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Use your computer as a mobile phone to make calls using PC-Telephone 7

By Reka Gimbi

On Wednesday, April 1, 2015

With the improvement of technology each day, there are many communication software and clients to use. There is not a single day I thought I would make calls through the PC. Thanks to PC-Telephone the developers of PC-Telephone 7. This is a communication software that is used for making calls using a computer. With the installation of this program you can make PC to PC calls, PC to phone calls and also fax calls over the internet. Still it is advanced since it can get the caller ID, automatic answering, can hold a call in case of anything, it has call waiting, and call forwarding among many of its features. The telephone conversation quality is very good since it uses internet in making its calls. PC-Telephone is a very good software to have installed since it is like having all your files in a single folder. It records all the telephone conversations and can chat with different people due to its support of many languages. It has the same features as those of the mobile phone like call transfer, call forwarding. Schedule, mute, hold, just to mention a few and can also create a blacklist for restricted callers.


  • Transfer data quickly and automatically
  • Power to record telephone conversations
  • It has advanced options to make work easier


  • Since it uses internet to make calls it is a must you have internet connection.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i will going to use pc-telephone v7 for my personal use. Likewise, to call some of my friends when there is a need or during emergency! thanks!

  • My wishess are that this progran will operate properly and I declare that I'll use it only for personal calls from me to my closed friends!!

  • I will use it to place private calls with a headset asmy home phone does not provide tjis feature neither a speaker. As I stay hours on the phone.


  • I will use to call friends and family with out using minutes on my cell pphone contract. I also want to see if I can make international calls

What similar programs have you used?
  • Express Talk it was good program but i had some problems with the connection i thing it has a problem withe my net work and i am going ti test this program

What do you like most about this program?
  • The ability to call our friends, siblings and dear ones who are far away from us. This program has made it a lot easier to help us communicate.

  • I like calling some persons and recive their call, local and international, extra I need a phone book to save my numbers and names thank you

  • Looks like that this is a very convenient software which can allow me to make telephone calls in PC so that I don't have to carry both PC and mobilephone at the same time

  • it help us to make call from a personal computer at anytime frome everywhere fax and gsm message to any number in the world with all friends

  • to get free telephone calling and connecting internationally for free without paying at any time I need to phone or even send free messages aywhere

PC-Telephone is a communication software you can download for free in order to use your phone from your computer.

Users will be able to call to fixed phones from their computers, to call from PC to PC, and the other way round, that is, to make calls from a phone to computers which have the program installed.

With this utility you can extend the limits of your communications beyond the phone. Use your PC, your phone or your fax to communicate with your friends and family. Besides, this program is available in many languages just in case you have foreign friends.

PC-Telephone can do more than pc-phone calls

This software incorporates advanced functions of phone calls " /] such as getting caller ID, the option to hold a call, and automatic answer after a short period of waiting. But besides, it integrates some specific functions such as calling schedule, call waiting and call forwarding.

With PC-Telephone, you can not only perform calls from your computer of from your phone, but users can also send and receive faxes, as well as documents from different networks, emails, and voice messages.

With PC-Telephone you can use your computer as if it was a telephone with Internet integrated, mixing the advantages of them both. You will have quick access to the Internet, but at the same time good quality in your telephonic conversations and voicemails. It would be like if you had all your documents on your phone, but with the possibility to rapidly access to them.


Users of PC-Telephone can also try Advanced Call Center, which will give them the possibility to enjoy all the features of a real call center but with the disadvantage that the phone has to be connected to the computer all the time. Another good option is Phone Dial by PC, with which you will have the same options of converting your computer on a phone or vice versa.

PC-Telephone 7 Features

PC-Telephone has several features and improvements detailed below:

  • Make every telephone and fax operation from your computer
  • CLIP/CLIR (Calling Line Identity Presentation and Restriction) to create a blacklist
  • Call Answer feature to answer incoming calls automatically
  • Comfortable features such as Call Forwarding, Call Scheduling, Call Transfer, Call Waiting and Call Hold/Muting among others
  • Make conferences with different people at the same time thanks to its Audio Conferencing feature
  • Record every telephone conversation and encrypt them
  • Transfer any data or file quickly, even automatically
  • Fax Transfer to receive and send files as if it was a fax
  • Use different mailboxes and leave messages for them
  • Make public domain announcements thanks to its Public Mailbox Support

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it


Download this application to have all the functionality that phones and computers offer, all in one device.

Limited features

  • Free trial version
  • Advanced options
  • Internet connection needed