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SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.2

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Screen saver on my laptop to give me comfort and pleasant view while resting from work. very good graphics and background details. Colorful and relaxing

  • personal use for my computer at work to enjoy looking at while i am working on papers. would love to see the beautiful fish floating around

  • I am about to download and install Serene Screen Marine Aquarium 3.2 from your server to my computer to use as a screen saver because have version 2.6 already

  • I suffer from high blood pressure. My doctor has suggested that I download a 3-D aquarium. I should watch it 2 times a day for 10 minutes each time.

  • using for my laptop and to view the wonderful ocean life as i have a marine aquarium at home. will make my laptop look good as well. lovely screensaver

What similar programs have you used?
  • nqhico qidhjqi dqjidjipqwJust this one, but I love it so now I'm just going to type I FEEL LIKE TYPING TO MAKE UP THE MANDATORY CHARACTERS THA

  • serene screen 3.0 and loved it. hope this one is just as good or better. hoe much do you expect in ths note? i can tell a story but i mnage

  • I have used Marine Aquarium 3 before on my old computer and really liked the program. I found watching the fish on the screen to be very relaxing

  • am had used the program SereneScreen Marine Aquarium but other version for computer laptop with operating system windows 8.1 in spanish 2012

  • I have never used similar programms in my system before, because each time i tried to download, it fails, some dosn't work. But i will always try

What do you like most about this program?
  • the picture quality is what i like most about this application. it gives nice background to my computer and also beautifies my computer scree

  • beauty of marine life, knowledge about variety of fish alongwith the non living thingsalso it beautifies my desktop by making it lively. also in land we can see the sea life

  • beautiful relaxingastonishing best views everseen very happy to enjoy it quick, no virus or spies always ready helps me to have a rest thanks a lot

  • Love the fish which make it such a peaceful screen saver, most of them are far to busy and not at all relaxing.I have used this one for at least twenty-five years

  • FISH moving and water bubbles.I liked it very much. I will refer to other freinds too .thank you very much for making this kind of screensaver

SereneScreen Marine Aquarium is a screensaver that will take you to the deepest ocean place. This great tool help your computer to not damage its screen and at the same time you will be feel relax and comfortable with its sounds and light.

Marine Aquarium includes more than 28 different fishes, which will give you the possibility of feeling inside a fish bowl for a while. Do you want to relax or to have a break? Open this screensaver and enjoy it.

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SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 3.2 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this screensaver:

  • New fishes available: Zebra Moray Eel, who lives in a cave, Achilles Tang or Clearfin Lionfish
  • HD wallpapers with 3D effects
  • 30 fish at the same time in the tank
  • Background music with your own MP3 files
  • Clock and calendar included
  • Customize your logos and add them to the tank
  • Day/Night transitions

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If the ocean is your passion and you need to take a break without leaving your computer, SereneScreen Marine Aquarium is a good choice. With almost thirty different kinds of fishes and with the option of choosing the light you prefer, this tool has become more than just a screensaver.

  • Huge diverse of fishes
  • Quite interactive
  • Daily and nightly light
  • Background sounds
  • A bit simple