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EditPlus 4.00 Build 395

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will be using the program to learn assembly language for my college courses in computer science. This will be in a virtual machine with windows xp installed.

  • I'm going to use this program for learn HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, JAVA and making some website so on. Because now I'm taking a Mobile web app development class

  • will be using the program to learn assembly language for my college courses in computer science. This will be in a virtual machine with windows 10 installed.

What do you like most about this program?
  • java programing and user friendly application,this will be helpfull all program learners and fresh graduates to learn all the fundamental things at one place.

EditPlus is the kind of applications you should use for the editing any of your texts. The software is one of the most reliable and modern Tools & Editors currently on the market.

EditPlus has a certain feel that many of the paying editors do not offer. Even the most reliable free editors cannot match what this editor provides. First, the interface of the editor is organized in such a way that you can start writing new texts fast. Contents from Microsoft Office can also be opened and edited by EditPlus. All the basic features you expect from a word processor are easily integrated into EditPlus.

The best coding environment

One thing though that sets EditPlus aparts is how it can be used to write and edit codes. No one would dare using Notepad to do such things. The editor supports some of the most used programming languages including PHP, Java, and C++. More of the tools found on IDEs are also found in the editor. That is EditPlus has the ability to automatically highlight syntactical errors. The inclusion of an autocompletion tool is another benefit. More free add-ons can be downloaded to increase the language support of the software.

EditPlus has definitely a clutter-free interface with an editing platform that is numbered. On your Windows systems, the editor is very light and its download time is quite short. EditPlus can effectively be extended for the support of additional programing languages with the installation of the correct support files. Did we mention that HTML pages can be previewed for free without having to exit the editing interface?

EditPlus has so far surpassed our expectations and is one of the best in its field.

EditPlus 4.00 Build 395 Features

Here you can find the main features of this editing software:

  • You can view the file in Hex mode with the display that includes (Hex Viewer)
  • You can use a guide when creating a new document with Document template
  • You can show and hide lines of code with code folding
  • You can insert HTML Tags without difficulty and use tools like Color Picker, Tablet generator among others with the HTML toolbar
  • You have a set of text clips that you can use and customize, and even create your own text clips in the Cliptext window

If you want to learn more about this application you can check its developer's website .

  • Can be used to write code
  • Comes with a syntax highlighter
  • Integrated autocompletion
  • Comes with a spellchecker
  • Does not have a compiler
  • Does not support running codes