual Machine. It’s quite useful just for being an alternative to the conventional file sharing software and it’s pretty much used because of its speed, which is 250 times faster than the one found in other similar programs.

What people worries about when they are downloading files from Internet is the lack of quality. With LimeWire you will keep the high quality of your files.

Other alternatives

There are several similar programs to LimeWire. For example, uTorrent which is another file sharing platform which have a great community of users and that enables you to download different archives at the same time. FrostWire is also a good alternative, which has a great speed connectivity, a customizable interface and a media library, among others.

LimeWire 5.5.16 Features

The unique features of this software are listed below:

  • It is written in the Java programming language
  • DAA protocol to allow the file sharing
  • Search option classified by genre, artist, name, etc.
  • Multiple downloads
  • Chat client included


LimeWire is a fast P2P platform in which you can download several files of any kind, keeping its quality and several times faster than other ones.

Please note: LimeWire is no longer available. In the section “other alternatives” you have similar programs, like FrostWire or uTorrent.

  • Quite faster
  • Intuitive
  • Easy-to-use
  • It’s no longer available