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Stronghold is a strategy game that lets you lead a kingdom

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Stronghold is a strategy game. It is realistic and the storyline is compelling . The gameplay is real-time and it he setting is in the 11th century of England. Stronghold offers different game modes to choose from. You may play multiplayer and interact with human/AI opponents. What I enjoy most in this game is one can create and design their own castles. I find it really creative that they have different accessory materials for construction. Once you are done with your castle you will then have to train your army because your victory depends on the skills of your soldiers. They are the ones in charge to protect your kingdom. The more victories you gain, the more supplies you will get and that will enlarge your territory. You are the commander of your kingdom therefore you have to make sure you acquire sufficient resources and attend the needs of your people, both your army and your residents. If you do not like playing missions, Stronghold has free build game mode in which you can create and modify your own castle without having to finish missions.


  • You can create and design your own castle
  • Train and lead your people to ensure victory
  • Create new maps depending on how you want it


  • The graphics are no longer in fashion



A Classic RTS Game That Needs Critical Thinking to Win a Battle

By Sam James

On Monday, July 13, 2015

If you are a real-time strategy enthusiast, then you should try Stronghold. Although, I think this game is a bit old since it was released a number of years ago, I still find this game very enjoyable, and its gameplay is not that boring. It has different types of game modes and campaigns that make this game more interesting and exciting. In this game, your focus is to conquer your enemies, but before you make a move, you need to have sufficient resources first and expand your armies, so you will have enough units to fight. Most importantly, you need to have a deep strategy to defeat your enemies. For me, the graphics are not that striking anymore because we all know that there are new RTS games out there that have a better graphics than this one, but gameplay-wise, it is undoubtedly one of the finest RTS that I have ever played. Overall, Stronghold is a classic real-time strategy game that never gets old. You just keep coming back and play this game more.


  • It has different game modes and campaign
  • Its gameplay is easy to learn


  • Its graphics is a bit outdated



Manage and protect your territory as you go back to medieval times

By Daren Garius

On Friday, August 22, 2014

I am fond of real-time strategy games because of the freedom it gives its players. You build a town or manage a territory with the goal of protecting it from your enemies. It is more exciting when you get to defeat or hold off your adversaries using your well-thought strategy. These are some of the points I considered when I chose to play Stronghold. Personally, I prefer building my town and castle rather than repairing an existing one. I find chopping trees, making weapons and mining interesting and fun. Also, there are plenty of weapons to choose from which is great. You just need to adjust your troops during the game depending on how your enemies strategize on attacking your caste. On the other hand, constructing walls is another thing. It is quite annoying. It is mainly because of the isometric view that gives you the difficulty of seeing the gaps in your work. This will pose a big problem since the enemies can easily enter your territory and cause major havoc. Overall, Stronghold is a pretty neat game that I think everyone will enjoy.


  • Pretty neat sound and graphics
  • Choose from different campaigns and game types


  • Certain buildings are not available for some missions




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Personal use of the game for enterteinment purposes. As the original which i bought does no longer work on win 10 I feel justified to having this game.

  • Destressing while I am not bothered with ridiculous amounts of coursework for university. Just playing for a little fun on the side that is all

  • For me. I love playing games so I am searching strategy game like age. I got google search and it said stronghold So I am going to use this program

  • for relaxation and leisure time, whenever their is some available or extra time of the day after chores, it would be nice to play the game once in a while.

  • test weather i would like to purchase this game instead of age of empires three complete collection or red alert command and conquer three.?

What similar programs have you used?
  • I'll use it to teach medieval society to my students. I mean come on how much must I write before you let me download this demo?? Really, 150 ?

  • Stonghold Crusader and some other games about doing the castle stuff and sometimes I walk my dog with a car and skate to my aunts to get ice

  • would like to play the game cusader try regester but wont go threw onlie cuoplew of times what am i doing wrong need hel-p please playayed this game before really like stronghold

  • I have been using Windows on my PC, I keen on play strategy games, so Stronghold was my first game. I gave me enormous experience and lovely happy times.

  • Stronghold Crusader, Legends, Caesar and Age of Empires. I don't know what more to say, I've answered the question as best I can - is this a con ?

What do you like most about this program?
  • war in this game looks awsome with swords shilds and horsesand so on you can build staff attack some guys win more loots to make your empaier bigger

  • archers army rules! managing resources and building walls. no limit of time and soldiers if you are smart enough not to start the fight to early

  • gameplay is really good. i like the multiple varieties in troops and the castle building process. game is also challenging, but not too much

  • this program is very good and keep working like that . also we need some new things in this kind of game i wish to you all the best . from ma

  • this program is very simple, rich though I have just decouvrire, what my atire most is the presentation, good luck and good continueté..merci

Stronghold is a PC strategy game which is set in England in the 11th Century and consists in building castles and fighting against your enemies.

It is a real-time strategy game which counts with different campaigns and game modes like the multiplayer mode for competing with your friends or other rivals, both human or IA.

The key of the game is to protect your territory against the rival by building more defenses for your fortress or combat your opponents in open field.

Dynamic gameplay

In Stronghold you can design and construct your own castle. If you feel attracted by this option, you must know that this game comes with multiple accessory elements such as walls, catapults, watchtowers or traps, among other defensive constructions.

Besides that, you will have to lead your army and train soldiers in order to defend your kingdom. In fact, every time you win a war you are compensate with spoils that you will be able to use to get supplies which help you to expand your territory.

Rule your game's kingdom

You will have to take care of yourself and the rest of your army in order to survive. In Stronghold you are responsible of your area’s prosperity and of the villagers economic situation. For that reason, you will have to collect enough resources, manage them carefully and cover the needs of the inhabitants.

The graphics of this game may be dated. Although the game counts with detailed scenarios and elaborated animations, it can be also true that, in terms of technology, its graphics have been surpassed by some of its competitors.

Alternatives to Stronghold

If you like playing these games, we recommend you some alternatives of the same family: Stronghold Legends and Stronghold Crusader Extreme.

The first strategy video game lets you to choose between multiple historical characters such as King Arthur, Count Vlad Dracula or Siegfried of Germany.

The second one is set during the Crusades, in the Medieval Ages, and will enable you to manage an army of 10,000 soldiers.

Stronghold 1.4 Features

Stronghold includes the following features:

  • Military campaign set in England
  • As the King was kidnapped, four Lords have taken control and have split the land into four territories
  • Players will play as a commander who has to finish with each one of the Lords
  • Single mission combat and scenarios in which players need to fulfill several missions
  • Siege mode in which you need to attack or defend some castles
  • Free build mode in which you can create a castle with total freedom with no missions
  • Built-in editor to create new maps as you want
  • Several units with different skills
  • Multiplayer mode

For further information, you can check the developer's website .


Stronghold is both a fun and easy to play game. It provides multiple options to build your own castle, combat your rivals and even the possibility of managing a local economy. Take the lead of your area and overcome your rivals fulfilling your missions.

  • Varied gameplay
  • Customizable: lots of different accessories
  • Easy to play
  • Graphics look outdated