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Empire Earth III 1.0

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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Empire Earth 111 1.0

A fantasy game where you grow your empire from the ancient ages through to the present and modern age and then to the future advanced technological age. You have three civilizations to choose from i.e the West, Middle East and the Far East. To grow your civilization you have to battle across the globe to conquer others. Starting the game you can choose both your start location and your starting era. Each of the three civilizations have their own unique tech tree, units, structures and gameplay style. The game allows you to customize your civilization as you would prefer and you find that as your empire grows and improves, units and structures will evolve, cities and outposts will grow and improve.

Compared to previous versions the graphics have gone one note down. The job on the special effects like visuals and sounds is not very well carried out making the game a bit disappointing. The theme of the game is too predictable and hence does not bring out that thing about original imagination.


  • -It is playable in single and multiplayer modes
  • Ability to customize your characters and structures


  • Graphics are poor at best and even at the more extreme settings



World domination may be a simpler task than expected.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Following in the footsteps of the original and other classic goals in the genre of RTS, Empire Earth III is presented as a title which will combine in a very successful way, but also exceedingly simple as we shall see, aspects resource management, urban centers and building battles against other factions. The problem, as we emphasize, is that in the end everything has been simplified so that the gaming experience is greatly suffer by failing to meet a serious challenge that requires us to apply ourselves to the maximum during battles.

Thus, if we speak of system resources, which include the classic raw materials (food, stone, wood, etc.) have been consolidated into a single category, which is the raw material, which will get creating stores around the points where they are located. On the other hand, we also need wealth building resource that we get a market (can create one by territory) and establishing a trade route with our urban centers or ports. The greater the distance, the money raised will be higher, but also run the risk that our future investments. Finally, we must also take into account technological points, we will get by hiring a number of special units (experts). With all these elements our construction units may start the uprising of our headquarters and many other strategy games, a task that will not be overly complicated by that ease with which we will expand our reserves.

Each of the structures that we build allow us to get a different type of units, as well as provide us with various kinds of improvements we can investigate payment. In this regard, depending on the design chosen faction, units and game options vary slightly, looking very welcome in a title of this style.

In relation to the combat units, we find the classic infantry units, heavy artillery, cavalry ... that will evolve over the ages


  • The game can offer a few hours of fun
  • The tunes accompany the action perfectly


  • too simple, very little variety in terms of civilizations



What Are The New Things Has This Game Brought Us?

By Sam James

On Monday, August 17, 2015

I am very sure that Empire Earth III will someday make it to the Real Time Strategy Hall of Fame. This strategy game may not be the best game released on the market, but still it is better than the last version of it. In my perception, this one is the most epic game I have ever played. It will challenge all of the players of all skill levels, from professionals and newbies. Moreover, the campaigns of the game are great, the multiplayer is very fun, the graphics and the visuals are good and the realistic elements, such as weather conditions, makes the game more enjoyable and entertaining to play. If you can commit many hours for this game to familiarizing yourself with the game crannies and nooks, expect to be rewarded with an entertaining and addiction that will cost you weeks or months. All in all, I like this game full of excitement and fun!


  • Very detailed scenes and excellent gameplay
  • Interesting turn based world domination mode


  • Many game features not implemented well




For what are you going to use the program?
  • For playing strategy game and forging alliances with other players and fighting enemies and gathering raw materials to research technology to advance from one age to another

  • For forging alliances and fighting enemies, gathering resources, building an army, learning how to play and benefit from it for educational and entertainment purposes

  • for refresing and for relaxation after come back from school or come backfrom private lesson, I will use this game to know what happen in future or long time ago

  • play it allot in his life as they were to this one or other countries of them with you know when they would make yourself you're doing me the

  • im going to use this game as a trial on my personal computer so that i may decide to buy/purchase the full version of empire earth 3 if i find it good

What similar programs have you used?
  • SOFTRONICS At 52, former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, aims to contrast himself with Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67, and Bernie Sanders, 73.

  • At 52, former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, aims to contrast himself with Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67, and Bernie Sanders, 73.

What do you like most about this program?
  • love the game i have been playiing the series for a few years now love games with strategy and combat in them i hope this one is as good as others

  • It's concept and graphics which attract me most. This is amassing game I am already played previous 2 part of this series. It's increase my knowledge about human history.

  • i remember with passion the fun I had playing that game when I was a kid. I want to share those past feelings with new generation. Hope my memory wont fail

  • good, fast and don't need to subscribe for download tis game. but the answer about this question is useless i just want play thank you see you.

  • that you can or cant get free game but its all good because not every game is to be made but i want to play empire earth im just so obsessed

Empire Earth III is a real-time strategy game that gives you the chance to become the master of Earth empires.

This game challenges you to make your civilizations grow and evolve. Users can control and lead their characters from ancient times from discovering fire, right up to modern times, and even the future with technological advances.

You have to choose a civilization to begin playing to conquer the rest of the population in this game of adventure and strategy.

Different ways of enjoying

Empire Earth 3 gives you the possibility to choose from among three civilizations, either the Middle East, the West or the Far East. Develop the civilization and journey through the five epochs available in this title.

Users will also find different gameplay available in the full version of the game. All gameplay types will bring new challenges and missions to enjoy long hours on the computer. Play by yourself, take your enemies down in the multiplayer mode or try all the strategic actions that the game offers.

Accomplish your ultimate goal

Lead your country to expansion and success to become the victorious conqueror of the universe. Create the future you want by controlling and leading the actions of your armies.

This game is not free of dangers. Whilst playing Empire Earth III you will have to conquer other civilizations, but also prevent their attacks and be ready to expel them. Train your army, take care of your citizens and provide both groups with the devices and resources they need to succeed.

Alternative games

If you like real-time strategy games, you should also try Battle Realms, a game set in the ancient Japan in which you will also have to lead your army to the victory and in which your actions will have deep consequences that are more important than you might think.

Another good option for people who like military games is Command and Conquer: Generals. As its name indicates, you will be a leading member of the army, and victory will depend on your strategic movements and actions.

Empire Earth III 1.0 Features

The unique features of this game are listed below:

  • Three factions: Middle East, Far East and Western
  • Each faction has different civilizations
  • New units and arms added (nuclear weapons)
  • World Domination Mode (multiple battles in a fictional Earth divided into different sections)
  • Five playable eras: Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern and Future. Players will have to travel to all eras to play
  • Multiplayer mode available

For further information, you can visit the publisher's site .


Play Empire Earth III to feel like a real conqueror, and moreover, a leader for your country and your army. Lead them to victory and future prosperity.

Some functions are restricted

  • Different game modes
  • Various eras
  • Choice of civilizations
  • Limited use and features