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By Joseph Wachira

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Ulead Video studio Plus is a tool which you can use it to edit your videos and movies so you can improve them. It can be used by beginners because of its attractive interface that makes it easy to use. The appearance of this software is easy and very similar to other programs which allow users to move around the program and quickly discover all the possibilities it has to offer. The advantage of using this program to other related ones is the availability of several predesigned models of templates and program tutorials which help the users to create videos in their own pace in order to improve their projects. It also gives you the ability to burn DVDs in high quality. This program has additional features like tone and color filters and automatic filters that improve the light and contrast in your media content and remove errors all respectively.


  •  It Has the editing option.
  •  Ability to burn your work to DVDs
  •  Can be used by beginners because its easy to use


  •  it has some Stability issues
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for education in school, using this program to learn cutting videos or film. because on film sometimes performing action not suitable for children

  • to make differents family video and album from sequences and images in order to keep souvenir of my childrens and all cities where we were last time

  • I will be using this to capture various events that I manage presentation delivery to local audiences as well as to record for archiving my .

  • You are about to download Ulead ViddeoStudio Plus X7 from our server Advantages:very best Your download is always available sohail ahmed sh

  • Just to lern about it at first, perhaps I will buy it if I like and learn how to enjoy working recoverin my old video tapes recorded tow all my lif

What similar programs have you used?
  • adobe photoshop ou are about to download Ulead VideoStudio Plus X7 from our server Advantages: Your download is always available File is free of spyware and viruses

What do you like most about this program?
  • its amazing video maker i like this money people said to me my friends and others one said that this is awesome studio ulead videostudioplus

  • its too much good softwer i like it all peoples want it because its awesome so thats why i downlaod it for make my video col and super ulead

  • because it help me to connect my ps3 to my laptop and with i can enjoy playing my ps3 without necessarily using a television. kflklkfjsjavsvmn

  • This is a very good software.its very easy to use but brings out a professional final product.It has now been over 8 years since i started using it and havent regreted.

  • very easy to create specially for new members appreciated many of peaple like the Ulead softares such as video editing software I have many years experience

Ulead VideoStudio Plus is a video tool in which you can edit your videos and movies in order to improve them.

This editor has a wide range of effects and functions that novice users will use without worrying about its difficulty, since it has an attractive interface to help beginners to take their first steps in edition.

Its easy appearance is similar to other programs’ like Windows Live Movie Maker, which allows users to move around the program and quickly discover all the possibilities it has to offer.

The software that helps you to get what you want

Unlike other related programs, Ulead VideoStudio Plus has a variety of templates that allows you to get what you expect. You can choose among several of predesigned models and the program’s tutorials will help you to create your videos little by little in order to improve your projects according to your skills.

This video editor is prepared to support HD videos – it has even 3D effects- and 5.1 surround sound. With Ulead VideoStudio Plus you also can burn DVDs in high quality with menus, subtitles and music that you can customize as you want.

Its tone and colour filters will allow you to correct the lightning and contrast of your media content to give them a better light. This program also has automatic filters to remove errors.

Video player with lot of format support

Ulead VideoStudio Plus has several options to share its videos as it has integration with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook and the possibility of burning your projects with its DVD recorder. It supports MPEG-4 which makes it compatible with mobiles, and also it works with AVCHD, WMV-HD and MPEG-2.

Although its wide range of features and effects, this editor could have memory and stability issues and if you want to try other similar software you can use Adobe Premiere Pro or SONY Vegas Pro, which also has unlimited functions with sophisticated results.

Ulead VideoStudio Plus X7 Features

The features of this software are the following:

  • Track swapping without loosing any information related to contents, effects or attributes
  • Subtitle editor with voice detection technology that matches subtitles to dialogue
  • Multiple customizable templates
  • Timeline view to drag and drop media and graphics
  • DSLR Stop Motion
  • DSLR Enlarged Mode
  • Ultra High-Definition (4K) video support
  • AVCHD 2.0 support
  • Motion Tracking: connect moving objects to other elements such as text or graphics
  • Customizable Motion: create dynamic videos by customizing the movement of objects, video clips, graphics and titles
  • Variable Speed time-lapse photography: the Variable Speed controls alter any part of your movie
  • QuickTime Alpha channels: import animated sequences with transparent backgrounds
  • Customizable random transition effects: select the transition effects and include them in the Random Effects category
  • Enhanced screen capture: edit, save and share whatever you are doing on screen as a video

If you want to find out more information about this software, you can go to the official website .


Ulead VideoStudio Plus is a video editor with loads of effects to improve your films and videos and a variety of format support. Although users will need a potent PC to work with this program, it allows an intuitive look and a wizard in case you need help.

  • 3D effects
  • High definition images
  • Lots of functions
  • Wide range of format support
  • Stability issues
  • Users need a powerful computer