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Enrich your vocabulary and play the classic game Scrabble using your PC

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 27, 2014

I was fond of playing scrabble when I was young. I use to visit my neighbor since they own the board game. We would compete and try to outwit each other to win the game. Scrabble helps us to enrich our vocabulary and keeps us entertained at the same time. I saw that there was a PC version available so I tried to check it. The layout of the game is basic and similar to what I enjoyed playing. Tiles are available and I can see my score as I progress through the word-based game. I can also view the remaining tiles. What I like about it is the option to swap or change my tiles. This is not available in the classic board game except if I have 3 tiles of the same letter. I was a little disappointed though since I was expecting added features to make the game exciting. But it is similar to the original game and there is no dictionary available which makes me rely online for help.


  • Complete replica of the board game
  • Multiplayer mode is also available


  • No added features in computer version




By Shikoh Kariuki

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

When we were children we used to play this game on a board since it is a board game. Funny enough as young as we were we would show our intelligence by making hard words that have a high score. But technology has brought change and it can now be played on the PC, on your phone and also your table5t.

Scrabble is a classic word game that has some rules. In your device you can play either alone or two people or play against your computer. Each player is given seven letters and a case to place them. Each letter has a score and you can use one letter to complete a word in the scoreboard hence earning you more points. The interesting thing is when you make a complex word and BINGO! Is the word that reflects in the screen. You can also challenge your intelligence over the internet with other players.

In conclusion it is a crossword game that is interesting and challenges your intelligence even with people you don’t know over the internet


  • It has a simple interface for your device It is an interesting game.
  • It is a game recommended even to the children since it helps them to read and write.


  • It can be an addictive game.



Scrabble: A Wonderful Way of Refreshing and Improving Your Vocabulary

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

My eldest sister was the one who taught me how to play scrabbles back years ago. I really find it very interesting most especially in honing my vocabulary. This is the game where I got to come up with lots of words with the use of the tiles that I have. There are certain rules to follow in this game to acquire points, but don’t worry because this game is so entertaining and a mind teaser as well.

There are two modes to choose from: the single mode and the multi- player mode which I usually play because it gives me a different kind of excitement knowing that there is someone else I have to compete with so there is this adrenaline rush to think of a word out of my tiles that would produce high score. In getting high score, which is the very goal of the game, there are a lot of things to consider like choosing the letters that you will use and the tile on the board where it will land if it gives good points or not. I deeply enjoy the game because the layout is so simple and is the same with the actual one and I can swap my tiles. This game is such a good workout for the brain!

This game is more enjoyable when played with family and friends because aside from enhancing your vocabulary, it also keeps you and your loved ones bonded.


  • It will enhance your vocabulary
  • Layout and graphics is very good


  • No additional feature in computer version




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to be able play scrabble as personal entertainment on my pc while taking breathers in the course of serious work business. i may also play with friends away from the office.

  • Just to play on the computer entertainment purposes just nothing more you know i enjoy keeping alone most times so such a game can keep me entertained

  • For entertainment and education of who so ever is going to play this game of scrabbles am about to download with little or no effect what...

  • To help kids at home learn how to compose words and also have some fun while they are relaxing at home. its an interesting game worth having

  • play with friends and family, have it for recreational games at functions and parties. create championiships with kids in the community in holidays

What similar programs have you used?
  • none no progrmas not a single one i dont know how many other ways i have to say it, not once in all of my days have i ever at any moment done

  • i have used other programs such as chess brainstorming mastermind games, and othe relevant associated programs; respectively. i would like to add scrabble

  • youtube downloader programs. but now they are failing to install on my computer. i think it is because i have exhausted all free versions of the ytd

  • scrabble from another website that was only a trial version. I've used Commander Keen and solitaire as well. I enjoyed those thoroughly. I'm looking forward to enjoying this one as well

  • I like no hassles, easy, straight forward. its all of these reasons that makes it fun to play games and download things from the internet. too many times i find its too difficult and involved to be bothered trying anymore. thankyou php nuke

What do you like most about this program?

  • scrabble is educative in that it improves as well as teaches vocabulary.If it is addictive it can only lead to desirable results especially to the

  • the mental challenge that it provides for me in trying to achieve the highest score possible. it is also fun and quite entertaining to play even.

  • its Very very enjoyable when playing with friends and family. It makes one know a lot of english words which you have never heard of or seen

  • Versions of Scrabble have been released on a variety of game platforms including the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, original Playstation, GameBoy, XBox 360 and more. The highest single scoring play recorded in tournament or club play was 392 points for the word "caziqu

Scrabble is a free computer game that emulates the familiar board game you remember in your computer, whose objective is to form crosswords and to get the maximum score.

This PC game doesn’t try to ameliorate the original, just attempts to loyally reproduce it. Scrabble offers you the same mechanic and material than the board game.

Big amount of gameplay modes

You can play scrabble by yourself for practice, against your family and friends in one of the four options that it offers, or against the computer in one of its eight levels.

It is also possible to play against random players online or against the clock in the blitz mode. Challenge your ability and show who is the master of the words.

If you get stagnant at some point of the game, you can always change some of your tiles. Scrabble gives you some hints about scoring, tracking it and giving you some information.

Recovering the traditional amusement in your computer

When it comes to entertainment, there’s nothing comparable to the classics. Scrabble offers what you are looking forward to encountering here.

This game submits the traditional instruments that were presented in the physical game: a board, tiles and scoring facilities. It doesn’t inform you if your words are correct and doesn’t bring a dictionary included to check on your own.

Other alternatives of Scrabble to be downloaded

If you are an enthusiastic of the classics, you will also want to try Monopoly Here and Now Edition. It contains the same traits and functions as the original but at the same time allows you to customize your game and features.

You can also try GNU Backgammon, an addictive game based on strategy. You will be able to play against your own computer to ameliorate your skills.

Scrabble 1.1 Features

This game has the following features included:

  • Possibility of playing against the computer (AI) or with other players via online
  • Play this game through a local network
  • Other players have to be agree with the word you’ve proposed
  • Possibility of writing words in different languages
  • Keeps the authenticity of this classic game

If you’re interested in reading more about it, you can do it here


If you want a realistic version of the game really close to the original one, download this version of Scrabble to play.

  • Loyal representation
  • Several modes and levels
  • Free
  • Doesn’t bring a dictionary