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Grab All Your Favorite YouTube Videos and Download It with One Click

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you worn-out of waiting for buffering of YouTube videos especially if it has a long duration? Then why don’t you try YouTube Download Manager Pro, it is an excellent tool for downloading your YouTube videos. All you must do is to put its URL address, and download it in just a single click. I like that it is faster than any other downloader out there. Its interface is very simple; that is why it is easy to understand. Also, its functions are very straightforward. In addition, you can adjust its video bit rate as well as the audio rate to have a better quality. I am impressed with its built-in converter which converts FLV to AVI videos. This downloader manager also has an option that you can set to shut down your computer automatically once you have downloaded all your YouTube videos. All in all, YouTube Download Manager Pro is an interesting and somewhat useful. If you want a fast YouTube downloader then you should try this one.


  • It can download videos very fast
  • Supports all types of FLV files


  • It does not have any new features
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By Dann Kamau

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A very large number of people in the world have turned to the internet to obtain their entertainment materials. It then becomes very necessary that convenient tools be built to aid the user obtain materials and data from the Net easily. YouTube is for example one of the most well known websites for video files.

The YouTube Download Manager program is simply a download manager. It follows a very intuitive process whereby by just writing the URL address, the application is able to download the choosen video from YouTube. Its design is simple and quite easy to use without any complications.

The turnaround time of any working download application is very important. This download manager tool works even ten times faster than any other program of the same category. On top of this it is built with other abilities like converting and downloading video files from FLV to AVI files, the later being the most preffered file format in other devices. The other ability is the option of shutting down the computer once the download process is complete.


  • It is a simple and easy to use application
  • It is a perfect tool used to download your video files


  • On the other hand it can encourage piracy of artwork
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By Princess Purity

On Friday, June 12, 2015

Entertainment in this information age is made available and easily accessible online. YouTube website is a platform where one can get access to any video they want as long as long as they have access to the internet. The website consists of all types of videos including music, movies, games and many others. For one to be able to download and listen to these videos, you can either watch them online or download them and save them in your personal computer.

YouTube download manager is a download manager from which you can download videos from the YouTube website. All that is required is for one to chose they want to download then type the name of the video on the search space then continue with the process which is very simple and less complicated. The application also has other functions like conversion of files from one format to another without losing its original quality. The converted files can then be shared with friends online or offline.


  • It works faster than other programs of the same category
  • It has a shut down option
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • One can convert files without losing their original quality


  • It requires internet connection for its applicability
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am need this program because i have trouble in downloading the tutorials videos for me to benefit on to study at my university (PNG). I would be apreciated for your kindness.Thank you.

  • downloading videos to watch on my computer, that is why we need more on differents web site to be downloaded as interesting for the young people

  • downloading of programmes as well as videos which will help me for study and to increase my ability of listening ans learning qualities in study

  • I have 3.5 years old son and I want to download videos for him. such as some short cartoons, toys shows and nursury rhetms. He also love micky mous

  • internet downloader latest version is not available i want all video down loader for learning cpurposess can i download these softwarees pls.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used trial version of YTD Video Downloader.But it was not user friendly.speed is too slow.very time consuming.that's why i am need of a faster one.

  • internet downloader latest version is not available i want all video down loader for learning cpurposess can i download these softwarees pl

  • i haven't really used any of them yet i am still new to all this but if this one works out the way it is supposed to i will be downloading a lot more

  • vidio downloader opening stock purchase gross profit telephone exp. furniture exp. rent salary wages stationary conveyance travelling dvat tax service tax audit fee remuneration to partners net profit minimum 8% of transaction

  • I don't know. Maybe Internet Download Manager? Do I have to answer? This is too much work for a simple downloader. I had never written so much in my life. You guys suck.

What do you like most about this program?
  • easyness of downloading videos which can be reached easily and youtube being the best site to view most viewed videos. therefore it is necessary.

  • It will give me ample time tp enjoy downloading video uninterupted and also gives me a clearer view. It save my date from finishing without not

  • speed and efficiency is what i like most about. in other words when you upload the links of choice, it simply downloads as fast as the user expects.

  • use this program to help my job in getting so many video of teaching learning an others source of education multi media in our daily activity

  • The best download speed availability and free of spyware and viruse. I am sure the rest i will experience once i have fully downloaded it. Thank you

YouTube Download Manager Pro is a Download managers in which you can get videos from the well-known website YouTube. It’s quite simple and easy-to-use app, without any complication further than choosing the video you want to download.

This program follows a very intuitive process. What you have to do is to write the URL address and this application will get it. It works even ten times faster than other programs of the same category!

Other functionalities

It is more than just a download application; it offers other possibilities. For example, with this utility you can convert the downloaded video from FLV to AVI file, which is the most commonly required format in other devices.

However, if you want to keep it originally or change the format of the file, what’s best is that it doesn't lose any quality. Besides, if you prefer to have it with a different resolution or audio quality, you can change it after the download process.

This downloading tool has some characteristics that distinguish itself from other similar programs. For example, it includes the option of shutting down the computer after finishing the download process. You don’t have to be careful about when they are ready to do it, it can do it automatically.

YouTube Download Manager Pro 7.0.01 Features

The features of this software are the following:

  • Several file downloads from queue
  • Convert videos once the downloads are done
  • Offer support for all kinds of FLV files
  • Right-click menu integration from the Internet browser
  • Drop Target window
  • Adjustable output profile: the user compresses movies to any quality and size
  • Shutdown the computer once all jobs are done

If you want to find out more information about this software, you can go to the official website .

Similar programs

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YouTube Download Manager Pro is an interesting application and quite useful nowadays. You could save your music, videos and even change the format. Besides, you can programme it for shutting down your computer when the download is finished.

You have a 30-free-days trial

  • Fast
  • Converter
  • Good resolution
  • Lack of other possibilities