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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

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An expansion pack that offers a great presentation of Asian dynasties with interesting gameplay

By Sam James

On Friday, August 1, 2014

I enjoy playing this game and the expansion pack called The Asian Dynasties, was a welcome addition. Aside from the main civilizations of China, India and Japan, there were also minor civilizations that were included in the game namely the Sufis, Udasis, Jesuits, Shaolins, Zens and the Bhakti. It is different from its predecessors since the three civilizations can have an alliance with foreign nations like Russia, Germany, Spain, France and many more through the Consulate. This is an important aspect of the game that you can consider since you can gain military units, research technologies and even infrastructure. On the other hand, the combat scenes are thrilling and the units have distinct qualities that make it more interesting. At the same time, the detailed designs and visuals of the game are amazing. The voice acting is also worth mentioning. It added more appeal to the game. I find the expansion pack of this series as one of the best games that you can buy in the market today.


  • Three Asian civilizations with six minor civilizations
  • Interesting units and the return of Wonders


  • The maps are quite small



The introduction of Asian dynasties added more diversity to the game

By Daren Garius

On Friday, July 25, 2014

As compared to the earlier games of Age of Empires III, this expansion pack focuses on Asian countries namely China, Japan and India. The main task of each civilization is to expand their territory. The goal is the same as its predecessors - to gather coins, wood and food to be able to gather an army or construct buildings. But first, you need to get a large number of people to collect your resources. I like that majority of the scenes were taken from the rich history of the Eastern world. The graphics and sound effects are excellent. Although the characters are fictional, it did not affect the appeal of the game. I enjoy playing with the new groups like the Flying Crow of the Chinese and the ninja units from the Japanese civilization. Another thing that they included in this game is the use of foreign consulate which you can utilize to ask aid from a European country. Through it, you will have a better advantage to win the battles. All in all, the gameplay of Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is top-level and you will truly enjoy this addicting game.


  • New campaigns for the civilizations were included
  • Introduction of new characters in the game


  • Music is similar to existing Age soundtracks




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to complete my age of empires 3 collection and explore the new realm of the asian dynasties. i will use it for entertainment because this game made my childhood

  • I'm using Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Demo program for personal use only.So thats why I am downloading the trial, to test it out.

  • For gathering resources, forging alliances with native tribes available in the region and fighting enemies, advancing through the ages and defending the city against waves of attacking forces

  • for whatever i want why you make me feel likeso shining ang new charaacter program going metake me so down rude nasty lure me to this simpaty

  • judt for fun. to kill time when i have nothing going on. and because i enjoy Age of Empires. i havent tryed The Asian Dynasties yet so here it goes!

What similar programs have you used?
  • none of these , i was young when i did but neversince, these are good strategy based games and anyone would love to have them, i played first part

  • age of empires war chiefs. It is very good game you learn history and play with a lot of nations there so war ships, soldiers and architecture

  • I always search on google to download any PC games and Ares for songs. Then I found out about PHP Nuke my friends were telling me about. Good

What do you like most about this program?
  • It is very fast and interesting. i enjoy this appcation. itis amazing. it fascinates me completely i am looking forward to iti o just cant wait

  • the most important thing which i like about this programme is the lesson of hardwork and getting reward for it in true sense. i would suggest

  • I want to know ancient civilizationsUsing these programs and I can benefit from this process with my life and career and not know the architecture of each civilization

  • I wanna check out if downloading this trial demo will unlock the ability to install a mod called aoe napoleon era. thats pretty much all i have to say

  • It's a very entertaining real-time strategy game. It's basis on history is quite amusing and the fact that I can gauge as to what would happen when a samurai fights a knight is highly enjoyable.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is an expansion pack of the original Age of Empires III which includes new features, units and civilizations.

This new edition of the franchise adds the possibility of playing with different Asian empires in order to take control over the continent. Play as Japan, China or India and complete their campaigns to learn about some historical events that marked the fate of these countries.

This new expansion adds more diversity with new units, resources and civilizations that will increase the amount of strategies and styles during the game.

Three new factions

A new continent implies new people and ways of doing things. The addition of new civilizations enlarges the possibilities during the gameplay with new units and different methods of achieving your objectives as well as more resources. The three new factions, Japan, China and India, incorporate unique soldiers like the Ikko-Ikki, the Shaolin Monk or the Gurkha.

China has the highest population limit, 220 points instead of the 200 usual ones. They can create blocks of different types of units that will be ready to fight. Certain Indian troops can ride elephants which make them fearful opponents. Villagers of Japan cannot hunt or harvest but they can build shrines in which all these actions are made automatically by collecting resources.

Modes and novelties

This new expansion includes new game modes for multiplayer such as King of the Hill consisting on defending a territory against your opponents, Regicide, about killing the enemy monarch or Treaty which grants you some time to build up your army to win the game.

Exportation has also been included as a new resource. With this one you can obtain different technologies thanks to external influences and also new neutral units to fortify yourself.


If you like real time strategy games you can try Command and Conquer: Generals to defend the Earth against the enemies. In case you prefer historical based games you can try Stronghold Crusader.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Features

The main features of this game are listed below:

  • Three new civilizations to play with: Japan, China and India, with new units, weapons and buildings according to their culture
  • New units like Rajputs (India), Monks (China) and Shogun (Japan)
  • Three new campaigns modes with different characters and enemies
  • Eleven Random Maps and new Home Cities
  • Players will have the possibility of creating relationships with natives
  • New game modes (King of the Hill, Treaty No-Blockade, Treaty and Regicide)
  • As players increase their level in their gameplay, they choose a Wonder to build

For further information you can visit the .


This new expansion for Age of Empires III grants new additions to the franchise with new units and civilizations that gamers would love to try. In The Asian Dynasties you will have to create new strategies and take over the continent to rule them all.

Only some missions available

  • New content
  • Mode addition
  • Improved gameplay
  • Predictable campaigns