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Age Of Mythology: The Golden Gift 1.0

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A new and exciting campaign for avid gaming fans of Age of Mythology

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Age of Mythology has long been a gamer’s favorite, especially for those who have played the Age of Empires series. With three civilizations at the players’ command, and with entire civilizations to be built from the ground up and through four Ages, its no wonder that Age of Mythology has continued to be a very popular and engaging mythology based game even to this day. However, players were then only limited to the game’s single campaign theme, which is the Fall of Trident.

Now, there’s a new campaign available, and that is The Golden Gift. This new campaign makes Age of Mythology more exciting and compelling to play. The Golden Gift features two dwarven brothers, Eitri and Brokk, who are also characters in the original Age of Mythology campaign. Eitri and Brokk plan to build a Golden Boar to offer to Freyr, a Norse God. However, their plans are disrupted when each, while working separately, are approached by Skult, another character from the original campaign. Skult somehow convinces each dwarf that the other is planning to complete and present the Golden Boar by himself, thus earning sole favor from Freyr. This scheming approach by Skult results in the two brothers racing to finish the Golden Boar individually. However, once the piece is finished, it is suddenly stolen by Skult. Skult then hides the Golden Boar in Loki’s fortress for safekeeping. The brothers then realize of the deception and they unite to retrieve the Golden Boar and present it at last to Freyr.

Overall, Age of Mythology: The Golden Gift is a thrilling, new campaign for the Age of Mythology game. I highly recommend this game for download.


  • Exciting new campaign for the Age of Mythology series
  • Gameplay and storyline is both thrilling and exciting
  • Software graphics is truly compelling


  • This is only an add-on campaign, and requires the original Age of Mythology game installed




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to doenload the program to play in personal computer and i really anjoy playing age of empires i aldo would like to play it with some friends online

What similar programs have you used?
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  • thtat is very intresting and have a very good jugability, also it remembers me my childhood. I really love this game please let me download it

  • i like this program because grafic design and player develoment is very gracefull. Other is i'm fanatic to age game or others to ensemble studio

This gameis a strategy campaign for the game developed by Ensemble Studios in which you will be able to live the stories from the most popular myths ever told.

In a world where the mortals must live along immortal gods, humans have to fight for their right to keep their place on Earth. The user will be provided with the powers of a god and can use it in benefit of the civilization he is playing with.

This game' main goal is to fight against other civilizations so you can achieve your objectives and be victorious. But in order to do it you must be wise, because not only strength is necessary to reach your goals, you have to think of different strategies so you can eliminate your enemies. This way, your mind and abilities will be put to the test.

Age Of Mythology: The Golden Gift 1.0 Features

Below you can find the most important features included in this game:

  • It continues with Brokk and Eitri’s story
  • Fight against other civilizations
  • Quite simple and intuitive gameplay
  • Create a giant golden boar with the dwarves’ help and offer it to Norse god Freyr
  • Great and simple graphics at the same time
  • Remember: you need to have Age of Mythology installed

If you want to read more information about this game, you can do it

Other possible alternatives

There are a bunch of strategy games you can also play with for free. For instance, Minecraft, a first person sandbox game in which you can create the world as you want to and survive in it. Other option is Command and Conquer: Generals, where you have to put in practice a military strategy to survive and win the war against your enemies.


This expansion of Age of Mithology is a strategy PC game in which you will have to plan your gameplay in order to come up with different strategies and succeed.

You will only be able to play for a limited period of time

Only some levels are available

  • Free software
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Will test your skills
  • Requires having Age of Mythology previously installed