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From the usual board game, Scrabble can now be played in your PC

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, November 24, 2014

Long before online games became available, board games kept the kids and adults entertained. These games are spent with friends and families especially if you want to kill time and enjoy each other’s company. One of the famous board games worldwide is Scrabble. It is a fun way to test your English vocabulary. You need to create valid words and score high to beat the other players. Each letter that you use has a corresponding point and additional points are given if you chance upon tiles that have double word score and even triple letter score. You can play as a single player. You can also choose to compete against other players. To ensure that the word you are using is correct, you need to rely on your vocabulary or use an online or physical dictionary since it is not offered in the game. I hope the developers of the game will consider adding it in the future. You might also find the interface of the game basic but if you like the classic board game, you will enjoy this PC version as well. Personally, I love Scrabble whether it's a board game or online game.


  • Features similar to actual board game
  • Free and easy to play


  • Some may get bored with game’s layout



Play This Classic Board Game in Your PC with Your friends

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I think every one of us has played Scrabble at least one time in our lifetime. If you find this classic board game interesting and you want to play it again, then the PC version of Scrabble is an excellent choice for you. What I loved about this PC game is that all the set of rules are still the same including the appearance of the original board game. This board game does not have an amazing graphics and fantastic functions, but I assure you that you are going to have fun and also learn with this game. In this board game, it has an option that can change your tiles so you won’t get jaded on its look and gives some hints and information about the game. Scrabble can be played by yourself versus the computer or any of your family and friends just make sure you are connected on the Wi-Fi/internet or with a local network. If you want to learn while enjoying a game, do not be uncertain, play this board game.


  • It is free to play
  • It has a multiplayer mode


  • It has no advanced options




By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back in my childhood I would watch my brother enjoy as they play scrabble on the board. They would compete against one another and it was fun watching them as they play. But these days as technology is overtaking everything , I came by this game and downloaded it just to make sure it is like the one my brothers were playing.

Scrabble is now a computer game where you are rewarded with the scores you make from your playing. It has playing options where you can play by yourself or play with family or friends. While playing with your friends you compete against each other and see who wins to be the master. Scrabble helps you to play by giving you hints on how to score. It is an entertaining game since it has tiles boards and scoring facilities. And while still playing it gives you room to do it yourself without giving you options on spelling or a dictionary to check words. As many other games scrabble has its features which include using different languages in writing words. When you are playing with friends they have to agree with your proposed word. You can also play it through local network which makes it available for everyone to play it.

In conclusion, scrabble is a ll fun game being a replacement of the board game. It keeps it original status only that it is now more modern since you can play it online.


  • You can play it alone or with friends
  • Has same features as the original board game


  • It has no dictionary to check the spelling from




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to download this programme so that i can play at home with my family , wife and my friends during holidays, free times and leave days,

  • playing scrabble games to improve m english and also see how well i fair in quick thinking and challenging my opponents in making good words

  • I am going to use the app to keep my mind engaged and develop my vocabulary. This is important in capacity development and self-improvement.

  • Fun and developing basic English spelling skills among family members and myself, satisfaction of reaching the highest score gives me courage to keep going.

  • I love scrabble because it is agame that motivates my mind and builds my fluency in languages since I am able to construcy sentences and words that are unique

What similar programs have you used?
  • scrabble mattle in facebook is the only similar program i have used aside from playing the real srabble games with my office mates occasionally.

  • i never used any software allowing me to have scrabble on my lapto,i would like to have it ,m a fan of the game specially playing with my computer thank you

  • I have not used any other programs on this laptop because it is brand new to me and I have previously only played scrabble on my mini Ipad xx

  • I like no hassles, easy, straight forward. its all of these reasons that makes it fun to play games and download things from the internet. too many times i find its too difficult and involved to be bothered trying anymore. thankyou php nuke

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What do you like most about this program?

  • there is not the constant harrassment with offers from other sites it was also very fast and downloaded without any problems. i recommend this to other people

  • let me download and use the app first, then i can give you a real low down review with no partiality. but if not,there will be war on this planet

  • Scrabble is my favorite game, free wow! easy access, want to play with a friend in person. too. helps to keep us thinking, prevent dementia, yeah!

  • This program strengthens my use of correct english words and also exposes me to the use of vocabularies that i would ordinarily not have known.

Scrabble is a free computer game that emulates the familiar board game you remember in your computer, whose objective is to form crosswords and to get the maximum score.

This PC game doesn’t try to ameliorate the original, just attempts to loyally reproduce it. Scrabble offers you the same mechanic and material than the board game.

Big amount of gameplay modes

You can play scrabble by yourself for practice, against your family and friends in one of the four options that it offers, or against the computer in one of its eight levels.

It is also possible to play against random players online or against the clock in the blitz mode. Challenge your ability and show who is the master of the words.

If you get stagnant at some point of the game, you can always change some of your tiles. Scrabble gives you some hints about scoring, tracking it and giving you some information.

Recovering the traditional amusement in your computer

When it comes to entertainment, there’s nothing comparable to the classics. Scrabble offers what you are looking forward to encountering here.

This game submits the traditional instruments that were presented in the physical game: a board, tiles and scoring facilities. It doesn’t inform you if your words are correct and doesn’t bring a dictionary included to check on your own.

Other alternatives of Scrabble to be downloaded

If you are an enthusiastic of the classics, you will also want to try Monopoly Here and Now Edition. It contains the same traits and functions as the original but at the same time allows you to customize your game and features.

You can also try GNU Backgammon, an addictive game based on strategy. You will be able to play against your own computer to ameliorate your skills.

Scrabble 1.1 Features

This game has the following features included:

  • Possibility of playing against the computer (AI) or with other players via online
  • Play this game through a local network
  • Other players have to be agree with the word you’ve proposed
  • Possibility of writing words in different languages
  • Keeps the authenticity of this classic game

If you’re interested in reading more about it, you can do it


If you want a realistic version of the game really close to the original one, download this version of Scrabble to play.

  • Loyal representation
  • Several modes and levels
  • Free
  • Doesn’t bring a dictionary