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YouTube Download Manager Pro 7.0.01

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you tube download maneger pro is an ideal place for downloading

By Rock Raymond

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You Tube is a simple and a convinient manager for downloading videos and where one can watch the videos at any time.YouTube is more good because when downloading and the power goes off,the download process pauses and continues as soon as the power is back.In the You Tube,what one has to do is just to type what you want you to download in the URL address and the application will just get it.It is even more convinient because of it speed.This helps people who want to watch something special within no time.In the You Tube,one can also change the video from FLV to AVI files which according to my observations,it is the preffered format not only in the You Tube devices but also other devices.You Tube also offers the user the chance to go on with other activities as download continuous since it has the option of shutting down.This helps the user to download more than one file without wasting alot of time like in other downloads.


  • Allows the user to change the video size by compressing it.
  • It offers a great speed when downloading.
  • One can watch the videos after download or when downloading.


  • It requires one to have internet inorder to operate in the YouTube.
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Grab All Your Favorite YouTube Videos and Download It with One Click

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you worn-out of waiting for buffering of YouTube videos especially if it has a long duration? Then why don’t you try YouTube Download Manager Pro, it is an excellent tool for downloading your YouTube videos. All you must do is to put its URL address, and download it in just a single click. I like that it is faster than any other downloader out there. Its interface is very simple; that is why it is easy to understand. Also, its functions are very straightforward. In addition, you can adjust its video bit rate as well as the audio rate to have a better quality. I am impressed with its built-in converter which converts FLV to AVI videos. This downloader manager also has an option that you can set to shut down your computer automatically once you have downloaded all your YouTube videos. All in all, YouTube Download Manager Pro is an interesting and somewhat useful. If you want a fast YouTube downloader then you should try this one.


  • It can download videos very fast
  • Supports all types of FLV files


  • It does not have any new features
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download all the songs you want to from youtube with youtube download manager

By Joeli Mut

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

i suppose all of you reading this review are quite very familar with downloading songs from youtube.Youtube has been developed such that me and you cant download content aprt from when the owner of the video has given us some permission to do that which is very rare.This is because when you download the song for free from youtube the owner will not get any money from you and also you cn pirate that song and take them elsewhere.For this reason youtube has put some sort of "curfews" to the users of youtube but all said and done nothing lacks a formular of how to do things there is an app that is known as youtube download manager that allows a user to download videos from youtube for free.Even if you deceide to download more than one video it is well so long as they will be kept in a queque but finally you are having them.


  • convert videos to any format you wish
  • it is now possible to download videos from youtube


  • no other feature is found here
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • editing purposes for a friend who has to use it for an assignment in his class. we specificlly need a video for this purpose and then can com

  • Always we present our paper by power point. There we only deliver our speech in orally. But if we illustrate through you tube videos then it will be more understanding and interesting. .

  • to download necessary videos. So that i can see the videos where there is no internet connection specially in remote area of Bangladesh. Thank you

  • to download educational video for youtube web site so taht i can use it any where to learn diffrent courses online even there is no internet

  • downloading my favourite movies,school lessons and songs and watching live sunday christian services. I will also be able to download and watch missed football matches

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not similr programs,if you help this file im so happy,fast time ill use intrnet download manager bu not use because is expired,plz help me.

  • school related videos. we want to learn children math ,english, science, biology, chemistry ,physics and computer. i am looking for these programes in youtube .

  • i used all video downloader but it is worst and alos other i searched from net as youtube downloadres but could not download any u tube videos

  • I have used trial version of YTD Video Downloader.But it was not user friendly.speed is too slow.very time consuming.that's why i am need of a faster one.

  • internet downloader latest version is not available i want all video down loader for learning cpurposess can i download these softwarees pl

What do you like most about this program?
  • its fast and efficient and will always be the most interesting download manager for you tube that l have never experienced in my whole life. Keep the good speed rocking

  • its fun as u get to share and recieve things, u also get to know more abt the celebrites that insipre u thereby getting inspired through you tube

  • becuse i need watch the tutorial for my education and creat motion graphic for my new project that name is mahan net , this is about football game

  • It will give me ample time tp enjoy downloading video uninterupted and also gives me a clearer view. It save my date from finishing without not

  • its simplicity in operation and a friendly inter-phase. The speed is also great and any body can use this program. It does not require skill

YouTube Download Manager Pro is a Download managers in which you can get videos from the well-known website YouTube. It’s quite simple and easy-to-use app, without any complication further than choosing the video you want to download.

This program follows a very intuitive process. What you have to do is to write the URL address and this application will get it. It works even ten times faster than other programs of the same category!

Other functionalities

It is more than just a download application; it offers other possibilities. For example, with this utility you can convert the downloaded video from FLV to AVI file, which is the most commonly required format in other devices.

However, if you want to keep it originally or change the format of the file, what’s best is that it doesn't lose any quality. Besides, if you prefer to have it with a different resolution or audio quality, you can change it after the download process.

This downloading tool has some characteristics that distinguish itself from other similar programs. For example, it includes the option of shutting down the computer after finishing the download process. You don’t have to be careful about when they are ready to do it, it can do it automatically.

YouTube Download Manager Pro 7.0.01 Features

The features of this software are the following:

  • Several file downloads from queue
  • Convert videos once the downloads are done
  • Offer support for all kinds of FLV files
  • Right-click menu integration from the Internet browser
  • Drop Target window
  • Adjustable output profile: the user compresses movies to any quality and size
  • Shutdown the computer once all jobs are done

If you want to find out more information about this software, you can go to the official website .

Similar programs

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YouTube Download Manager Pro is an interesting application and quite useful nowadays. You could save your music, videos and even change the format. Besides, you can programme it for shutting down your computer when the download is finished.

You have a 30-free-days trial

  • Fast
  • Converter
  • Good resolution
  • Lack of other possibilities