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Driver Genius Eye 312

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Recording games with facecams, then editing video and finaly posting on my youtube channel :D, its FairPlayZ - Gaming, Tutorials And More sub pls

  • personal use for my pc to chat to friends all over the world and this is a very beauty cam genius can i download now f u dont mind it please allow

  • for use to share our goog memories with my beloved family and ofcource my beloved son who is studying overseas. To see them physically through the video

Genius makes several devices including webcams. Overall, the devices from that brand perform well and are known for their reliability. But that performance can be improved with a download of the free Driver Genius Eye 312.

The wealth of additional components can be a deciding factor when looking for a webcam in particular. In the case of most Genius devices, we think that it is one indication of that wealth. The driver is free and is simply one of the most reliable in its category. Similarly to the Driver Genius Eye 110 or the Creative Labs WebCam Live! (VF-0050), this tool is small in size and requires a minimal amount of free space on your Windows machine.

Not just another driver

Two download options are offered to you when it comes to the Driver Genius Eye 312. The first one is from the CD that came with your device while the second method to get it is online. Both options have detailed instructions that are not hard to follow. There is no interface associated with it and you will not have to worry about updating the driver.

Installing and running this driver will only take up a small amount of time and efforts. The driver is very fast in detecting your device and none of your other settings will be modified. As this utility starts running, you will notice a sharp difference in the performance level of the device. All these components are good incentives for you to try this driver.

Driver Genius Eye 312 Features

The unique features of this driver are listed below:

  • File sharing (YouTube)
  • Customizable videos with voice
  • 360-Degree angle
  • CrazyTalk Avatar Creator to create characters
  • Avatar Live! option to integrate your characters in your video chats
  • Magic Mirror option to add accessories to your own expression in your video chats
  • Microphone included

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This driver is not required but you cannot afford not to have it.

  • Detailed support and manual
  • Easy to install
  • Does not modify your settings
  • Plug and play
  • No interface included
  • There is no detailed summary of contents