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Share video conferences and make voice calls as you record your video calls

By Reka Gimbi

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enjoy instant messaging and video calls with your friends and loved ones using Oovoo. With oovoo you can enjoy simultaneous conversations with your contact friends and share full screen video chats with them. This makes the conversation sweet seeing the person on the other end. With oovoo you can control who contacts you by using privacy settings meant to configure visibility. To share messaging or video calls with your contacts your contacts just need internet connection and not a must for them to have oovoo on their phones. Oovoo has requirements like any other program which include a processor, Ram at least 256MB, webcam and headset (these are for video calls), 20MB hard disk space and windows XP, Vista or 2000. among its many features are group video chat where you can chat with up to six (6) friends at once. Also instant messaging, free voice calls, sending files, invite and find friends and many more. Instead of calling your friends at a corner you call them full screen.

Confused of how to have it, freely download it in your comp, set it up then create an account with user-name and password, then sign up and a window will pop up so that you can check audio and video settings. After that you are free to add your chat contacts.

Highly recommended since you can use it on many devices like on a desktop, tablet, and also on mobile phones.


  • It agrees and integrates with social networks
  • It can record video calls
  • You can set privacy controls


  • I can say no con for this
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Now a great, and probably better, alternative to Skype has arrived

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, November 24, 2014

I have been using Skype for a long time and I find it to be a very dependable and reliable chat software. I’ve used, and still am, using Skype for both personal and business purposes. Now I think I’ve stumbled upon an amazing chat software that’s similar to Skype. That software is ooVoo.

ooVoo is a specially developed software application that provides users with video chat and conferencing services. I wanted to see what the buzz was all about so I decided to give this software a go. ooVoo is also free to download and use, just like Skype. And just like Skype, users need to sign up for a ooVoo account or login using their Facebook accounts. The interface’s theme is dark but appears to be intuitive enough. Once users are logged in, they can now chat with other people online. One thing that I like about ooVoo is that, unlike Skype, ooVoo users can chat with other people who don’t have ooVoo installed on their computers. Non-ooVoo users can chat with ooVoo users simply by using their browsers.

ooVoo also lets users call both landline-based and mobile phones, however this feature is apparently not available for all countries. Video output is in HD and also allows for video recording that can be embedded in websites. The free version of ooVoo lets users chat with up to 6 other people but the paid premium version allows up to 12. All in all, ooVoo is a really great Skype alternative that you have to try and experience.


  • Allows video chat with up to 6 other users in the free version
  • Software even lets non-ooVoo users chat through their web browsers


  • I prefer a lighter colored theme for the user interface than the dark theme
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What similar programs have you used?
  • Skype and other programs I really like to use xbox and play my games on the internet with alot of random people that i do not even know, but thanks for it good man

What do you like most about this program?
  • video chat with friend like boyo carla marcus thomas faith fayann lions america tony matter john port of spain tobago jack bamboo sando sammy

  • The best thing about this program online is that its easy and also easy to download. They have everything you pretty much need to know for you


ooVoo is an instant messaging client that combines chat, files sharing and video call features; things you will enjoy once you sign up. With ooVoo you will be able to login in computers, mobiles and tablets. Besides, it can handle webcam devices up to 2 megapixels. Also, during video conference it allows adding effects such as sepia or blurring. In the menu you will find ‘My ooVoo Card’, with which you will be able to change your account details and preferences.

Now you can simultaneosly have a conversation with up to 6 friends and even see them in full screen mode, something that will make your experience definitely much richer. The integration of social networks will be a strong point too. Besides, sharing files is possible up to 25MB. Also, in case you want to control who contacts you, there are 'privacy settings' for you to configure your visibility.

Unlike other competitors of the same category, ooVoo does not require that your interlocutors have this program installed too. It is enough with an internet connection, as you will be able to create a video conference link that you can share with the person you want to communicate. Its free service and its easy download make this application perfect for every kind of user.

How to install and use video conference and calls on this program

Getting ooVoo in your computer is quite easy. First download the file so you can start with the setup process. Then, you will need to create an account with a username and a password. Once you sign up, you will be welcomed and a window will appear for you to check both audio and video settings. Later, you will be asked to find and add your friends. Now you can make video calls.

Besides, its installation gives you the possibility of adding the ooVoo toolbar, which enhances the features of the application with more functions in your browser. You can change the settings in case you don’t want to have this ooVoo toolbar. Once you start the application, there is a tutorial which helps you to configure correctly to make it run in your computer, with the compatible devices you have installed.

ooVoo Features

ooVoo includes the following features:

  • You have to get an account to use it, but your interlocutor does not have to.
  • Perform video conference up to 6 people in the free version, or 12 in the premium one
  • Possibility of setting privacy controls in order to know who is able to see or contact you
  • Share files of up to 25MB
  • It integrates social networks like Facebook
  • It allows doing phone calls to both mobile and landline. However, it does not work in all countries
  • 3D interface and customizable windows: full screen mode or side bar view
  • Possibility of sharing your screen to boost productivity
  • HD Video and High Resolution
  • It creates memories by recording video calls

You can go to the to find further information about ooVoo.

System Requirements to start using your account

Below you can check the minimum system requirements to download and install ooVoo:

  • RAM: ooVoo requires at least 256MB
  • Hard Disk Space: ooVoo needs 20MB free space
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1GHz
  • Webcam and headset to perform the video calls
  • OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista