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PDF Download is an amazing PDF tool extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser

By Kyle Daniels

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

If you have a Mozilla Firefox browser and have ever tried opening PDF files online, then you know how the process can negatively affect the speed and performance of your system. Your browser can hang and suddenly become responsive and would usually crash. Enter PDF Download. This amazing plug-in extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser allows you to open and view PDF in browser-friendly HTML format.

Successfully downloading and installing this neat application was real quick and easy. Once up and running, it allowed me to access and view the PDF contents much easier and faster. I was also pleased to discover that it let me convert any PDF page online to HTML, which loads faster as a Web page. Viewing the PDF file, a dialog box conveniently shows the size of the file. I could then make the decision on whether to download it, or simply view the file as an HTML Web page.

PDF Download is really a very useful and practical application for those who spend a lot of time working with PDF files online. I highly recommend downloading and using this software. You’ll find it simple and easy to use on an everyday basis.


  • Allows you to view PDF files as HTML Web pages
  • Helps you avoid browser crashes
  • Permits you to view the size of PDF files prior to download


  • A plug-in for other browser types would be a really great addition
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Easily View or Download PDF Documents Straight from Your Web Browser

By Daren Garius

On Friday, October 17, 2014

If you are someone who works a lot with PDFs, PDF Download is for you. There are times when you need to view or download PDF documents from the web and these instances are when this little extension comes in handy. PDF Download allows you to view a document in HTML, open with Firefox browser or download the file to your local computer. I usually choose the latter, but if you just want to view the file, you can go to the download options and open it using Firefox. Viewing the doc in HTML is ok, but sometimes the formatting gets messed up. One latest addition to its features is that users now have the option to convert any web page into PDF format. The output may not look that good if a webpage have lots of embedded content, that is one limitation when converting a web page. With PDF Download, you have full control over your PDF documents. Although I will not recommend opening several of them at the same time as it may slow down the performance of your browser.


  • Easily view or download PDFs to your hard drive
  • Convenient to use, even for beginners
  • Convert web pages into PDF format


  • Slow browser performance when opening multiple PDFs
  • Some limitations when converting web pages with embedded content
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What do you like most about this program?
  • I was hoping to make use of this software/program to standardize various document formats. So that it can be displayed and read on all platforms.

PDF Download is a free add-on for web browsers aimed to manage PDF files. This software has different versions for the most popular searching engines, including Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, among some others.

It acts as an extension of your web browser and gets integrated as button more in its toolbar. It is automatically and regularly updated. With this software you can be sure that you get what you want about this kind of files, without surprises.

Main functions

With this program you can manage files in three different ways: ‘Save’, saving content on your hard disk; ‘Open’, visualizing PDFs in a separated tab within the browser; or ‘View as HTML’, visualizing documents as if they were webpages. This way you can use your files the way you really need.

Besides, PDF Download allows saving websites as this kind of documents, with its ‘Web-to-PDF’ option, something especially useful if you need to work without internet connection and if you want to share or print that information easily. It even shows the final size of the file.

Similar software

If you want to explore more possibilities when it comes to handling files, there are some other useful alternatives to try besides this one. One of them is Word to PDF, which allows converting documents from word format to this kind of files, getting consequently, a more ‘publishable’ style. With Scan To PDF users will be able to scan documents and save them into this format.

If you forgot the password to access to this file, you can recover it with PDF Key. The search is performed thanks to its integrated dictionary of common passwords and through brute force, breaking barriers and taking back the key. In any case, there are so many possibilities with this application.

PDF Download Features

Here you can find the different features of this program:

  • Read PDF online without other viewer application directly from your browser
  • Extract Webpages data and turn them into Portable Document Files
  • 19 different languages available
  • Advanced tools to exclude sites or enable the application functions in your browser
  • Compatible with different systems and browsers
  • Converting functions to turn PDF into HTML files

For further information check its developer’s website .


With PDF Download all kind of users will be able to manage and edit files while browsing the web, without slowing down internet speed and with good results. Its most remarkable feature is the possibility of saving webpages as PDFs.

  • Regular updates
  • Fast conversion and saving
  • Platform is multilingual
  • Free
  • Visor is a little bit limited