Counter-Strike 1.6 screenshot

Counter-Strike 1.6




A Timeless Game That Remains One of the Greatest In Its Category

By Daren Garius

On Friday, July 25, 2014

For me, Counter-Strike is the most excellent FPS game that I ever played. With this version, things got even more interesting and exciting. I like that you can now play via online and engage with other players all over the world, and of course LAN is still working. In my opinion, the graphics and sounds are done nicely. The gameplay is just awesome, even though this game was released number of years ago, I still find it very appealing and there is no dull moment. Moreover, I find this game a mix of individual skill and teamwork and if you have that, you will have a higher chance of winning every match, plus this game does not have advantages. It all depends in your ability and cooperation with others. All in all, Counter-Strike 1.6 is a classic FPS game with full of intense action and an endless battle between terrorist and counter-terrorist. This game is certainly a must have.


  • Online mode is now available
  • Graphics and sounds are nicely done


  • Some lagging issue in online mode



Step into a world war with this MOD in person and get to shoot

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Counter Strike is a myth in the world of video games, any amateur at least has been working and many have tried at least. The Half Life Mod devised by fans has become the most played game Internet for years. There was no internet cafe Counter Strike is found installed on their computers, or game portal servers harbored not intended for this online game.

The character models have been slightly improved in the number of polygons, but no frills, still remember the characters of the original Counter. The textures have been those that have had the best of both scenarios as the character models have been refined quite winning both detail and sharpness. Now the characters are sharper and less pixelated textures.

They have also improved the number of models available and the range of characters that we see on screen is much higher. As for the animations have not improved dramatically, they are a bit softer, but not appreciate enough improvement to have a project in the incubator two years.


  • There are a variety of characters greater than in previous deliveries
  • Bots can move, react and act much like a player, relatively speaking


  • in general, the game brings new and important and impressive top



Counter-Strike 1.6 – No other first person shooter comes close

By Vincent Logan Varenberg

On Monday, February 16, 2015

An engaging and exciting gameplay make Counter-Strike the best and most enduring first person shooter, tactical strategy game. Imagine playing as a counter-terrorist or terrorist and engaging the other team by planting or defusing bombs, rescuing hostages or simply eliminating the opposing force. Add an array of weapons, equipment and ammunition and you can just imagine why Counter-Strike has remained the most popular and iconic first person shooter of all time.

Counter-Strike is highly addictive because it combines primal human stimulus – the excitement of competition, the power to choose arsenal and equipment, the ability to work with a team and the thrill of not knowing whether your team will win or lose. Naturally, the game is perfect for young males who thrive on competing with others. And that’s how I actually discovered Counter-Strike. The game’s graphics is great and the animation smooth on PC’s with a high level of performance. But it is the gameplay that captures you. Start off buying weapons and ammunitions, bulletproof vests, helmets and grenades. Then quickly run off with your team to engage the other team. Shoot, reload, take cover and rush. Take out the entire enemy force and your team wins.

Counter-Strike will always be the benchmark for all first person shooters, hands down. Anyone who thinks otherwise can meet me and we’ll settle it in de_dust.


  • Highly addictive gameplay and excellent graphics
  • Skills eventually improve over time
  • Smooth animation when installed on minimum system requirements


  • For anyone who thinks this game has a disadvantage, again, meet me in de_dust




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play counter strike 1.6 with my freinds and to pass the time because it is a very good game ana importante to me an i hope to accepte my ansser

  • to play the video game on my coutch and pretend that I m living in another world to escape this super boring one where people ask me stupid questions

  • i am going to use the program for to writing,seeing videos,watching movies playing,doing my work,assignments,projects and many more for my pc

  • play game and see new because its nice program really and counter strike oniline is very on of the bests games ever and i can also paly on line

  • I want to use this program to meet the need to entertain a while, have fun and clear my head of what is happening around me without me to freak

What similar programs have you used?
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2006 - Google Chrome - Need For Speed Carbon - Internet Explorer - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Counter-Strike Source

  • my computer + pictures games google skype song desktop chess sonic counter strike youtube facebook yahoo insta gram microsoft paint chrome at

  • i have never used a similar program to counter strike in my life because this is the first time i use a program it's that easy you know thanks

  • i didn't understandn the question so please le tjini crise let me download this so i can watch arrow last episode because i have nothing else to do

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like Counter-Strike 1.6 because its a wonderful and interesting game,which give me a big sensation and hpyness so I can not forget about it

  • yes i like about this very nice program e and this disponible telechargement and h have a vitesse de telechrgement and they fiche without vurus

  • adventure and the pictures are very realistic. It keeps your hard beets at high level and every time the game ends you'r eager to restart. Tks

  • self confidence i like it since three years ago or maybe more ! its very good game that pleasure me a lot ! and i hope there is no virus this time

  • it's funny and friendly most of my friends likes this game and lovie it because its more intelegence for the peoples and heee jjvvncvlncvnvmvnjc


Counter-Strike is a first-person online shooting adventure, pretty popular for being one of the first Half-Life mod and the beginning of the e-sports. Its tactical disposal clearly differentiates this title from other classic FPS titles since you are requested to play as a team and not individually. Choose between terrorists and counter-terrorists factions and be ready to join the warfare. Counter-Strike is not back to the basics, it is the basics itself. The style is the battle between two different teams, each one with their objectives depending on the available maps. It is divided by rounds, taking in mind that if players die, they won’t respawn until the round is over. At the beginning of each round you will be granted a couple of seconds for buying weapons and equipment with the money you earn after each round by surviving or killing enemies among other events. You can only get free the gun with which you respawn at the beginning of each round.

One of the most interesting things about this title is that it depends only in your own skills. There are no advantages like in Call of Duty series, you will need to aim correctly, know the recoil of your gun and shoot your enemies to death. It is designed for enthusiast gamers. Either online or offline, Counter-Strike will test your gamer soul.

As a title focused more on its gameplay, the interface is pretty simple, without advanced options or movements such as incredible jumps or superpowers. Keeping it simple is the best way for creating this long-life shooting game. There are freeware maps that add more locations for its different modes, including team deathmatch among other ways of playing created by fans. This immortal title just gives its users what they want: simple action and skillful gameplay. Free new elements are also available to download in sites created by its community.

Teams and gameplay

This team-based title has some differences between the terrorist and the counter-terrorist factions. First of all, the available skins are different depending on the team, with elite agents’ aspects for CTs such as Seals or SAS, or terrorist’s aspects such as Elite Crew or Guerrilla Warfare. Besides these details, the weapons for each team are also different. For example, the gun Five-Seven was available for both teams until now, in the last update only Counter-Terrorists can buy this weapon. The sniper rifle AWP can be purchased by both teams, an excellent option for shooting your opponents but it requires some skills for using it.

Although it is a multiplayer online game, you can play it offline if you install an additional element for creating bots for practicing and getting used to new maps or modes. Each scenario has its own objectives. In hostages maps you must rescue the scientists along with your teammates if you play as a CT. In order to do that you must avoid wildly strategic movements; engage the realistic tactics with an ally and perform incredibly synchronized strategies for succeeding. There are more additional maps such as the defuse bomb objective or the save the VIP, each one with their own fans and tactics.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Features

These are the main features of Counter-Strike:

  • Realistic gameplay based on strategic movements
  • Different modes such as defuse, hostage rescue or deathmatch in recent versions
  • Available for playing both multiplayer or single player offline
  • Great diversity of maps, weapons and equipment
  • Customizable game with new skins and maps to download
  • Each weapon is well made with realistic recoil

If you want more information about the title, visit its official website .

System requirements

You can check the minimum system requirements of Counter-Strike before you download it in this list:

  • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP o superior
  • Operating System: Windows XP or further
  • CPU: Dual Core Pentium E2140 at 1.60 GHZ or above
  • GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6480G, Nvidia GeForce GT 520
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • HDD: 5 GB free space