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Driver Canon LBP-1120 R1.10 V1.1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i going to use for printing. i always using printer its model is LBP1120. The driver is missed from my computer and i must be download and install it

  • to use for all users pupils of schools studiants colleges institues en d universities all levels superior and postgraduation all over graduation

  • printing pictutures for childrens and lanscape from our countries our famille makes lot of picture in this way to be happy annd share his love live

  • A.for printing with canoon lbp 1120 because i lost the original cd and now changed my computer device and it's not running anymore. Soo thats why i am using it.

  • need to download the driver for my new windows 10 otherwise i cant use the printer and its a reliable old beat wish they continue making this machine

What similar programs have you used?
  • driver-canon-lbp 3010 printer is easy and convivial too much good ma hp laser jet printer must be fast and home professoinal management load

  • i have never used a sililar programm. this is my first time to get and use this appliance tht's why i want to download the driver t your site

What do you like most about this program?
  • Clarity and confidence and the fact that it is a free service offering for older hardware. Hopefully the software operates okay on this computer.

  • Nothing els mattars no one care abut this think unless you need to print you are forcing me to write any thing just for your sutsfaction omg

  • I'm going to use it for printing because canon is one of the most useful ; interesting and the best company that is concerned with electronics

  • printing capacity is awesomeand compactt i have never seen anything better i really like canon printers they last longer than ordinary printers

  • easy access and easiest way to print alone with multiple character which are used for the printer and it is also use ful to copy and details

The connection of a device to a computer is usually followed with the installation of a driver. In the case of most Canon devices, the free Driver Canon LBP-1120 is what you need.

The main goal of the Driver Canon LBP 1120 is to ensure the proper functioning of your Canon device. These includes most Canon printers and scanners. Even though the number of installation files for the Driver Canon LBP 1120 can be confusing, instructions on which file to select based on the host Windows system can be found. The Driver Canon LBP 1120 has a very fast installation process and best of all is free. In addition, the reliability of the driver is unquestionable.

A simple installation process

The reliability of the Driver Canon LBP 1120 is unquestionable. Once the installation has been completed, you surely will not encounter any problem using your device. However, some people might not like the fact there is no detailed summaries as to what exactly is included in the Driver Canon LBP 1120. But this omission seems to be the case with other Canon drivers such as the Driver Canon LBP-810 and Driver Canon LBP-1210.

Downloading the Driver Canon LBP 1120 can be initiated from the CD that came with your device. Although it is not very clear what the driver's limitations are, one thing that is certain is its small character and light use of Windows resources. Best of all, it is a free driver to download. As you can see, there are minimal risks in trying the Driver Canon LBP 1120.

Driver Canon LBP-1120 R1.10 V1.1 Features

The main features of this canon printer are listed below:

  • It prints up to 10 ppm
  • 2400 x 600 dpi printing
  • CAPT included for fast printing
  • USB included
  • It has a 125 paper capacity
  • Smart Compression Architecture (SCoA) to compress data before printing your document
  • AIR (Automatic Image Refinement) for a high quality printing

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You should take full advantage of the benefits offered by the Driver Canon LBP 1120.

  • Easy to install
  • Small in size
  • A plug and play drive
  • No configuration required
  • No interface included
  • There is no detailed summary of contents