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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I download this software in order to complet my studies and to promote my futur plans. I hope so get one job in a good compagny of video games or animated film

  • to learn how to model characters in 3d and to further my skills as an animator for which I am studying in school for. This could really hep me out

  • studies for the course of sculpting. I want to be a character 3D and concept artist in future, so i will need Zbrush to use in my work. Also for personal projects

  • Practice modeling and preview software. I want to get involved in 3D art as a potential career choice and was hoping this program would be simple

  • im using the program to design jewelry. because z brush is a super useful tool. even though im a beginner user and i still have a lot to learn.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used Mudbox before to model in 3d Virtual Space. I hear that Zbrush is a much more effective programme and is used by professionals everywhere.

  • blender is my best similar soft eare bu zbrush alway is very swit one and best design if this works beter I think it will help mi in my movi

  • blender and maya which are all similar in a way as they all contain some way of making 3d aniamtions at will which is pretty easy but none ave been money

  • I have used most grpahic design software programs ranging from: maya, after effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Prime Pro, Final Cut Express, Indesign, Flash, Clip art Pro, sculpturis.

  • I have used other modelling softwares like Blender and Mudbox. In addition I had also worked with Autodesk Maya and 3DS MAX. I am intersted in sculpting.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Posibilities, friendly interface, easy use, organics capacities. Good for beginers but at the same time complet for future works in the amazing 3d world.

  • it goes into great detail so people can explore their imagination in dept using this software. It's also proffessionally used which is cool.

  • I really like this program because it gives many opportunities to students to learn about the modelisation of a character from scratch at start.

  • Sculpting different characters and being able to get a lot of detail for everything that i make. the matcaps are cool to play with and it works alright with other programs

  • create and explore many cool ideas and i wish to create my world in a much more simpler way because they told me that this programs is the best one


Zbrush 4R6 is a 3d modelling program developed by Pixologic. The software completely changed the 3d program industry thanks to its revolutionary way of modelling and its creative process. Instead of working over polygon forms, Zbrush based its innovative functionality on sculpt painting over a 3d form. Zbrush has become one of the most inspiring and intuitive tools for designers all over the world and was used by Hollywood on blockbusters as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Avatar”.

Originally though as a program to insert 3D objects into digital paintings, the software had evolved into a popular sculpting program used by artist all around the world. Every version is focused on facilitate the creation of detailed models with more and more tools and applications. Get into the modelling world with one of the top sculpting programs of the market.

How to Use

Zbrush is based on the principle of circularity, every single tool and menu work together on a non-linear way to give you the chance to sketch out you 2D concept, generate your 3D realistic model from it and render it with atmospheric and lighting effects. Our models can be perfectly exported to be used on 3d animation programs like 3Dmax or Maya.

The program is on its 4R6 version and it’s been updated for free for all the users who purchased the program before. For this new version Pixology has improve Zbrush’s functionality and has enriched the tools and functions to enhance the sculpting methods (organic and hard surface) and the program workflow.

As we said, Zbrush is based on a retopology sculpting method that means to trace on 3d over a mesh. Pixologic launched for Zbrush 4R6 a QRemesher updated tool called ZRemesher. Designed from an artist’s point of view, this tool realizes a smart analysis of your model curvature and is able to add more polygons where needed and gives you a guidance to the core algorithms.

Zbrush 4R6 includes a new bunch of brushes to make the sculpting workflow easier. The most interesting added brushes are the Trim Curve and the Curve Bridge ones. The Trim Curve brushes replace the Clip ones. Now we are able to perfectly cut our creations without any problem or polys excess. The Curve Bridge brush lets us create gaps linking two dots on the mesh.

Zbrush 4R6 can be bought on DVD disc and be downloaded on digital form from Pixologic’s website. In addition to that, the website offers different kinds of licenses (for different platforms and usages), anatomy tools and even different kind of tutorials to start with the program or improve your knowledge about it, with videos and a big community of users.

Based on a retopology sculpting method that means to trace on 3d over a mesh
Based on a retopology sculpting method that means to trace on 3d over a mesh

Zbrush 4R6 4R7 Features

Here you can find the new features for the Zbrush 4R6 software:

  • Free for all of you who purchased the software before
  • A big amount of new brushes that improvs the workflow
  • Zbrush 4R6 keeps the polygroups when DynaMesh is active
  • Great user community, with free tutorials and tools to download
  • Great customer support service

For more information about Zbrush software, after the download, please check the developer’s website .

The software was used by Hollywood on blockbusters as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Avatar”
The software was used by Hollywood on blockbusters as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Avatar”

System Requirements

Before the download, please check the next necessary system requirements:

  • OS Windows Vista 32 or 64-bits or newer
  • Pentium IV or AMD Opteron or Atlhon 64 with Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
  • At least 1024 MB of RAM
  • Wacom pen table compatible
  • 1280x1024 minimum monitor resolution with 32 bits

  • Very intuitive workflow
  • Nice option to get into the 3d modelling world
  • Huge user community full of help and tutorials
  • For free if you purchased latest versions
  • Based on a retopology principle…
  • … based on a retopology principle (you may like it or hate it)