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Quickly copy and move your files or folders in Windows

By Sam James

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We all know that Windows doesn’t stand out for its speed when it comes to copying or moving files. This is why using this software called SuperCopier is basically a good idea. SuperCopier manages the transfer of folders and files in a more efficient way than the typical Windows utility. You can run the program from its icon or you can simply copy and paste any files or folders in the usual way. This program is embedded in Windows Explorer and it will take care of the process. This application not only makes moving and copying files faster but it also has loads of new options. With this program, you can pause or resume the process at any point and see the speed of the transfer rate as well. At the same time, you can also check the percentage of completion. If you want, you can create lists of files to be copied and moved to other folders. SuperCopier is perfect if you need to transfer large files.


  • Much faster than the standard Windows copying utility
  • Create copy lists and pause the copy process


  • The interface is not that good
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Copying files is a breeze using this simple but effective utility software

By Daren Garius

On Friday, August 1, 2014

If you've gotten tired of using the copy and move function of Windows Explorer, you might want to explore this utility software called SuperCopier. Don’t get me wrong. Copying files using the feature from Windows Explorer is good but for large files it is not convenient. It also applies for copying many files at once. It can be a drag and usually takes a lot of time. With SuperCopier, it lessens the time to do such task because it is faster and provides other great features as well. The pause and resume function is the one I like best since it allows prioritization of the urgent files that needs to be copied. If there is an error during the process or if there are issues on certain files, SuperCopier offers a set of options that you can choose from. Some of these options include renaming a file, cancelling the copying of certain files, skipping the files and many others. Though the layout of the utility software appears rudimentary, its features are excellent.


  • Work on large and multiple files simultaneously
  • Free and convenient to use


  • The layout is simple and rudimentary
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Move all your files easily and conveniently in form of batches by using SuperCopier

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Moving large bunches of files sometimes might be very hard since not most systems come with tools to allow transfer of files in bunches. However with the inception of SuperCopier which is very easy to integrate in the task bar and the Start Menu users can be able to move their files in bunches conveniently and fast. SuperCopier is available for download free of charge and it is very convenient although it is free.

To make it more convenient software to use, SuperCopier comes with an icon located at the system tray and which can be easily accessed form the internet explorer. It is just very reliable so users don’t need to have worries while transferring their files. To ensure smooth and fast transfers of files in batches, SuperCopier allows the creation of a transfer list. To allows that all the files are well transferred, users can pause the transfer process as well as resume them when they want.


  • - The ability to pause and resume transfer process makes it very wonderful
  • - It is available for free to download


  • - Sometimes the transfer speed is very slow
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For what are you going to use the program?
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What similar programs have you used?
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What do you like most about this program?
  • i like this progra minimize the defferents data to copy from one place to another for first spead without any document to lose thes because i like it

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  • keeps my machine faster and smooth running during the transfer process keep it up developers and try to work on it to make the programme run bette

For those instances where you have bunches of files that need to be moved, your integrated system does not always have the right feature. Thankfully, a software like SuperCopier can be integrated into the Task Bar, Start Menu Explorer menu of your Windows machine.

The one thing that you will love about SuperCopier is how conveniently placed it is. Indeed, it has an icon on the system tray and can be accessed from Internet Explorer. These icons are created as soon as the software is downloaded and installed. SuperCopier is a very complete application for a worry-free transfer of files.

A reliable file transfer alternative

This transfer function is not the only one offered. SuperCopier characterizes itself with its batch transfer option. The transfer takes place in an interface that can be fully customized. On average, the transfer of your files is fast but you will be able to check the speed rate and completion percentage among others. One more area that SuperCopier simplifies is in the creation of transfer lists. At any moment, the transfer can be paused and resumed without much trouble. The usefulness of SuperCopier is evident and falls in the same class as Winstep Xtreme and Fences.

For a free software, SuperCopier has a certain charm and convenience that many other free applications do not have. This is a tool that provides its users many more settings for tweaking its behavior. You can make SuperCopier work as little or as much as you want. None of your files settings will be modified while being transferred. The speed at which your files are moved is even a better incentive to try it.

SuperCopier Features

Below you can find the unique features of this software:

  • Play and pause option
  • Open source software
  • Speed is limited
  • With this software you can manage and resume errors
  • Available for Windows 64 bits

For more information you can check the author's website .

SuperCopier is a very reliable, convenient, and faster tool to download for the transfer and copy of your files.

  • Can transfer large numbers of files
  • The interface can be customized
  • Has a convenient number of icons
  • Integrated with Windows Explorer
  • Does not allow the user to select where the icons should be placed
  • Not a lot of advanced functions