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Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Professionals 1.0

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

Windows XP Service Pack For Professionals 1.0

Windows XP is a very popular and widely used windows operating system that has brought a lot of benefits in the technological field. Ways and means of improving its operations are a first priority. The Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Professionals 1.0 is a pack of updates for Windows XP operating system and the newest update of the Windows XP Service Pack series. When the software is installed in your computer it greatly enhances the Windows XP operating system functionalities.

This service pack comes with major security improvements that are geared towards providing better protection of your computer against hackers, viruses and worms. It actually improves the management of security features in Windows XP and actually provides better information that helps users to make decisions that may to a greater extent affect their system security and data privacy. It provides better support for Wi-Fi and BlueTooth technologies and still interfaces well with wireless devices. The activities of internet explorer are improved greatly through new and better editions.


  • Offers full security against viruses, hackers and worms
  • Greatly improves performance of Windows XP


  • Computer resources required by the application are many
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Second Service Pack for Windows XP More Suitable for Office Setup

By Daren Garius

On Friday, August 1, 2014

The WinXP SP2 for professionals is suited to experts and highly technical individuals. Its features are more inclined to technical set ups, so I don’t recommend it for home use. It could be used for the office though; especially that it is perfect for wide area or local area networks. It features security settings that are more suited to office settings, too. It includes interactive security tools that defend computers against Trojans, worms, and of course, viruses. A security center, which acts as the system’s hub for its security settings, acts to ensure that the system is safe. It also checks available Windows Firewall updates to ensure safety. It also allows its users to periodically scan the system for various threats. Computer performance was also improved as a result of the modifications that were incorporated with the second pack of WinXP SP. Users are able to block pop-up windows and ActiveX controls. Internet downloads can be monitored, and system components can be managed and administered to.


  • Improved support for Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Security setting and performance has been enhanced


  • Longer download and installation time
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To give a friend an old computer that Ino longer use. Had to restore from recovery partition so it only has service pack one installed. thanks

  • installation on my pc because the current version is have problems. some files are missing so it cannot work properly .not for commercial use but for private use

  • I am in deed very much in need of the software. I am going to use it personally for my personal computer. YOur kind approval for this is highly appreciated. Thank You.

  • Distribution and installation of Service pack 2 for windows xp on a windows xp professional computer running communication software in an industry

  • install it to by system which recently breakdown and now looking for a better version to replace it with. i think window xp sp2 professional is just what i need.

What similar programs have you used?
  • not yet usedsimilar programmes . just trying to use it fromthe site. to gain an advantage in using the software for blue tooth or learning the tricks

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like windows XP service pack 2 for professionals 1.00 as it is very easy and too good. even my childrens can operate it easily. moreover it is hasstle free.

  • I found that windows xp sp2 is faster than any other operating system for thins reason I prefer to download this windows and use it in my com

  • good software and very speed working software. i think its a very goodYou are about to download Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Professionals 1.0 from our server Advantages:

  • it is easy to handle and there are no strings attached as fara as I can detect - many regards from your Swedish friend living in Sweden and Poland

  • this operating system has speed and accurate and without hang it run smoothly all the programes files etc and multi user friendly and fast

Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Professionals is a pack of updates for Windows XP Operating System.

This suite is oriented to IT developers and technicians, who have several computers connected to a local network. This justifies the size of the downloading file and the installation process time.

Security enhanced

This application provides proactive security tools, to defend our computer from virus, worms and Trojans. It has a security center to perform all actions relating our system safety and provides updates for the Windows Firewall. There, users can check the risks the computer is facing and take decisions weighing up the possible consequences.

Relevant improvements

This new version includes several modifications to make our computer’s performance improve. With this utility, users will be able to monitor downloads made through Internet Explorer, administer its complements and block ActiveX controls. Besides, this package offers a blocking system of pop-up windows.

Similarly, the pack provides a better support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Also, it has a greater compatibility with wireless devices. It also enhances the security of your computer as well as the general performance with new external applications.

If you are expecting more from your Windows XP updates package, you can try the one launched just after it, Windows XP Service Pack 3 . It enhances previous versions and takes some characteristics from Windows Vista.

In a similar way, Turbo C++ is destined to programmers. It is used for creating C++ applications in a better environment and with all the utilities you need in order to make advanced new tools.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 for Professionals 1.0 Features

These are the unique features this pack of new updates includes:

  • It includes the latest updates on security for protecting your computer against external threats
  • It blocks ActiveX controls (pop-ups blocking)
  • It defends users from malware, viruses and Trojans
  • New sections included: Alerter and Messenger, Bluetooth, Client Administrative, Outlook Express, Windows Installer 3.0, etc.
  • Renewed sections (Windows Firewall, Execution Protection)

For more information about this service pack, you can visit the .


With this Service Pack 2 for Professionals users can update their Windows XP Operating System. It provides relevant enhancements and corrections to the previous version and includes new proactive and useful security tools.

  • Great security options
  • Enhanced compatibility with external devices
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth improved support
  • Requires lot of computer’s resources